Sunday, January 25, 2015


As scheduled, the Information Sharing Session was held with the Unions on 24th January 2015 at World Trade Centre, Mumbai. The management was represented by the Chairman Shri S K Roy, all the Managing Directors & the officials of CO Personnel & IT departments. NOINO was represented by Shri Pulak Kr Dey, Working President; Shri Dattaraj Prabhukhanolkar, General Secretary & Shri Y N Murthy, Joint Secretary, NOINO. There were no individual discussions on this day. The individual sessions will be held on 11th & 12th of February 2015.

The Managing Directors spoke first. Shri S B Mainak, MD expressed concern over the slackness of market. Smt Usha Sangwan expressed concern over the negative growth in number of policies. She also informed that we were doing well in the areas of Claim settlement & CC activities. She also said, 'Our biggest strength is people with commitment & integrity.' She assured to be sensitive to the needs of the officers & employees.

Thereafter a presentation on Biometric authentication for data security (not for attendance) was given by Shri Venugopal, ED(IT).  He said that the fingerprints of all the 10 fingers would be taken & stored in the system. Any one finger can be matched & given access. The standards have been prescribed by the Government.  

Thereafter, the Chairman submitted his views. The important points of his speech were:-

* Indian economy is a leading one & the most attractive destination for investment worldwide.
* Appealed to keep the office poster free keeping in the sentiment of "Swachch Bharat" campaign.
* Space for notice boards will be provided to all unions.
* Rise in FDI has given opportunity to develop.
* Will work shoulder to shoulder with unions in fulfilling the expectations of customers.
* Extension of cash hours.
* Code of conduct for unions.
* FPI achievement is only 54%; MDRT figures reduced to 50% of last year.
* Products & services to be realigned.
* Transfer & mobility policy for Workforce will be circulated & suggestions invited from unions.

He then offered a wage-rise of 12.5% (revising the earlier offer of 10.5%) & appealed the unions not to reject it. He said that improvement was still possible.

On behalf of NOINO, our All India Working President Shri Pulak Kr Dey responded to the speech of the Chairman. He stressed the following points:-

1. Wage-revision:- Shri Pulak Dey expressed disappointment over the offer. He said that the minimum expectation of the employees was that we should get an improvement over the previous wage-revision. Since we have not reached even that stage, the offer was not acceptable to NOINO. He further said that the improved & meaningful offer should come immediately. He pointed out that the increase in DA did not match the rise in inflation & hence a substantial revision was necessary.

2. Running scales:- He said, 'As it is, there are very few opportunities for promotion which left the officers frustrated. Many have reached the stagnation stage. Only Running scales & Grade pay can solve this problem to a great extent.' He also submitted that NOINO had already prepared & submitted the Running Payscales.

3. One more option for pension:- We once again raised this issue & said that this issue should be settled outside wage-revision.

4. Transfer/Promotion Policy:-  Shri Dey reminded that NOINO had already submitted a 33-point note on the transfer/promotion policy on 25th August 2012. He submitted that while it was good to see that the management was following the policies of the government (the NDA government has sent a letter to all Public sector undertakings that they should have its own transfer policy), he said that the other policies of the government should also be followed. He drew the attention of the management to the earlier letter of the Government dated 23.9.14 which directed the Public sector undertakings to post female employees near their family places (as far as possible). He also insisted on implementation of the Child Care leave policy which was already in vogue in Central Government offices.

5. Recruitment in Class III:- The workload on officers has increased tremendously. This is mainly due to non-recruitment of Class III employees. The Class I officers have to sit late & also perform non-supervisory duties. Immediate mass recruitment of Class III employees should be done.

Almost all the other unions rejected the offer of 12.5% & spoke broadly on the same lines as we did. NOINO will formulate its views on the issues before officers. It will raise its voice in the impending individual discussions about all the concerns of the Class I officers & the employees & also review in detail all the issues placed in this meeting. It will make all efforts to clinch a good wage-deal matching the expectations of our officers & employees.

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