Friday, January 30, 2015

Individual Discussion on Information Sharing

NOINO has been invited on 11th February 2015 for one-to-one discussion (LIC Management with NOINO) on different points as stated by the Chairman and other officials during Information Sharing Session on 24th January 2015.


  1. is the pension option is one of the point.

  2. Transfer policy –Few Points for discussion
    1. While implementing the same there should be Transitional condition for those who were already transferred most unfavorably earlier ( not on promotion but on prejudiced and biased action by management) and remaining at those remote stations waiting for a relief posting. For them, minimum three years condition shall be waived.

    2. Hard transfers inflicted by management cannot be considered at Par with promotion transfers and request transfers.

    3. For promotes and request transfers, minimum condition on Normal period of Posting is OK.
    4. NPP cannot be same for both the above cases.

    5. All transfers above 55 to be nearby their choice, especially non promotion cases.

    6. NPP means 3 years at same position and 6 years at same station can be misused by management for their vested interest. It should be 3yrs at a Station so that others waiting outside can get a chance. Otherwise management can retain a person at a station for 6 years without any distant transfer.

    Submitted for consideration.

    B.R.Nair, BM, LICI, DMKT, Tuticorin. Mob: 7598720210