Tuesday, October 20, 2015

NOINO suggests improvements in Wage Revision

Today, i.e. on 20th October 2015, a NOINO delegation consisting of Shri Ganesh Kamath, Chief Advisor, NOINO; Smt Trupti Bramhe, All India EC member; Smt Neeta Prabhavalkar, All India EC member; Smt Saroj Kurdukar, WZ EC member; Shri Surendra Chitnavis, Asstt Treasurer, NOINO Mumbai unit met the ED(P) Shri Niraj Aggarwal & submitted a letter containing 41 issues on which we demanded improvements/gave suggestions.

Due to paucity of time, all issues could not be discussed during the Individual discussions on 16th October. Hence, we submitted the letter today.

We said that as far as the wage-proposal is concerned, it was acceptable to us provided our suggestions/demands on improvements in the allowances & other issues were considered favourably. Full text of the letter will be put shortly (on receipt from headquarters). Salient points are given now.

We specially stressed on the following points:-

1. Improvement in HRA & CCA.
2. Improvement in Transport Allowance.
3. Increase in Special Area Allowance.
4. Increase in North-East Education Allowance.
5. Increase in Conveyance Allowance for Handicapped employees.
6. Anomaly after computer increment.
7. Protection of pay on posting on promotion from CCA centres to non-CCA centres.
8. Increase in time-scales for stagnated employees.
9. No curtailment of leave after introduction of 5-day week & only proportionate increase in working hours.
10. Delinking of Stagnation Increment to performance & treating it as deferred NGI.
11. Allowance for professional/technical qualifications to officers.

The ED assured that the management would explore ways & means for improvement in allowances & said that they would strive to fulfill the expectations after talking to the concerned authorities. The Personnel officials are likely to visit Delhi, very shortly to press for the improvements.

It was also informed that the management would strive to notify the wage-revision as early as possible.

