Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Limits of leased accommodation rent revised

The limits of leased accommodation rent have been revised with effect from 1st August 2012. One new feature is that now, from 1st August 2012, society maintenance charges in such leased houses/flats will also be re-imbursed subject to certain ceilings. The official circular dated 30.7.2012 ref. Estates/Circular no. 57 is available on Jeevan Sanchar. You may be aware that NOINO was continuously following up this issue. The efforts in the recent past by NOINO are as follows:-

1. Raised this issue in meeting with ED(P) Shri B Manivannan on 2.4.2012.
2. Again raised this issue in meeting with MD, Shri Sushobhan Sarker on 13.4.2012.
3. Follow-up with MD, Shri Sushobhan Sarker on 2.6.2012.
4. Follow-up with ED(P) Shri M R Kumar on 2.7.2012.
5. Follow-up with ED(P) Shri M R Kumar on 24.7.2012

The revised limits are as follows:-

Metro cities
A Class cities
B Class cities
C Class Cities

In addition to the above, now it has also been decided that the society maintenance charges in such leased houses/flats will also be re-imbursed subject to the following limits.

Metro cities
A Class cities
B Class cities
C Class Cities

NOINO will continue to follow-up the pending issues.

Monday, July 30, 2012


PAY SCALES (Cadre Min/Max) : AAO/ABM-39530 - 74910, AO/BM - 53010 - 79060, ADM/SBM - 64560 - 90070, DM - 79000 - 98380, SDM - 95510 - 109990, ZM(O) - 106860 - 122910, ZM(S) - 119700 - 137250. We have demanded 40% increase after merging DA of 425 slabs (assumed at 1.8.2012) to the existing Basic Pay & Increments.

INCREMENT AS PERCENTAGE: We have demanded 5 % of Pay (Basic pay + Grade pay) as increment instead of fixed amount of increment.

GRADE PAY: To make Promotion an attractive proposition, we demand that
(A) The concept of Grade Pay on the lines of Sixth Pay commission & RBI to be introduced in LIC: AAO -> 3000, AO -> 5000, ADM -> 7000, DM -> 9000, SDM -> 11000, ZM(O) -> 13000, ZM(S) -> 15000. This will be a motivating factor for accepting promotion.
(B) The Minimum of each officer cadre scale must be fixed at Maximum (after all stagnation increments) of previous to previous cadre, eg: The Maximum of Assistant must be Minimum of AAO, the Maximum of HGA must be Minimum of AO likewise.

RUNNING SCALE: Many promotee Officers are stuck up at stagnation for good number of years as there is delay in promotion at AAO / AO / ADM & DM levels. Hence we have demanded two running scales – as proposed, here in below.
AAO to DM: 39530-1930(14)-66550-2090(6)-79060-2760(7)-98380
SDM to ZM(S): 95510-2760(3)-103790-3100(1)-106890-3210(6)-126150-440(1)-129590-3760(1)-133350- 3900(1)-137250.

DEARNESS ALLOWANCE: Rate of DA at 0.10% (the actual one).

HOUSE RENT ALLOWANCE: 35% (Metro), 30% (A Class) 25% (B Class) & 20% (C Class) of Pay without ceiling.

CITY COMPENSATORY ALLOWANCE: At the rate of 10%, 8%, 6% of Pay without ceiling.

HILL ALLOWANCE: At the rate of 7%, 6%, 5% & 4%.

TRANSPORT ALLOWANCE: Four wheelers -100 ltrs of petrol pm, Two wheelers-75 ltrs pm & No Vehicle an amount equal to 50 ltrs petrol pm.

FUNCTIONAL ALLOWANCE: Programmers/Audit/Inspection - 5000 pm, BM/ABM(S) in CAB’s - 5500 pm, Developer - 20,000 pm, BSA – 30,000pm, Team Leader (NEW post) – 40,000pm & Project Leader – 50,000 pm. Training Institutes MDC/ZTC/DTC/ATC/ETC – Ranging from 1000 pm to 5000 pm. Others (Programmers (CTC) Etc) Rs. 500 per session.

