Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Consumer Price Index

As per latest Consumer Price Index (198) increase in DA (Provisional) will be by 19 slabs. Final figure will be known on 31-01-2012 for DA increase w.e.f. 1st February 2012.


NOINO & NOIW jointly wrote a protest-letter on the issue of PLLI to Shri A K Dasgupta, Managing Director. The letter is reproduced below:


Shri A K Dasgupta,
Managing Director,
L.I.C. of India.

Dear Sir,
Re: Payment of PLLI for the year 2010-2011

               We are writing this letter to you a bit late as we were busy in our respective meetings (Extended EC meeting of NOINO/Secretariat meeting of NOIW) at Delhi on 21st & 22nd November 2011 & thereafter in the morcha of BMS against the economic policies of the Central government.

               The instructions for payment of PLLI for the year 2010-2011 have been issued after a long wait. After receiving reports on the quantum of PLLI from majority of the centres, we are very much disappointed to say the least. The assemblies of the Extended EC meeting of NOINO/Secretariat of NOIW have passed a resolution protesting the meagre amount of PLLI as well as the delay in issuing the instructions.

               We have been continuously raising certain basic issues with regards to PLLI. We again submit our say at the cost of repetition. They are:-

  1. The “Statement of Intent” has not been made public. In absence of the knowledge of the parameters, the employees feel directionless.
  2. The “Statement of Intent” should be made public before the commencement of the financial year. In this context, we would like to draw your attention to the fact, that we are well past the half-yearly mark of the year 2011-2012, & the parameters have yet not been made public. We fail to understand the logic behind this.
  3. We have been reiterating that the PLLI should be based on a single parameter i.e. Total Income. However, too many parameters have complicated the issue.
  4. The payment of PLLI is calculated on the pre-revised annual pay of August 2007. We have time & again asked the logic behind the same. However, no convincing answers are forthcoming.
  5. The payment of PLLI has been different for each office. This is nothing but dividing the employees & creating unrest. We reiterate our view that the percentage of PLLI should be uniform for all employees. It is difficult to quantify the performance of an individual employee in LIC. The contribution to the overall performance of LIC is from all the employees, wherever they work. Hence this criterion for payment should not be continued.
         The objective of any Incentive scheme should be motivating the employees in putting in their best instead of demoralising them. As it is, due to the artificial & low ceilings, an overwhelming majority of the employees have been deprived of the bonus for years together. BMS has putting forth its view that bonus is nothing but deferred wages which is a cushion for inflation not taken care by the skewed DA formula. PLLI could have been our own answer to deferred wages & also an alternative to break away from the “bank pattern”. It still can be, if rational & reasonable suggestions from the employee organizations are heeded.

       We request you to have a re-think of the whole issue of PLLI & consider our demand at the earliest.

Yours faithfully,

sd/-                                          sd/-
Ganesh Kamath                    Atul Deshpande
GS, NOINO                            GS, NOIW

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

14th (Extended) EC meeting, New Delhi concludes


        The 14th Extended EC meeting of NOINO was held as scheduled at Delhi on 21st & 22nd November 2011. More than 150 delegates from all over the country attended the meeting. Representatives from far-flung areas like Srinagar & Silchar were present. 20 female officers attended the meeting. Following is the report of the meeting:-
21st November 2011


Shri C Sajinarayan, All India President, BMS graced the inaugural session. The meeting commenced with deep prajwalan, Vishwakarma poojan & Shramik geet.
Shri Saji Narayan, President, BMS inaugurating 14th EC meeting

Shri S K Saini, Zonal President, NOINO, NZ unit introduced the dignitaries on the dais. All the dignitaries were welcomed thereafter with bouquets. Shri Rajeev Sharma, Zonal Secretary, NOINO, NZ unit welcomed the delegates & submitted that the EC meeting of NOINO was very significant for the future of the officers in LIC.
            As the General Secretary of NOINO, Shri Ganesh Kamath was late in attending the meeting (due to fog, trains were running late), Dr. S B Sharan, Working President of NOINO read out the key-note address of the GS. The key-note address while noting that NOINO is the fasted growing union in LIC, also took note of the grim economic situation at the International & National level. It also dwelt upon the set-back in business as well as renewal premium in LIC. The key-note address also pressed the need to keep the internal customers viz. the employees happy & lamented the slow pace of decision making of the management.
Office-bearers on the dais. From left to right: Shri S.K.Saini, Zonal President, NOINO NZ (host zone); Dr S.B.Sharan, Working President, NOINO; Shri Prakash Javadekar, President, NOINO; Shri G.Kamath, GS, NOINO; Shri R.K.Sharma, Zonal Secretary, NOINO NZ (host zone)
The delegates