Friday, October 16, 2015

LIC Wage Revision - Individual discussion with NOINO

After the joint session in the morning, NOINO had separate discussions with the management on wage-revision & other allied issues. The Management was represented by Shri Niraj Aggarwal, ED(P); Shri Prakash Chand, Chief(P); Shri Judhajit Sen, Secretary(ER) & other officials of the Personnel department.
In addition to the three representatives in the Joint session, NOINO was represented by Shri Pulak Dey, All India Working President; Shri Vishwas Shastri, All India Organising Secretary; Shri Ganesh Kamath, Chief Advisor; Shri Sanjay Ramdasi, All India Treasurer, Shri Ketan Purandare, All India EC member; Smt Neeta Prabhavalkar, All India EC member; Smt Saroj Kurdukar, WZ EC member; Shri Brahmesh Hardikar, WZ EC member.
The following points were discussed/raised:-
1. We submitted that apparently the offer was good considering the circumstances & would give our considered opinion after studying the proposal in detail. 
2. Running scales/Increase in time scale/Grade Pay:- We submitted that due to stagnation & limited opportunities in promotion, running scales were the need of the hour. The management said that it was not feasible. We also insisted that at least there should be increase in Time scale. On this, the management responded positively & said that they would consider doing it in the cadre where there were maximum stagnations. It was not positive on Grade Pay.
3. No ceiling on HRA/CCA limit:- Management said that it was not feasible since from the total outlay, maximum amount has been adjusted towards increase in Basic Pay.
4. Allowance for professional/Technical qualifications:- Management was positive on the same & said that this issue was under active consideration.
5. Increase in Transport allowance:- We demanded Petrol Re-imbursement. Management was not positive. Thereafter, we demanded increase in Transport Allowance to at least 2000. Management said they would examine the issue. 
6. Cash Medical benefit:- We demanded that the benefit should be equal to all to the tune of Rs 25000. Management said they would examine the issue.
7. Protection of Salary on promotion on posting from CCA centre to non CCA centres:- Management seemed to be positive on this issue & noted the point.
8. In-charge allowance:- We once again demanded In-charge allowance. Management seemed positive on this issue & noted this point.
9. One more option for pension:- We expressed our bitter disappointment over the failure to achieve success on this issue. Management assured that this issue was not closed from their side & they would continue to pursue it.
10. PLLI:- We inquired about the status. Management replied that it was pending for sanction with the government & also said that it would be granted on the current pay-scales instead of old pre-revised scales. This would result in substantial increase in the PLLI. We stressfully reiterated our earlier demands of uniform PLLI for all & simplification of parameters. After our insistence, Management agreed to examine the issue of uniform PLLI.
11. Anamoly after computer increment:- This demand has been raised by NOINO since long. The management replied that the demand was genuine; however, the concerned authorities in the Finance department were not positive on this.
12. 5 days week:- We enquired about the implementation part. The management replied that increase in working hours & curtailment in leave may possibly be in the mind of the government if we demand parity with GIC. We strongly resisted any curtailment of leave & only proportionate increase in working office hours. Management said that they would discuss the modalities with the Government & then discuss with the unions.
13. Increase in PL to 300 days:- Management said that it was considering to increase it to 270 days.
14. Encashment of PL:- We demanded increase in encashment of PL to 30 days in a block of two years. Management said that it would examine the issue.
15. Acceptance of cash not beyond cash hours;- We gave the example of a bank which recently issued a circular prohibiting the acceptance of cash beyond working hours. We stated that the cash hours & working hours were the same in Banks, hence this principle should be applied in LIC too to avoid Late sitting to some extent. Management said that it will examine the issue.
16. Restriction of timings of enquiry:- Management has noted this point.
17. Group Insurance Scheme for all outstanding loans & advances:- Management was positive on this issue & noted this point.
18. Child care leave/Sabbatical leave :- Management said that this issue was under active consideration.
19. Increase in Housing Loan:- Management was positive on this issue & said that Housing Loan would increase manifold.
20. Technical allowance to be considered for fixation on promotion from development officer to ABM(S) :- Management has noted this point.
21. LTC:- We demanded simplification of rules; encashment & airfare for Class I officers; Benefit to both Husband & Wife working in LIC. Management said that they were examining all these issues with a positive frame of mind.
22. Timely Settlement of wage-revision:- We submitted that every time wage-revision is settled with a considerable delay. We demanded that the talks on wage-revision should commence before it is due & should be settled in time.

NOINO will continue to pursue the pending issues.

LIC Wage Revision - Joint Session Reporting

As scheduled, the discussions on Wage-revision were held today, i.e. on 16th October 2015 at Mumbai. The management was represented by the Chairman Shri S K Roy, all the three Managing Directors & the officials of Personnel department.
NOINO was represented by Shri Dattaraj Prabhukhanolkar, All India GS, NOINO; Shri Y N Murthy, All India Joint Secretary, NOINO; & Shri R Dhayalan, Zonal Secretary, NOINO SZ unit.
The Chief(Personnel) Shri Prakash Chand took stock of the situation. He lauded the role of the Chairman & our MD Smt Usha Sangwan in the wage-revision issue.
Thereafter, Smt Usha Sangwan, Managing Director spoke. She stressed on the need of a better professional approach; setting higher benchmarks in customer service etc.
Thereafter Shri V K Sharma, Managing Director, spoke. He stressed on the importance of agency retention. He also spoke on the issues of Market Share of LIC & the growth of New Business.
Shri S B Mainak, Managing Director expressed concern over the reduction in accounting surplus.
Thereafter, the Chairman spoke. The Chairman in his speech covered the following points:-
** We all have put our best efforts during these hard times & expressed confidence that this teamwork will help facing the future challenges
** Only thing permanent is ‘Change’
** Degrowth of 41% in policies & 10% in FPI as on 31.3.2015
** Achievement to budget was only 55% on policies & 82% on FPI.
** Total income crossed 4 lakh crore; Asset base crossed 20 lakh crores
** Claim settlement 99.77% as on 31.3.2015.
** Adoption & use of technology is the need of the hour
** Transfer & Mobility policy & Biometric Authentication (for eFEAP) to be applicable from 1st April 2016.
Thereafter the ED(P) gave the wage-proposal. Following are the salient features of the proposal(for Class I Officers):-
• Rise of 13.5% in Basic Pay after 100% Merger of DA in old Basic as on 1.8.2012.
• Rate of DA 0.10%(Old---0.15%)
• HRA---A Class cities---10% of Basic Pay. Maximum 5200; B Class----8%. Maximum 4320; C Class---7%. Maximum 4200.
• CCA—A Class cities---3% of Basic Pay. Maximum 1275; B Class----2.5%. Maximum 1210; C Class---2%. Maximum 930.
• Transport allowance—1300(Old 800).
• Cash Medical Benefit—upto Basic 60165---- 13000; above 60165-----19440.
• PG 1 Allowance—1120(Old 680)
• Audit allowance---1405(Old 850).