FIXED PERSONAL ALLOWANCE: AAO/AO – 2090pm, ADM/DM – 2760pm, SDM – 3100pm, ZM (O) – 3210pm, ZM(S) – 3900pm, It should be counted for DA/HRA & Superannuation Benefits. If running scale is accepted, the present FPA to be merged into the Basic Pay.

IN-CHARGE ALLOWANCE: ZO/HOD in CO - 10,000pm, D O - 8,000pm, Branch ranging from 5500pm to 6500pm, SOs - 4,000pm.

KEY HOLDING ALLOWANCE: Safe Key No. 1 - 2000pm & Key No. 2 - 1000 pm.

PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED: 5% of Pay every month.

CASH MEDICAL BENEFIT: 25,000 per annum.

PROJECT ALLOWANCE: Engineering Department personnel working on projects at Rs. 5000 per month.

MID-ACADEMIC YEAR TRANSFER ALLOWANCE: 5,000 per month for each child who is studying at old H Q till the academic year is over.

SPECIAL AREA ALLOWANCE: A special area allowance ( Naxalite prone, highly polluted, Bad Climate Etc) as per Central govt./ State Govt./Local authorities notification, whereever payable should be paid at the rate ranging between 2,500 and 7,500 per month.

SPECIAL ALLOWANCE FOR IN-HOUSE DEVELOPMENT OF ACTUARIAL CAPABILITIES: Ranging from 600 pm (group of 3 papers) to 20000 pm. Acquired Fellowship - 80,000/- pm, Appointed Actuary: 1 Lac pm.

QUALIFICATION ALLOWANCE: Licentiate of I I I / Intermediate of ICWA/CA - 1000pm, Associateship of I I I ICWA/CA - 2000, Fellowship of I I I / MBA / LAW GRADUATE-3000pm.

PENSION: One more Pension Option, as third retirement benefit, option to join GTIS scheme Etc.

LEAVE TRAVEL CONCESSION : Air Travel, 6000 kms one way, Encashment, Package Tour, Etc.

LEAVE ENCASHMENT: 30 days once in 2 years, Gross salary, Encashment of CL/SL, Accumulation of PL upto 360 days.

ENTERTAINMENT EXPENSES: AAO/AO – 1500pm, ADM/DM – 2500pm, DZM – 3000pm.PM.

LATE SITTING COMPENSATION: Either time Compensation or late sitting allowance of 5000 pm to all officers who are required to work after office hours/shift hours.

EDUCATION LOAN: Minimum of 10 Lakhs at Free/Nominal rate of interest.

CAR SCHEME VI & DRIVER ALLOWANCE: Repairs – 2000pm, Mileage – 10000 kms, Driver – 6000 pm.

FESTIVAL ADVANCE: An amount equal to One Month’s Gross Salary be paid as Festival Advance.

EMERGENCY LOAN: Rs. 5 Lakh at Free/Nominal rate of interest, recoverable in 24 Monthly Instalments.

HOUSING LOANS: The cost of construction is going up day by day, the loan quantum to be increased substantially in commensurate with real estate rate prevailing in the market. Housing portfolio to be brought back to LIC. Group insurance scheme for housing loanees to be introduced. The Perquisite payable by the Officer on the Housing Loan should be borne by LIC as in case of RBI.

VEHICLE ADVANCE (Administrative Side): Full purchase value of CAR, Cost of Insurance & Registration, Twice during the service, Etc.

MOBILE / CELL PHONE FACILITY: AAO/AO – 1000pm, ADM/DM – 2000pm, Advance to Purchase Cell phone – 10000, recovery – 10 monthly instalments, Etc.

P L L I: Revised, simplified, common rate and mutually agreed norms for calculation.
LEAVE: Accumulation of SL/CSL without ceiling, Encashment of unavailed SL/CSL, Paternity Leave, Sick leave to take care of Family Members who are sick, Sabbatical Leave, Etc.


Monday, July 23, 2012

NOINO submits Charter of Demands

NOINO President Shri Prakash Javadekar handing over NOINO’s Charter of Demands to Shri D.K.Mehrotra, Chairman, LIC of India
NOINO submitted its ‘Charter of Demands’ (for wage-revision due on 01.08.2012) on 23rd July 2012 i.e. today at 11 a.m. NOINO is affiliated to BMS, the largest central trade-union of India, the foundation day of which falls on 23rd July.