Shri Saji Narayan, President, BMS addressing the delegates

            Shri C Sajinarayan, All India President, BMS, expressed his happiness over the growth of NOINO. He exhorted the delegates to inculcate the patriotic culture of BMS. He took stock of the situation in the country & informed that paradoxically, India had the largest number of literate as well as illiterate people. We have a lop-sided job-less growth & the inflation is going out of control. The task ahead is stupendous & could be achieved only through perpetual vigilance & sustained struggle. He appealed to the delegates to come out of the mind-set where wages & allied benefits appear to be the be-all & the end-all & help the workers in the unorganized sector. He also asked the delegates to gather in full strength at the Morcha conducted by BMS on 23rd November 2011 against the economic policies of the UPA governme

               The inaugural session concluded with vote of thanks by Shri Vishwas Shastri, Zonal Secretary, NOINO, WZ unit.


Shri Ganesh Kamath, GS, NOINO interacting with delegates
                Shri Ganesh Kamath, GS, NOINO took stock of the situation & the activities of NOINO in the period February 2011 to October 2011. He informed the assembly that six new units were opened in this period viz. Amritsar, Srinagar, Karnal (NZ), Gorakhpur, Allahabad (NCZ) & Hyderabad (SCZ). He also gave an account of the discussions with the management & some achievements of NOINO during this period. Shri D V Aloni presented the Treasurer's report.
Shri D.V.Aloni, Treasurer, NOINO presenting Treasurer's Report


             The session consisted of the Zonal Secretaries’ report which took stock of the membership drive in the month of October 2011, tour planning for opening of new units, activities in the Zone etc. The assembly noted with satisfaction that NOINO was growing everywhere & the officers were happy with our activities.


              Shri Y N Murthy, PG1, Shimoga division, SCZ initiated the discussion. The Zonal Secretaries nominated some persons from their respective Zones. The following Charter Committee has been formed:-

Retired(DM), Belgaum, SCZ
AAO (P), IT Dept., DO-Shimoga , SCZ
S.K. Saini
Manager(Admin), BO 116, DO Delhi Division-2, NZ
Pulak Kr Dey
Manager(Admin),BO  Baruipur, DO , EZ
Anil Bhagdikar
AO, BO 97F, DO Nagpur, WZ
N.G. Avadhani
Faculty Member, STC, DO Dharwad, SCZ
Hari Somayaji
Asst. secretary, IT Dept., ZO SCZO Hyderabad

              The above committee may be expanded, if necessary. The committee will meet at least twice before 23rd July 2012, the date on which NOINO will submit its charter. The Zonal Secretaries/Presidents will in the meanwhile ask the Divisional Secretaries/Presidents to solicit suggestions from members to make it a meaningful charter.


National office-bearers of NOINO met at . The meeting of National office-bearers consisted of two parts:-

1)     Separate Zone-wise meetings were held by the General Secretary & the Working President. Various aspects of consolidation of the organization were discussed. A time-table for tours to divisions & AGM’s was drawn.
2)     There-after, the meeting decided the following:-
a)  Branch representatives will be appointed in every branch who will ;-
       (i)   Collect subscription.
       (ii)   Transmit   information.
      (iii)    Interact with the Divisional secretary everyday.
                 b)  There are office bearers who will be retiring shortly. Therefore, a list of   succession is to be prepared well in advance.
   c)  (i) There will be an increase  in subscription  rate to Rs, 250.00 and enrolment fee to Rs. 10.00 from July 2012.
(ii) Life membership (with subscription for 10 years) will be introduced. The life membership would be Rs.2000/- up to June 2012 & 2500/- thereafter.
        d) Signature campaign for one more pension option to be conducted from 20.12.2011 to 31.12.2011 for all classes of employees.
        e) The next E.C. Meeting will be held at Indore on 04.06.2012 and 05.06.2012.
        f) There will be strict adherence to discipline and code of conduct regarding attendance of office-bearers in EC meeting.
The day’s proceedings closed at
            The opening session was attended by Shri Pawankumar, BMS, in-charge, North Central India & Shri Udayrao Patwardhan, BMS, in-charge, financial institutions.
        Shri Pawankumarji stressed the fact that BMS is a non-political organization. He talked about the growing acceptance of BMS ideals in all the fields. He also revealed that in a recent meeting Shri Gurudas Dasgupta, veteran CPI leader, said that for the first time in life he would raise the slogans of “Vande-Mataram” & “Bharat-mata ki Jai”. Though this change of heart was due to compulsions, the fact remained that people of diametrically opposite views to BMS were coming round to accept the ideals propagated by RSS/BMS. He also pointed out that though apparently LIC employees felt comfortable due to job security, social security (pension) etc., these conditions were also in jeopardy due to the present policies of the UPA government.
         After the speech of Pawankumarji, the house unanimously passed the following resolutions after elaborate deliberation:-
  1. PLLI :-
a) simplify the parameters—total income should be the sole parameter,
b) Quantum to be decided on post revision scale,
c) Uniform percentage to be paid to all.
2.  Removal of anomalies in fixation specially for the officers promoted under 1(B).
3. Scrap DOPA.
4. Staff Housing loan portfolio to be brought back to LIC.
5. One more pension option.
6. Recruitment of Class III/IV employees.
7. Parity in Lease rent: Places adjoining metro cities should get commensurate lease rent.
8. Uniform, transparent & codified Transfer/Posting policy.
9. Providing space for office to NOINO at Yogakshem.
     After tea-break, the Divisional Secretaries reported their activities. Representatives from many divisions like Mumbai, Thane, Vadodara, entire Karnataka, Hyderabad, Kolhapur, Ahmedabad, Gorakhpur, Varanasi, Chandigarh, Karnal, Satara, Amritsar, Silchar, Srinagar, Kanpur, Delhi, Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur, Pune, Aurangabad, Nanded, Kolkata, Howrah & many more participated.
  The House observed two minutes silence on the sad demise of former Zonal President of NOINO EZ unit, Shri A K Chatterjee who passed away on 5.11.2011.
Address by Shri Udayrao Patwardhan
Shri Uday Rao Patwardhan, Financial Sector I/c, BMS addressing the meeting