The Joint Session ended there.
The reporting of the Individual session with NOINO is being done separately.

LIC wage-revision: update-3

Highlights of Cl I Officers' Wage Revision :
1. DA from 0.15% to 0.10%
2. HRA: Max.
A Class city(10 % ) - from 3200/- to 5200/-
B class city(8%)- from 2700/- to 4370/-
C Class city(7%)- from 2600/- to 4200/-
3. CCA: Max.
A Class city(3%)- from 800/- to 1275/-
B class city(2.5%)- from 760/- to 1210/-
C Class city(2%)- from 590/- to 930/-
4. Transport Allow:
From 800/- to 1300/-
5. Cash Medical Benefit:
From 8000/- to13,000/-
From 12000/- to 19440/-
6. PG 1 Allow: 680/- to 1120/-
7. Audit Allow: 850/- to 1405/-

LIC wage-revision: update-2

LIC wage-revision: update-1

LIC management offered 13.5% rise on Basic Pay after DA merger as on 01.08.2012. Net rise will come to much higher in percentage.

Management also offered 5 days' week. Further details awaited.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

LIC Wage Revision - Management calls Unions, Agitation Suspended

LIC management has called NOINO and all joint front constituents for final discussion on wage revision. The talks are at Mumbai on 16th & 17th October 2015.

In view of above invitation for talks, it has been decided by all constituent unions in Joint Forum to suspend the current agitational programmes (including strike action on 14th October 2015).

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Unions' meeting concludes

The Joint Forum of unions in LIC met today the 29th of September 2015 at Pune and decided the following programme of action to realise satisfactory wage revision and one more option for pension:
1) Lunch hour demonstrations 6th and 13th October, 2015.
2) ONE DAY STRIKE ON 14th October, 2015.
3) Lunch hour demonstrations on 16th & 18th November, 2015.
4) TWO DAYS strike on 19th and 20th November 2015.
Please note that the earlier call of no work after office hours continues.
Further details are awaited.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Directives to NOINO office-bearers & members

1. Kindly note that from tomorrow, we are embarking upon the badge wearing programme. NOINO divisional units will co-ordinate with other unions locally in this matter. 

2. The agitation of 'no work outside office hours' will also continue as it is.

3. Though there is no boycott on Insurance Week celebrations, the participation should be restricted strictly within office hours.

4. Kindly also note once again that NOINO is not participating in the general strike on 2nd September 2015.

NOINO not participating in strike on 2nd September

As per decisions taken by NOINO Central Committee, NOINO will not participate in the general strike on 2nd September 2015 - the call given by different trade unions of the country.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


As per earlier decided schedule, the Joint Forum of Unions met at Mumbai on 19th August, 2015 and decided the following programme of action:


2. 1st September to 7th September - Badge Wearing.

3. 9th September to 19th September - Signature campaign among officers & employees (by holding general body meeting in all offices) on memorandum addressed to the Finance Minister. 