The NOINO delegation which submitted the Charter was led by Shri Prakash Javadekar, President, NOINO & MP, Rajyasabha. The delegation submitted the Charter to Shri Dinesh Mehrotra, Chairman, LIC on behalf of Class I Officers of LIC of India. Others in the delegation were Dr. S B Sharan, WP, NOINO; Shri Ganesh Kamath, GS, NOINO; Shri Rajesh Dubey, Secretary, NOINO, Shri S G Elangadi, VP, NOINO; Shri Kirit Barot, EC member, NOINO; Shri Vishwas Shastri, GS, NOINO, WZ; Smt Anagha Sant, Secretary, NOINO; Shri Y N Murthy, Secretary, NOINO; Shri Sanjay Ramdasi, Joint treasurer, NOINO, Smt Trupti Bramhe, EC member, NOINO; Shri Manish Patankar, President, NOINO, Mumbai; Shri Dattaraj Prabhukhanolkar, GS, NOINO, Mumbai & all the Mumbai activists.

   Following were the points submitted during the discussion:-

1.  Shri Prakash Javadekar stressed the importance of immediate negotiations & early settlement. He said that the previous charter was settled 3 years after it became due & this time we together must make efforts to settle it early. He also promised that he would raise this matter in the coming monsoon session.

2. The delegation also demanded that the charter of LIC should be permanently de-linked from that of the Banking industry with regards to the norms as well as the time-table of settlement.

3. The delegation also pointed out that while the premium income had risen by 59% in the last 4 years; the total income had risen by 69%; the number of policies serviced had risen by 5 crores, the number of employees had reduced by 1.5%. Consequently the burden on Class I Officers had increased tremendously. The rate of inflation has doubled in the last 5 years, & the rise in DA failed to match the rate of inflation.

4. The delegation also pointed out that the private insurance companies in spite of not doing well were paying more than what was paid in LIC. It also submitted that all employees were nothing but (human) assets & needed to be encouraged by giving a good wage-rise. While the Insurance Act specified that the industry can pay up to 15% of total premium income as expenses towards salary & other benefits, the cost today stood at only about 6%.

5. In view of all these factors, the charter of demands submitted by NOINO mainly demanded 40% rise; running scales; grade pay & increment as a percentage of pay (basic pay + grade pay)  instead of a fixed amount. The salient features of the charter would be posted shortly.

     The Chairman patiently heard the delegation & assured that the management would make all efforts for early negotiations, an early & satisfactory settlement after taking into consideration the charter of demands submitted by NOINO.

Friday, July 13, 2012

NOINO Study Class at Nagpur on 13th & 14th August 2012

As per decisions taken in last EC meeting at Indore, Study Class of NOINO is to be held at Nagpur on 13th & 14th August 2012. Following nos. of activists are expected from respective Zones:

  Central Zone: 5
  Eastern Zone: 10
  East Central Zone: 5
  North Central Zone: 5
  North Zone: 10
  South Central Zone: 10
  South Zone: 5
  West Zone: 30

The venue of the Study Class is:

  Kala Bhavan,
  South Ambazari Road,
  Shradhanand Peth,
  Lakhmi Nagar,
  Nagpur – 440010

The stay arrangement is at the venue itself. The venue has been booked for the period from 12.08.2012 (7 pm) to 15.08.2012 (8 am). As such, participants (nominated by their respective Zonal Secretaries) are requested to book their tickets accordingly.

