Friday, October 26, 2012

Zonal Presidents / Secretaries to please note

Some requirements for Dehradun EEC meeting

Our Dehradun Unit has requested us:
1.      To advise all delegates to come to Dehradun with sufficient warm / woollen garments as winter has arrived in Dehradun and temperature may go further down by 4th November.
2.      To inform them (Dehradun Unit) the exact no. of delegates who will be reaching by evening / night (dinner time) of 4th November and also the exact no. of delegates who will be staying in the night of 6th November. This information is required by the Hotel (Venue) Management so that they can utilize the remaining resources and there is no wastage of space & food. We will be required to pay for the entire space if we do not provide them this information. We will also be required to pay for the food which goes to waste.

As such, all Zonal Secretaries / Presidents are requested to:
1.      Advise all delegates of their respective Zones to keep sufficient woollen garments with them.
2.      Get above 2 information (no. of delegates staying in the nights of 4th & 6th November) through phone and intimate the figures to:
    (a)         and
The information may be given through phone also at:
     09456538799 – Rishi Malhotra   or
     09358146040 / 09461192238 – Sanjeev Singhal .

We request Zonal office-bearers to please provide the information, as required in sl no.2, to the above office-bearers as early as possible but not later than the evening of tomorrow i.e. 27th October.

PS: Our Pension-option signature-campaign coordinator Shri Ashok Sharma has requested all office-bearers to bring the signature-sheets, which could not be sent earlier to him, to Dehradun. We wish to take up the 2nd step in this regard; as such, his request is required to be taken with full seriousness.


5th NOVEMBER 2012

TIME                    PROGRAMME
-----    -----------------------------------------------           
10.00 :   Inauguration, Deep Prajwalan, Vishwakarma Poojan & Sharmik Geet
10.30 :   Welcome address by Shri Rishi Malhotra, Dehradun Unit
10.45 :   Introduction of Guests by Shri Rajesh Dubey, Organising Secretary
11.00 :   Key-note address by Dr S.B.Sharan, Working President, NOINO
11.15 :   Address by guests (Shri Uday Patwardhan, I/c Fin.Sectors, BMS;
               Shri Pawan Kumar, Org. Secretary, BMS and Shri T.Adhikari, Sr DM,
               Dehradun Divn)
12.00 :   Vote of thanks for inaugural session by Dehradun Unit
12.05 :   Break for tea.
12.30 :   Gen.Secy’s Report by Shri G. Kamath, GS
13.00 :   Treasurer’s Report By Shri D.V.Aloni, Treasurer
13.20 :   Lunch
14.15 :   “How to organize people” by Shri Pawan Kumar, Organizing
   Secretary, BMS
14.45 :  Zonal Secretaries’ Reports on:
              a) Number of new members added during last six months,
              b) Total no. of membership as-on-date.
              c) Whether affiliation fees paid to headquarters, if so, how much, if
                   not, when will it be paid?
              d) Report on unit formation
(i)         Units formed during last six months
(ii)    Total no. of units in Zone, as-on-date
(iii)      Likely no. of new units in next six months
              e) Report on fund collection (thro’ coupons and others):
      (i) Total coupons (of amount) received from Central Committee
      (ii) Division-wise distribution of coupons
      (iii) Division-wise collection
      (iv) Total collection
      (v) Amount deposited in Central Treasury by Zone
   f) Activities undertaken by Zone during last six months
g) Future Planning
15.30 :  Tea Break.
15.45 :  Zonal Secretaries’ Reports (Contd)
16.15 :  How to run our Organization (NOINO):One Speaker from Each Zone
  Initiation by Shri Rajesh Dubey, Organizing Secretary, NOINO
17.30 :  End of 1st-day session
18.30 :  Core-committee meeting (for central office-bearers only)

 6th NOVEMBER 2012

TIME                    PROGRAMME
-----    -----------------------------------------------           
06.00 :   Tea
07.00 to 8.00 : A session by Shri Uday Patwardhan, I/c Fin. Sectors, BMS
09.00 :   Breakfast
10.00 :   Divisional Secretaries’ Reports:
              a) Number of new members added during last six months,
              b) Total no. of membership as-on-date.
              c) Whether affiliation fees paid to headquarters, if so, how much, if
                   not, when will it be paid?
              d) Report on appointment of Branch Representatives
(i)                 Total no. of Branches (including SO) in Division
(ii)               Total no. of Branch Representatives in Divl Unit
(iii)             By which time there will be Branch / SO representatives in all offices
              e) Report on fund collection (thro’ coupons and others):
      (i) Total coupons (of amount) received from Zonal Committee
      (ii) Branch-wise distribution of coupons
      (iii) Branch-wise collection
      (iv) Total collection
      (v) Amount deposited in Central / Zonal Treasury by Divl Unit
   f) Activities undertaken by Division during last six months
  g) Future Planning
11.30 :   Tea
11.45 :   “A report on different activities (particularly workshops etc) by BMS &
               NOINO during last 6 months” by Smt Anagha Sant, Secretary,NOINO
12.30 :   “Report on media (news-bulletin, facebook, blogsite, twitter & other
                communications) activities and formation of Media Cell” by Shri
                Y.N.Murthy, Secretary, NOINO
13.15 :    Lunch
14.00 :    Felicitation of retired office-bearers / activists
14.15 :    “General Secretary’s views” by Shri Ganesh Kamath, GS
15.15 :    Tea
15.30 :    Important announcements
16.00 :    Concluding session & concluding speech by Shri Prakash
                Javadekar, MP, Rajya Sabha & President, NOINO
17.00 :    Vote of thanks by NOINO NCZ