4. 23rd September - Sending the signatures obtained from the employees and the officers to the Finance Minister by the Divisional Units.

5. The Joint Forum of Unions will be meeting again on 29th September at Pune to chalk out further programme of action including Strike action.

Friday, August 7, 2015

NOINO delegation meets Amit Shah & Arun Jaitley

Continuing its efforts, on 5th August 2015, a NOINO delegation led by Shri Prakash Javadekar, Union Minister & President NOINO met  Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley to break deadlock on wage revision and one more option for pension.

The delegation consisted of Shri Ganesh Kamath, Chief Advisor;  Shri Dattaraj Prabhukhanolkar, General Secretary; Shri  S. K. Saini, EC member & Shri Yashpal Singh, Zonal Secretary, NZ unit.

Meeting was essentially an attempt to break the stalemate on the wage revision & the pension option issues. We have expressed emphatically that LIC employees deserve a wage revision that is commensurate with its paying capacity. We firmly expressed our opposition to our linking with the banking industry. Jaitleyji patiently heard us & assured to look into the matter. The delegation also submitted memorandums on the issues of 5 days' week & anomaly after computer increment.

The delegation also met Amitji Shah, President BJP once again (after our meeting on 9th July) as in the previous meeting he had invited us to Delhi for further talks. We once again urged Amitji to ensure the delinking of LIC from the Banking Industry as also to reign in the bureaucrats who were scuttling the just demands of LIC employees.

NOINO will continue to make efforts to resolve the pending issues of the LIC employees. We also appeal to all the employees to follow all the agitation programmes given by the joint front.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Letter to the Chairman on 1st August

As per decision taken in the joint-front meeting on 28th July 2015, the unions wrote the letter (jointly) to the Chairman on 1st August 2015. The letter is reproduced below which is self explanatory:

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Joint Forum of Unions in LIC met at Mumbai today the 28thJuly, 2015 and decided to observe the following programme of action to realise Wage Revision and one more option to join 1995 Pension Scheme.

1. 01.08.2015 : Letter to the Chairman signed by unions to commence wage negotiations and settle the same to the satisfaction of employees.

2. 05.08.2015 : Lunch hour demonstrations before all offices.

3. 12.08.2015 : Lunch hour gate demonstrations and NO WORKING AFTER OFFICE HOURS from this date.

4. 19.08.2015 : Lunch hour demonstrations.

On 19th August the Joint Forum of Unions will meet at Mumbai again to decide further programme of agitation with a perspective of 1 day strike and intensification of agitational programme thereafter.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Joint Front meeting tomorrow, 28th July 2015

The unions of Joint Front in LIC are meeting tomorrow i.e. 28th July 2015 at Mumbai to discuss future course of action to achieve a respectable wage-revision and other allied matters.

It is worth mention that unions had decided to postpone the 8th July strike on request of LIC management and hoped a positive talk in July itself which did not occur.

Tomorrow’s meeting is in this background.

Friday, July 10, 2015


A NOINO delegation led by Shri Prakash Javadekar, Union Minister & President, NOINO met Shri Amit Shah, President, BJP yesterday i.e. 9th July evening at 4.10 pm at Bandra, Mumbai. Shri Javadekarji was accompanied by Shri Ganesh Kamath, Chief Advisor, NOINO & Shri Ketan Purandare, All India EC member, NOINO.

The delegation basically drew Shri Shah's attention to two points – viz. delinking of Insurance Industry from that of the Banking Industry, particularly with regards to wage-revision & the attitude of the officials in the Finance Ministry who were blocking the legitimate demands of LIC employees. We urged him to intervene in this matter.

The delegation also handed over a memorandum which contained our demands relating to:-

1. Wage revision commensurate with LIC’s paying capacity,
2. One more(final) option for pension,
3. 5 days week (all Saturdays & Sundays off), and
4. Anomaly after computer increment.

Shri Amit Shah listened to us patiently. He recalled his association with LIC when he was a crorepati agent. He also assured the delegation to look into the issues raised by it.

