Saturday, August 16, 2014

Management calls for Information Sharing

LIC Management has called all Unions for Information Sharing on 27th August 2014 i.e. Wednesday for one day only. They have not stated any particular subject(s) for sharing.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


A NOINO delegation consisting of Shri Ganesh Kamath, Chief Advisor, NOINO; Shri Manish Patankar, All India EC member & Smt Trupti Bramhe, All India EC member, met Shri M R Kumar, ED(P) today i.e. on 13th August 2014 and raised the following issues:-

  1. One more option for pension:- We once again raised this demand & asked about the status of this issue. ED replied that the management was making all efforts to realize it & expressed confidence on this issue.
  2. Wage-revision:- We once again demanded that the management should immediately invite the organizations for talks on wage-revision. ED replied that it is likely that the unions would be invited in the near future on this issue.
  3. Withdrawal of various benefits:- We expressed our resentment over the withdrawal of various benefits like withdrawal of mementoes to AAO’s & AO’s, LTC benefits etc & demanded immediate restoration. ED replied that as far as the withdrawal of LTC benefits was concerned, it was done on account of Government directives. However, he said that the matter would be taken up with the government. As far as the withdrawal of mementoes to AAO’s & AO’s was concerned, it was a matter under OS purview, but ostensibly, it was done to cut down the expenses. We, however, protested this withdrawal & demanded its immediate restoration. ED assured to examine the demand.
  4. Bio-metric attendance & withdrawal of meal coupons:- We pointed out various newspaper reports in this matter & inquired about the exact position. ED replied that the concept was not bio-metric attendance but bio-metric login, meaning a mere shift from the login on PC to biometric login to prevent impersonation & frauds. On the issue of meal coupons, he said that there was no such proposal of withdrawal of meal coupons at the moment.
  5. Recruitment in Class III/IV:- We once again raised this demand. ED replied that the management was making all efforts to remove the impediments caused due to litigations & expressed confidence that it would be removed soon.
  6. GTIS (Insurance for commuted value of pension):- ED informed that the limits are likely to be enhanced shortly. We reiterated our earlier demand of giving one more option for those who have opted for pension but are not part of this scheme. ED was positive on this demand.
NOINO will continue to raise the issues of Class-I officers of LIC of India.