More details in this respect have been sent to all the Zonal Secretaries. However, for any further assistance at Nagpur, any of the following office-bearers of our Nagpur Divisional Unit may be contacted:

1) SHRI MILIND WAGH, MOBILE NO. 09923504046  mp_wagh@licindia.com
2) SHRI ANIL BHAGDIKAR, MOBILE NO. 09923388758  a.bhagdikar@licindia.com
3) SMT MADHURI BARVE, MOBILE NO. 09850301152  m.barve@licindia.com
4) SHRI VINAY GIRDHAR, MOBILE NO. 09423135379  v.giridhar@licindia.com
5) SHRI PRAVIN GAYKI, MOBILE NO. 09423307940  p.gaiki@licindia.com

Monday, July 2, 2012


    A NOINO delegation consisting of Shri Ganesh Kamath, GS, NOINO; Shri Dattaraj Prabhukhanolkar, Divl Secr., NOINO, Mumbai Divisions; Shri Suryakant Gawde, EC member, NOINO, WZ; Smt. Saroj Kurdukar, VP, NOINO, Mumbai; & Smt Trupti Bramhe, EC member, NOINO Central Committee met ED(Personnel), Shri M R Kumar on 2nd July 2012 to discuss & follow-up pending issues. Shri T Mendiratta, Chief (Personnel) was also present during the discussions. After taking up certain individual issues, we raised the following general issues:-

  1. One more pension option :- ED replied that though nothing moved in the recent past regarding this issue, in the light of the continuous representations from the employee unions, as also the fact that very few of the employees did not opt for the pension, the management would take up this issue with the government soon.
  2. Instructions about PL encashment: - We pointed out that there was an inordinate delay in issue of instructions regarding removal of the condition of compulsory availment of leave while encashment of PL during service. ED replied that the management was continuously in the touch with the authorities & said that the instructions were expected soon.
  3. Revision in lease accommodation rent: - We once again raised this issue & demanded immediate revision in lease accommodation rent. We also pointed out that this factor was also a deterrent for officers accepting posting outside their division. ED replied that the matter was under active consideration & very shortly, there was likely to be a revision in the limits.
  4. Sabbatical leave for women employees: - We reminded ED about our demand for sabbatical leave for women employees vide our letter dated 17.3.2012 & demanded that this leave should be introduced at the earliest in LIC. ED said that till now, the management had not moved in this matter. However, we insisted that the matter be resolved soon. ED assured to look into the demand sympathetically.
  5. Revision in Ex-gratia re-imbursement for High cost/protracted treatment---We reminded ED about our letter dated 27.3.2012 regarding this issue. We have raised three demands---1) Limits to be revised to 10 lakhs at one time 2)--Full re-imbursement to be allowed---3) Limit of 180 days to be removed for all diseases. We pointed out that this demand was pending since long. ED agreed to look into the matter.
  6. Anomaly after computer increment: - We once again raised this demand & reminded ED that SBI has settled this issue in 1996(i.e. 16 years back) by granting one more increment to all the affected employees. We strongly insisted that this matter be sorted out before settlement of Charter (due on 1.8.2012). We pointed out that the anomaly was crystal clear & it was a clear case of injustice to the affected employees. ED assured to look into the matter.
  7. Recruitment in Class III: - We submitted that branches were reeling under immense pressure due to lack of staff & Class I Officers were bearing the brunt of it. The Class I Officers are required to perform non-supervisory duties which are affecting both the individual officer as well as the organization. We also demanded that the recruitment process should not be entrusted to outside agencies. ED said that such recruitment was under active consideration.
  8. 5 days week: - ED was not positive in this matter. He said that so long as the volume of collections across the counter was heavy, it would not be prudent to accede to this demand. As & when, the alternate channels of payment would become popular, this demand could be considered. We have still insisted on this demand.
  9. Information sharing meeting :- We pointed out that there was no information sharing meeting for more than two years & demanded that such meeting should be convened immediately. ED said that such meeting would be convened in the near future.
  10.  Programmers being utilized for other jobs :- We pointed out that in NZ, AAO (Programmers) in branches have been asked to perform administrative jobs. On the query by our NZ activists (particularly in Amritsar division), they were told that such instructions were issued by the Zonal Office. We asked the ED whether CO has issued any such instructions. We also queried whether the management considered the programmer in the branch to be redundant? If so, why were the vacancies in the cadre of programmers were being notified? Why were the applications for change in cadre from programmer to administration being turned down? Whether this was applicable only to PG1 or also applicable to PG2? ED said that there were no such instructions from the CO & agreed to look into the matter.

NOINO will continue to follow-up all the pending issues.