NOINO will continue to follow-up the pending issues at all levels.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

NOINO meets ED(Personnel)

A NOINO delegation led by Shri Dattaraj Prabhukhanolkar, GS and Shri Ganesh Kamath, Chief Advisor met Shri Neeraj Agrawal, ED(Personnel) on 6.7.2015. Smt. Trupti Brahme and Smt. Neeta Prabhavalkar, both NOINO EC members were also present.

We discussed following issues along with particular individual cases.

1. One more option for pension :- We once again raised this issue & enquired about the status of this long-pending demand repeating all our arguments in favour of settlement of the issue. ED said that till now the management was NOT successful in convincing the concerned authorities but would continue its efforts.

 2. Wage revision :- We conveyed the resentment & frustration prevailing  in the minds of all (officers and) employees due to delay in the negotiations. We appealed management to expedite the talks and come with proposal as per expectations of the employees.

We also opposed the linkage of our wage-revision with that of Banks and reiterated our demand to pay as per paying capacity of LIC.

ED promised to once again take up the issues with Govt of India for early negotiations & settlement.

3. Anomaly in fixation after computer increment :- NOINO is the only union who has been raising this issue and following up the same vigorously. The details were discussed and ED assured to look in this issue and address it in near future by whatever possible means.

4. Five days' week :- We once again raised the voice of all employees to implement 5 days’ week (ALL SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS OFF) in LIC. It was brought to the notice of the management that other insurers(GIC) enjoy this benefit since long. ED assured to pay attention on it favourably.

5. Sabbatical/ Child care leave ;- We once again raised this issue. ED has assured to put up this before the Board and get it approved at the earliest.

NOINO assures to follow up the issues regularly and force management to take decisions in favour of employees. It also appeals to all employees to co-operate & participate whole-heartedly in the Joint Front programmes.

Monday, July 6, 2015

NOINO completes 13 yrs of existence – memories invited

NOINO was formed on 29th June 2002. As such, with the close of 28th June 2015, NOINO completed 13 years of a very purposeful existence.

Dear office bearers, activists and members of NOINO; many of you might have been with NOINO since inception. Some of you may have joined later.

On this occasion, we invite articles from you. We intend to compile & publish these depending on the response. You may write something about NOINO. You may also share your experience.

While sending the article, please take care of following points:

1. The article should be preferably in ENGLISH & not exceeding 20 sentences.

2. The article should be sent ONLY by email in a Microsoft Office Word document as an attachment. The articles should contain the details of the sender {name, designation, posting, post in NOINO(if any)}.

3. The articles should be sent LATEST by 7th July to:

We expect a positive response from you.

Strike of 8th July deferred

As per decisions taken earlier by joint front of unions in LIC, officers and employees were to go on one day strike on 8th July 2015 besides other agitational programmes to secure a good wage revision and one more pension option.

On 29th June 2015, LIC management wrote to unions requesting them to withdraw the July 8 strike as they (the management) were making all out efforts to get the approval of the government for an early and satisfactory wage settlement.

The unions considered the request of the management and came to unanimous decision to defer the proposed strike (on 8th July) in view of management's positive response.

The unions will meet again later in the month of July to review the developments and plan for the next course of action.

However, it has been decided to hold demonstrations during lunch recess and submit a memorandum by the delegation of all Zonal leaders of the unions to the Zonal Managers on 8th July 2015 impressing upon the need for an early settlement of wage revision and other allied issues.

The joint statement issued in this regard by the unions is reproduced below:

Friday, June 26, 2015

Subscription fees of NOINO raised

As per decisions taken in EC meeting of NOINO at Kolkata on 21st & 22nd June 2015, the subscription fees of NOINO have been raised. The Yearly Subscription Fee is now Rs.400/- per year whereas the Life Membership Fee has been raised to Rs.3000/- one time (earlier these were Rs. 250/- & 2500/- respectively). The new rate is applicable w.e.f. 1st July 2015.