Monday, October 15, 2012

‎4% ex-Gratia (PLLI) approved

In the Board meeting today LIC Board approved, in principle, 4% ex-Gratia in lieu of PLLI.

Besides our pressing demand on 11th October 2012 before MD, NOINO regularly followed-up the matter at different levels on different occasions.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

NOINO meets Managing Director

A NOINO delegation consisting of Shri Ganesh Kamath, GS, NOINO; Shri Dattaraj Prabhukhanolkar, Divisional Secretary, NOINO Mumbai; & Shri Manish Patankar, EC member, NOINO met Managing Director Shri Sushobhan Sarker on 11th October 2012. After raising some individual issues, the following general issues were discussed:-

  1. Discussions on Charter- We submitted that the Information sharing meeting which was scheduled on 3rd & 4th August was postponed. After that, there has been no word on this issue by the management. We demanded that the unions should be invited for discussions on charter immediately. MD assured to discuss this issue with Chairman.
  2. PLLI---We strongly demanded payment of uniform PLLI to all with the rise in total income as the sole parameter. MD replied that though no PLLI was payable as per the current norms, the management would certainly explore the possibility of paying some amount.
  3. Pension option:---We strongly demanded the settlement of this issue outside & before the wage-revision to pre-empt the possibility of inclusion of the cost of such pension option in the wage-revision. MD said that though things had not moved in this front, he agreed with the demand of settlement of this issue outside wage-revision.
  4. Restoration of NGI:- Though we were not part of it, but, in the interest of Class-I community as a whole, we strongly demanded the restoration of NGI against the strike dated 18th February 2010. MD noted this point & assured to look into the matter.
  5. GSLI----We pointed out that the GSLI limits had not been revised after the previous wage-revision & demanded substantial revision of limits immediately. MD assured to look into the matter.
  6. Anomaly after Computer Increment----We once again raised this point & demanded that this injustice be removed immediately & the concerned employees be granted one additional increment. MD noted this point.
  7. Encashment of LTC & Air travel to all Officers:- We pointed out that in other financial institutions both these facilities were available to the officers & these should be immediately accepted in our institution too. MD has noted this point also.
  8. Subsidy on Mediclaim premium:- We pointed out that while this subsidy was 3/4th for Class III, Class IV & also retired employees(including retired Class I Officers), the subsidy was 2/3rd for Class I Officers & strongly demanded that the Class I Officers should also be granted 3/4th subsidy. MD assured to look into the matter.
  9. Excess & Wrong payments:- We pointed out that the employees were being pressurized to pay the amounts from their own pockets under the garb of fixing of responsibility. We raised the following points in this matter:-
    1. After shifting our dependence to the Computerized system, it is illogical to fix the responsibility, except for gross negligence or intentional mistakes. Even here, it is difficult to prove the gross negligence.
    2. The incidence of such cases (the proportion of excess/wrong payments to total payments) is very low. The Outstanding amount is about 40 crores. Out of this only about 40% was outstanding from policyholders.
    3. Other options like legal measures can also be explored.
    4. Due to shortage of staff, it is not possible to adhere to the usual procedure of one employee each for preparing, checking & passing the voucher. Resultantly, only two instead of three employees do the job. Thus, the risk increases, so also the amount of recovery from each employee.
    5. On one hand, we expect the employees to meet the dead-lines of Claims settlement as well as maintain ‘NIL’ ratio & on the other hand we expect that no errors should be committed & manual calculations should be done. It is also expected that while settling claims, even premium should be calculated. This is practically impossible.
    6. For the last few years the percentage of recovery is very good (close to 95%). This means that the bulk of the outstanding recoveries pertain to earlier years. This obviously means that the recoveries will be that more difficult since these are old issues. In that case, it would be unjust to push the burden on the employees.
    7. We suggested that Fidelity Insurance or a reserve fund specifically for this purpose can be the other options to tide over the bonafide errors of the employees.
     We appealed to the MD to adopt a more humane approach in this matter & instruct the divisional authorities not to be very strict in implementation. Otherwise, the employees would be demoralized after putting in an honest day’s work. MD assured to look positively in this issue.

NOINO would continue to follow-up the pending issues.