       Shri Udayrao Patwardhan, Financial institution-in-charge, was at his usual inspiring best. His speech was an informative, eye-opening & invigorating experience. He dwelt on the fundamental difference between BMS unions & leftist trade unions. While leftists do not believe in GOD, Capital & many other social institutions, BMS believes that we are an integral part of the society & we have to respect the social values & institutions.
          He also took stock of the changing situation in LIC where over the years the focus has steadily shifted from the Assistant’s cadre to AAO/AO/ADM cadre. He also revealed that for the first time in the history of India, the President of India invited the representatives of BMS to discuss the issues raised through its morcha on 23rd November 2011.  He exhorted the participants to heed the message of “The Best should suffer, so the rest may prosper” which means that the leaders should be ready for sacrifice. Only then our society can prosper.
Address by Working President Dr S B Sharan
Dr S.B.Sharan, Working President, NOINO presenting his views
           Dr S B Sharan announced the decisions taken in the National Office-bearers’ meeting. His speech lifted the audience to a different & higher plane altogether. He stressed the need for Individual development & said that only men with high morals could cure the ills pervading the society & world. He said that the objectives of NOINO were progress of the nation, institution, organization (NOINO) as well as individual development. He further said that a child has three objectives viz. obligation towards its parents; towards its motherland & towards God. These objectives drive a person towards his responsibility towards family; his job & towards his social responsibilities. If one strikes a proper balance between these three responsibilities, life would be more fulfilling & meaningful. It is needless to emphasize that Social responsibility is the most important one which motivates us to work for our beloved organization, i.e. ., NOINO.
Address by General Secretary Shri Ganesh Kamath
           Shri Ganesh Kamath talked on the practical aspects of organization. He stressed the need for consolidation of NOINO & said that short term targets need to be achieved instead of too much analysis & high targets. He said that discipline, honesty & transparency would take NOINO to greater heights.

Shri Prakash Javadekar, President, NOINO {and also MP (Rajya Sabha) & Spokesperson (BJP)} joining the meeting
          In his inimitable style, Javadekarji not only kept the audience in good humour, but also displayed great understanding of the smallest issues of the Class I Officers in LIC. He expressed active support to all Class I officers on all issues including the amendments to the Insurance Act & the LIC Act. It is pertinent to note that Javadekarji has been in the forefront in opposing the regressive amendments.
Shri Prakash Javadekar delivering Presidential Speech
He said that a strong opposition has been registered on the following points:-
1. Permission of the Insurance regulatory authority for opening new Branches of LIC.
2. Reducing the percentage of surplus from 95% to 90% to be distributed among the policy holders towards Bonus.
3. Increasing the initial Capital of Rs. 5 crore to 100 crore.
4. Withdrawal of Sovereign guarantee from LIC.
    It is pertinent to note that the Standing committee has rejected most of the regressive amendments & most of the credit should go to the support given by Javadekarji to the struggle by NOINO/NOIW/NOIP against these amendments.
The delegates
The vote of thanks was given by Shri Rajiv Sharma, Zonal Secretary, NOINO, NZ unit.The meeting ended with Sampoorna Vandemataram by Shri Gopal Joshi.