Non-members and existing yearly members may utilize the opportunity to become members and life-members respectively at old rates of subscription fees (250/- & 2500/- respectively) by 30th June 2015.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Joint Front – Programmes of agitation

A joint call has been given by unions to observe following programmes of agitation to press the (LIC) management for early settlement of a reasonable wage-revision and allied matters:

17th & 24th June 2015 : Lunch-hour demonstrations before all offices
1st July 2015 : Badge wearing and Lunch-hour demonstrations
7th July 2015 : Lunch-hour demonstrations
8th July 2015 : One day strike

Vide their joint appeal dated June 10, 2015; the unions have requested all classes of employees to participate in above programmes of agitation very actively and make the programmes very successful so that a decent wage-revision (etc.) and another pension option can be achieved.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Unions in LIC come together

A joint meeting of the Unions / Associations in LIC was held on 14th May 2015 i.e. Thursday at Bengaluru to discuss the issues of wage-revision, one more option for pension and other allied matters. The unions which participated in this meeting were NOINO, Class-I Federation, NFIFWI, AIIEA, Class-III Federation, BVKS, NOIW(BMS) & NOIW. Other unions also joined subsequently.

The meeting unanimously decided to fight unitedly to achieve a decent wage-revision and offer of one more option for pension. It was decided to address a joint letter to the Chairman, LIC on the issues which was written and signed by the participating unions then and there. The unions also released a joint statement on 18.05.2015 requesting all Officers, Development Officers and Employees of the Corporation to participate whole heartedly in the agitational programmes as chalked out by the unions jointly. As per decision, one day strike will be observed in July 2015 preceded by conventional programmes. The actual date of the strike will be decided later on.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

NOINO Protest Demonstration turns into Maharally

The Protest Demonstration called by NOINO on 29th April 2015 at Yogakshema turned into a Maharally as a very large no. of officers gathered to vent their anger against anti-officer policies of LIC management. More than 1000 officers from different Divisions of the country gathered to press the vital demands of officers at large in LIC of India.

As already stated earlier, the demands were:

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Protest Demonstration at Yogakshema on 29th April 2015

NOINO has decided to hold protest demonstration at Yogakshema during lunch hour on 29th April 2015 i.e. Wednesday to oppose anti-officer policies of LIC management and inordinate delay in wage revision settlement.

The main demands are:

1. Withdrawal of unjust guidelines on transfer & posting, unilaterally declared by CO

2. One more option for pension to LIC employees outside wage settlement

3. Immediate discussion on wage revision & early settlement of charter as per paying capacity of LIC

4. Five days’ week

5. Large scale recruitment of class 3 & 4 employees to be made immediately

Officers are requested to gather in large number to oppose anti-officer policies of LIC management.

Monday, April 20, 2015

NOINO submits protest letter on transfer / posting norms

NOINO submitted a protest letter to the ED(Personnel) today, i.e. 20.04.2015 on the recently issued transfer/posting norms. The letter is reproduced below:


The Executive Director(Personnel),
L.I.C. of India.

Dear Sir,

Re: Norms for Transfers & Postings-2015-16

           We have information that certain norms have been specified vide Instructions dated 8.4.2015 sent to all Zonal Managers. After reading those, we have concluded that the management is bent on implementing the draft transfer policy that had been proposed & circulated to the unions/associations on 24.1.2015. In the subsequent individual discussions with the unions/associations on 11.2.2015, we had raised several objections regarding many clauses of the draft transfer policy & opposed the haphazard implementation of the same. We were given an assurance that the matter will be once again discussed with us & our suggestions would be taken into account while finalizing the policy.

       However, it seems that the management has gone back on its word & has decided to implement the policy which will neither benefit the Officers nor the Corporation. We consider this decision as arbitrary & high-handed. We strongly protest this attitude & demand that these norms should be withdrawn immediately.

