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Transfer & Mobility Policy – Draft by Management

NOINO has been regularly emphasising that LIC should have a transparent transfer (and posting on promotion) policy. NOINO submitted a 33-point suggestion also in this regard on 25.08.2012. The management has now come out with the draft of such a “Transfer and Mobility Policy for Class-I officers” and has asked for our suggestions on it. For the sake of knowledge of our members, the draft is being reproduced below:

1] Vision
To have optimally functioning offices across the Country for best possible Marketing operations and servicing to customers to ultimately achieve the objectives of the Corporation
2] Objectives
The following are the objectives of Transfer and Posting Policy.
1] To match organizational goals with individual aspirations
2] To have a work force, fully engaged in the performance of their duties
3] To create a cadre of specialists.
4] To confirm to various Government guidelines as far as possible
5] To implement CVC guidelines regarding rotation of officers in sensitive posts.
6] To have right person at right position and place.
7] To maintain cadre-wise balance.
8] To meet organizational need of officers with varied experience and enriched job knowledge.
9] To provide an opportunity to the officers to improve their proficiency, self development and career path
10] To groom the officers for taking positions in higher rank
11] To bring in transparency.
3] Applicability :
This Transfer and Mobility Policy is applicable to the officers of the Corporation upto Sr.Divisional Manager Cadre except officers posted on deputation.  For officers posted on deputation, Deputation Policy [as approved by the Board] shall be applicable.
4] Basis :
This Policy is formulated in accordance with Regulations 20 & 80 of LIC of India [Staff] Regulations 1960, which are as under.
Regulation 20-Scope of an Employee’s Service
Unless in any case it be otherwise distinctly provided, the whole time of an employee shall be at the disposal of the Corporation and he shall serve the Corporation in its business in such capacity and at such place as he may, from to time, he directed”
Regulation 80-Tramsfers :
“The competent authority may transfer an employee from one department to another in the same office or from one office of the Corporation to another office”
Regulation 4 of LIC of India[Staff] Regulations, 1960 authorizes Chairman to issue such instructions or directions, as may be necessary to give effect to the above Regulations, from time to time.
5] Definitions :
In this Policy, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context:
A] “Transfer” means Relocation from one town/city/urban agglomeration to another town/city/urban agglomeration.
B] “Re-deployment” means Movement from one Branch/Office to another Branch/Office within the same station.
c] “Station” means Town or city upto the municipal limits or an urban agglomeration or a territorial area as per Census of India where the same salary and allowances including HRA & CCA are payable.  It also includes a territory notified by the Government as project area or an area defined for development like National Capital Territory etc.
d] “Normal Period of Posting” means Continuous posting of ADM and above cadre officers in SAME POSITION for a period of 3 years and SAME STATION for a period of 6 years  [For Metros it is 10 years] & continuous posting of AAO/AO cadre officers in SAME POSITION for a period of 4 years and SAME/STATION for a period of 8 years [for Metros it is 10 years] after which an officer becomes due for Redeployment/Transfer.
e] “Administrative Transfer” means Transfer made without request due to office exigencies.
f] “Qualifying/Active Service for Request Transfers” means No. of years of stay at one station at a single stretch, to be reckoned from the Date of joining.  If the Officer avails leave beyond 90 days [inclusive of all leave] in a year, that will not be counted as “qualifying service” for Request transfer.
g] “Request Transfer” means such transfer for which the order is issued by the Competent Authority considering the request of the officer for his/her posting at a station of his/her choice.
All words and expressions used herein and not defined herein but defined in the LIC of India [Staff] Regulations, 1960 or the various Rules made there under, shall have the meaning assigned to them in the said Staff Regulations/Rules.
6] Maximum tenure :
The maximum tenure for various cadres is as under:
A] ForAAO/AO 4 years in a position/assignment and 8 years in a particular station [10 years in the case of Metros]
B] For ADM and above Cadre officers 3 years in a position/assignment and 6 years in a particular station [10 years in the case of Metros]
7] Specialized postings :
The specialized postings shall be governed by LIC of India {Special Allowance for In-house Development of Actuarial Capability} Amendment rules 2010 & LIC of India Information Technology Specialist Group (Selection, Terms and conditions of Service and Payment of Allowances)   Rules 2007 and the instructions issued from time to time.  Maximum tenure [stay] conditions shall not apply for those having actuarial qualifications including those in Core Group and those selected for a part of Specialist Groups in IT/Investment.  Maximum tenure at a particular station shall not be applicable in the case of AAO (PA’S).  Notwithstanding the above , Appointing authority reserves the right to retain or transfer such officers.
8] Rotation of officials working in sensitive posts :
The Rotation of officials working in sensitive posts/Departments shall be governed by circular letter dated 17/7/2014 [ref:Per/Adm/GRF/642/1415/0003] viz., Officers posted in sensitive departments/positions are to be compulsorily Redeployed/Transferred every Two/Three years Departments/Positions, identified as sensitive are listed in the circular.
9] Request transfers :
Officers with 3 years active service and above can apply for  transfer but the officer whose service is more at that centre will have right to get priority in transfer.  In case of female officers, the active service required is 2 years.
10] Newly promoted AAO’s and Direct Recruit AAO’s
Initially these officers shall be posted in branches for a period of 5 years.
11] Posting of officers due for retirement:
Officers aged 58 years [lbd] & above shall not be transferred from a station even on promotion unless the place where the officer is posted does not have the vacancy for the elevated cadre. Age has to be reckoned as on 1st of April of the particular year. 