 Video-clips of the meeting are available at:

Saturday, November 19, 2011

NOIP news - letters to MD

Shri.A K Dasgupta
Managing Director,
LIC of India,
Dear Sir,

Re: Anomaly in computing the Basic Pension of Retiree Pensioners.

Regarding the captioned subject, we had written to you on 31-01-2011 (the letter is reproduced below). You may please recall that, as a follow up, NOIP delegation met you personally on 21-04-2011 and discussed the anomaly in detail and handed over a file to you containing the work sheets in respect of some representative cases in this regard. You were kind enough to assure that it is a matter worth consideration by you personally and sent the papers to P&IR Dept for further action. You also hinted that the matter would be decided before you retire on 31-01-2012. We were happy that the seriousness of the matter was seized by you inviting your personal look into the matter.

As nothing was forthcoming, NOIP delegation met Director (Personnel) (we could not get your appointment then), on 26-08-2011 to know the position in this regard. To our dismay, we came to know that the matter is not yet initiated by the Dept, though D (P) assured us to do something to undo the anomaly.

Almost 80 days have elapsed since then; nothing is heard from your side. We may reiterate that it a most vexed problem which has affected thousands of pensioners retiring within 10 months from the effective date of each wage settlement. And hence your personal look into the matter is warranted and desired.

We once again implore upon you to immediately initiate action in this regard and see that before you lay office on 31st January 2012, affected pensioners would hope to get justice.
We would again meet you shortly in this connection.

 Thanking you and anticipating your earliest action,

Yours faithfully,
Ashok J Joshi
Working President, NOIP.

Letter written on 30.01.2011:

Shri. A K Dasgupta,
Managing Director,
Life Insurance Corporation of India,
Yogakshema, MUMBAI
Dear Sir,

Re: Anomaly in re-fixing Basic Pension after every wage revision.

You may please recollect Sir, that when the delegation of NOIP met your good self on 19-11-2010, to discuss various pending issues relating to Pensioners, we had quoted one representative case of anomaly wherein there was reduction in gross pension for those retired in the month of August 2002 (and probably up to January 2003) on account of deficient rule in computing Basic Pension of LIC employees. We had requested to follow the CCS (Pension) Rules of Central Govt for computing the Basic Pension, to avoid the anomaly. You had advised us to refer the particular case to your personal attention for initiating steps to redress the grievance. Hence, after getting the details from one of such pensioners, we are giving here below the particulars for your kind attention and necessary action.
Name: Shri. R G Poornachandra Rao , AO (Retd), SR No.516147, Pension File No. 147
206, Seshadri Heights, Rd No.4, Samathapuri, Nagole X Roads, HYDERABAD- 500 035
Date of Retirement: 31-08-2002
As on 01-09-2002 his gross pension was Rs.8991-27
After wage revision effective from 01-08-2002, his revised gross pension was re-fixed at Rs.8149-88 resulting in reduction of gross pension of Rs.841.39
Consequent upon wage revision, DA payable was reduced, resulting in reduction of gross pension and in his case an amount Rs.98253-73 was recovered as DA difference.

We have enclosed herewith the calculation sheets to elaborate the anomaly, for your ready reference.

After closely perusing such type of anomaly, it is proved beyond doubt that the method of computing pension in LIC for retired officials suffers from a major deficiency. The relevant paragraph reads as “In the case of an employee retiring in accordance with the provisions of the service rules or of the Staff Regulations after completing a qualifying service of not less than 33 years the amount of basic pension shall be calculated at 50% of the last 10 months’ average emoluments prior to the date of retirement.”

This method of calculation of basic pension suffers from severe deficiencies especially at the time of every wage revision for existing employees. Those employees retiring within say about 6 months from the date of new wage revision suffer reduction in gross pension for three reasons (1) Rate of DA will be lesser (2) DA at the beginning is zero (3) For average emoluments old basic is counted for a majority of months (in total 10 months).

This may be the reason the Central Govt came with amended rules.
After the Vth Pay Commission for Central Govt employees, the Central Govt came out with the OM of 17-12-1998 that with effect from 01-01-1996, pension of all pensioners irrespective of their date of retirement shall not be less than 50% of the minimum pay in the revised scale of pay introduced with effect from 01-01-1996 of the post last held by the pensioner/deceased Govt Employee.

This position was further reviewed by the VIth Pay Commission for the Central Govt Employees which came into effect from 01-01-2006.
The Commission modified the CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 that will enable payment of pension at the rate of 50% of average emoluments for the past 10 months / last pay drawn whichever is beneficial without linking to the qualifying service of 33 years for full pension.

Justice, Equity, Pragmatic approach demand that the pension of retirees of LICI be computed as per the modified definition of VIth Pay Commission, quoted above.

Rule 56 of LIC (Employees’) Pension Rules- Residuary Provisions, expressly say that ‘Matters relating to pension and other benefits in respect of which no express provision has been made in these rules shall be governed by the corresponding provisions contained in the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1972 or the Central Civil Services (Commutation of Pension) Rules, 1981 applicable for Central Govt Employees.

In view of the above facts and legal provisions, it is incumbent upon the LIC management to compute the Basic Pension as per the VIth Pay Commission’s amended provisions, so that the anomaly in question can be done away with.

The above case of Mr.Poornachandra Rao is only a representative case and there are more such cases of anomaly with every wage revision in LIC.

As such, Justice, Equity, Fair Play demand that the Basic Pension be fixed as per the provisions of VIth pay Commission as detailed above.

In view of the above we pray as follows,
(1)   Initiate the steps to amend the LIC (Employees’) Pension Rules, 1995 regarding computation of Basic Pension, taking 50% of the average emoluments of last 10 months or 50% of last pay drawn, whichever is beneficial to the retiring employee,
(2)   Arrange orders to re-fix the Basic Pension of  Mr.Poornachandra Rao in the captioned case by taking 50% of last pay drawn for computing the Basic Pension and,
(3)   Pass orders to review all such cases of anomaly right from wage revision effective from 01-08-1997 and thereafter 01-08-2002 and the latest 01-08-2007, where retirees have suffered reduction in Gross Pension.

We fervently hope that your good self would view the matter with all the seriousness it deserves and take steps to pass necessary orders as prayed above.

With regards and thanks,

Yours Sincerely,

Ashok J Joshi
(Working President, NOIP-BMS)

Encl: As above.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Joining NOINO en masse continues

NOINO is going from strength to strength. On 17th November 2011 i.e. yesterday, 50 Officers joined NOINO in Gorakhpur Division in NCZ bringing the total membership to 65 & well on the way to majority. The continuous wave of NOINO's success is not without reason. The sincerity with which NOINO raises the officers' issues & then doggedly follows it up to its logical end is one of the prime reasons. The dedicated & determined band of NOINO activists is another strong point.

We would like to place on record our appreciation for Shri Rajesh Dubey, Secretary, NOINO; Shri Atul Kumar Srivastava, GS, NOINO, Gorakhpur unit; Shri Prakash Verma, President, NOINO, Gorakhpur unit; Shri R K Dubey, Resident secy., NOINO, Gorakhpur unit & the entire Gorakhpur team for their efforts.

Congrats to one and all!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Agenda for Extended EC meeting at Delhi

Deep Prajwalan, Vishwakarma Poojan & Shramik Geet
Welcome by NOINO NZ
Introduction of Guests & Welcome Bouquets
General Secretary's Speech (Key Note Address)
Address by Chief Guest Shri Nilesh Sathe, ZM, NZ
Address by Guest of Honour Shri Baijnath Rai, GS,  BMS
Vote of Thanks (Inaugural Session)
Break for TEA
General Secretary's Report by Shri Ganesh Kamath
All India Treasurer's Report by Shri D.V. Aloni
Zonal Secretaries’ Reports on:
a) Number of new members added during the membership-drive in October 2011.
b) Total number of members after adding new members.
c) Whether affiliation fees paid to headquarters? If so, how much? If not, when will it be paid?
d) Report on Unit Formation (Present & Future).
e) Report on Fund collection.
f) Any specific activity/matter taken by Zone.
g) Future planning.
Break for TEA
Formation of Charter Committee & discussion on next Charter.
Initiation by Shri C.T. Joshi, Editor, NOINO News Bulletin.

End of 1st day’s session &  Refreshment
All India office-bearers’ meeting including Zonal Presidents & Zonal Secretaries.


Passing Resolutions on various issues.
Break for TEA
Divisional Secretaries’ Reports on 6 points (out of 7 - except the Unit formation point) as in Zonal Secretaries’ Report.
Break for TEA
Interaction with participants - Shri Ganesh Kamath, GS.
Any other matter with the permission of the chair.
Working President‘s observations / reply on interactions.
Break for TEA
Concluding Session by  Shri Prakash Javadekar, President, NOINO
Vote of thanks by Shri Rajiv Sharma, Zonal Secretary, NZ

EC meeting concludes.