12] Transfers based on Government OM’s
A] Posting of PWD employees shall be as per DOPT OMs dated 10.5.1990 [ref:A-B/14017/41/90-Estt.(RR)] & dated 13/03/2002 [ref:A-B 14017/16/2002-Estt.(RR)]  As per the above OMs requests from employees falling in the category for transfer to or near their native places may be given preference.
B] In case of officers who have differently abled dependent children, posting shall be done as per DOPT OM dated 06/06/2014 [No.42011/3/2014-Estt.(Res)]. As per the above OM an officer who is also a care giver of disabled child may be exempted from the routine exercise of transfer.
13] Transfer to Marketing side :
No officer shall be retained in the same branch on Transfer to Marketing side {Job Rotation)  on Transfer to Marketing side, no officer in the cadre of BM shall be posted either as BM{Sales] BM [Training} or any other such position. (Circular dated 03/11/1999 Ref:Per:Admn/D/64].
14] Transfer to Administrative Side :
Continuous/Total stay at a particular station shall be considered on Transfer to  Administrative [De-Roation] assignment/premature transfer to administration in accordance with NPP. As far as possible, those transferred to administration in the cadre of AO would be posted in Divisional Office,  subject to availability of vacancy.
15] Posting of Spouse :
A] Posting of Spouse working in LIC may be considered at the same place subject  to availability of vacancy.  Spouse who is senior in terms of cadre or position would be posted as per the requirements of the Corporation, and the other partner would be accommodated accordingly.
B] Efforts could be made to accommodate the spouse also at the new place or close-by where ever possible when the officer is moving on transfer. Request of the other spouse, for transfer to the station or to the nearest office where the senior spouse is posted shall be considered favorably.
16] Transfers/Postings of SC/ST Officers :  Due care and  diligence would be exercised in view of the social disabilities they suffer from.  To the extent possible, their posting should be considered near their native place, in accordance with circulars issued on 12/10/89 [ZD/703/ASP/89], 05/11/90 [Ref:ZD/735/ASP/90] & 29/09/14 [ref:CO/Per/ER-A/084/2014]
17] Posting on Promotion :
The following shall be the basis in case of posting on Promotion :
A] AAO to AO & ABM{S} to BM :  Will be posted within the same Division subject to vacancy position.  Surplus, if any, will be transferred to the nearest Division based on length of stay/seniority/Age.
B] AO TO ADM & BM TO SBM :  Will be posted in the same Zone subject to  the vacancy position.  Surplus, if any will be transferred to the nearest Zone based on age/Service profile. In no case officer on promotion shall be posted in the same station/division.
C] ADM/SBM to DM : Officer on promotion shall be transferred out side the zone.  However, officers aged more than 55 years may be retained in the same zone on promotion subject to availability of vacancy.  In no case officer on promotion shall be posted in the same station/division.
D] DM to SDM : Officer on promotion shall be transferred out side the zone.
E] When ever posting on promotion to the cadre of ADM and above is considered outside the zone, the officer who was posted outside the zone in an earlier stint compared to other officer who had not worked outside the zone should be posted to a nearby zone irrespective of age.
18] Refusal on promotion  : 
Posting of Officers on Refusal on promotion shall be done in accordance with NPP criteria.
19] Reversion cases :
On reversion, the officer shall be posted at the earlier station of choice as far as possible subject to vacancies and NPP Criteria.  If his/her stay exceeds 6/8 years at a place [10 years for Metros] administratively, he/she will be transferred/posted to some  other station.  While deciding NPP, period  spent at the place of posting on promotion shall be treated as posting at earlier station.
20] Deputation to other organizations :
The officers deputed to other Organizations shall be governed by the Deputation Policy approved by the Board.
21] Vigilance/Non vigilance complaints :
Requests for transfer received from Officers against whom vigilance/Non-vigilance complaints have been registered/contemplated should not be considered till the cases are taken to logical conclusion.  However, they may be re-deployed at same station.
22] Relieving Instructions :
Instructions regarding relief etc. shall be issued by the competent authority at the time of issuing the transfer order itself.
23] Competent authorities :
The competent authorities are as defined in Schedule-IV, Regulation 80 of LIC of India [Staff] Regulations, 1960.
24] Discretionary Powers :
In deserving cases, consideration of transfers in each cadre shall be at the discretion of ZM(i/C), ED (P), MD   & Chairman.

No officer shall bring or attempt to bring any political or outside influence/pressure in the Corporation to get a desired transfer.   Any breach of this rule shall be construed as Misconduct as per Staff Regulations 1960  and appropriate disciplinary action shall  be initiated against the defaulting officer.
26] Miscellaneous :
A] No representation shall be considered except on ground of Self/Spouse/Children’s serious illness.
B] Vacancies to be fixed for Chief Managers i.e. Branches to be earmarked.
C] Officers posted to “Hard  Station” shall be considered for request transfer after completion of 2 years  subject to availability of vacancies and age of the applicants. [Places mentioned in  the LIC of India (Special area allowance) Rules, 1988, as amended from time to time, are called as Hard Stations. [Vide Inter-Office memo dated 28/07/2004 Ref: Per.Admn/GK/798]
D] The NPP condition will not apply to the officers whose performance is not satisfactory.  If an officer has to be transferred out of the present posting due to non-performance, he/she would be given sufficient chance for improvement before transferring him to another station/position.
E] Officers in the Marketing assignment [BM/SBM, CM,MM,SDM] Stay condition should be 3 years in a position & 5 years at place.
F] Officer on promotion may be posted in the same Station/Division/Zone subject to vacancy position provided.
            I] The officer was transferred from some other zone within last 2 years
           II]  The officer joined the assignment only 1 year back.

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