      Let us examine some of the ‘norms’ that have been specified:-

  1. No retention on promotion in the same station except for officers aged 58 & above:-. Since this does not specify the cadre, it is implied that this is for all cadres. This is bound to discourage officers from accepting the promotion. E.g. whether an officer of the age 55 will be posted out of station on his promotion as AO? We have time & again made our views clear on this matter. Till now, though there was some displacement on promotion, officers by & large accepted it since the displacement was not out of their bounds (except if it was out of Zone).  We fail to see what would be achieved by such massive displacement. A disturbed mind cannot be effective in work.
  2. Request transfers to be considered after 3 years at a station for male officers:-  We strongly differ with this. Request transfers in the case of male officers should be considered after 2 years. In the case of request transfers of female officers, the Zone-wise practices should be followed which have been in vogue till now but not exceeding two years.
  3. Officers working in ZO/DO for more than 5 years to be transferred from their positions/departments:- We have made our views clear on this subject too. Transfer just for the sake of transfer will not help. No purpose will be served by this. We strongly oppose this move.

  These are only some of our objections. The point is that without discussing with the unions/associations this policy is sought to be implemented. We strongly protest this & once again demand to withdraw such instructions immediately.

Dattaraj Prabhukhanolkar

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Circular on NOINO's meeting with FM on 13th April 2015



NOINO delegation led by its President & Union minister Shri Prakash Javadekarji met Union Finance minister Shri Arun Jaitley on 13.4.2015. He was accompanied by All India GS Shri Dattaraj Prabhukhanolkar & senior NOINO leader Dr. S.B. Sharan.

The delegation pointed out the inordinate delay in settlement of wage revision & also insisted that the wage revision should be according to the paying capacity of LIC. Jaitleyji discussed the issue in detail with our delegation. He inquired about the minimum percentage rise that we expect.

We apprised him about our legitimate demand of 40% rise to LIC Class I Officers. We also briefed him in nutshell the capacity of LIC management to pay the desired wage rise.  While discussing Shri Jaitley mentioned that Banks had been given 15% rise, so, 40% or like that would not be possible. He enquired the percentage of increase in last wage revision and showed indications of thinking somewhat nearer to that. We clarified that the wage-revision in the Banks has been finalized at 15% which is on salary slip components only. This does not take into consideration the retirement & other benefits which were being considered while giving any offer till the previous wage-revision. If these are added, the total goes up to 21 to 22%.  LIC has performed far better than others in the teeth of stiff competition and hence we deserve much more than the banking industry.

The Finance minister listened to all our arguments positively. We expect favourable results soon.

We also strongly insisted on the demand for one more (final) option for pension & also that it should be settled outside wage revision. This demand was also viewed seriously by Finance minister and Javadekarji emphasized that a small few percentage of employees & officers have remained to opt for pension option. LIC management has shown their interest in settling this demand.

Shri Arun Jaitleyji has assured to look into these issues positively and also insist management to start the discussions for wage settlement immediately.

NOINO will continue its efforts till the legitimate demands of employees are met.

 Dattaraj Prabhukhanolkar

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

NOINO meets ED(Personnel)

A delegation of NOINO led by its Working President Shri Pulak Kumar Dey met ED(Personnel) Shri M R Kumar today. The Working President was accompanied by Shri Ganesh Kamath, Chief Advisor; Smt. Trupti Bramhe & Smt. Neeta Prabhavalkar, both All India EC members.

It was a courtesy visit by our Working President who is based at Kolkata. However, wage revision and allied matters were discussed briefly. The delegation also apprised ED(P) regarding NOINO’s meeting with Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley on 13th April 2015.

The delegation requested for early resumption of wage-revision talks as also allowing one more option for pension. The ED(P) replied that wage-revision talks would resume after the current promotion-transfer round was over. He further informed that the management was following up these issues (including one more pension-option) with concerned authorities.

NOINO will continue to pursue these matters.

Monday, April 13, 2015

NOINO delegation meets Finance Minister

A NOINO delegation led by its President & Union Minister Shri Prakash Javadekar met Union Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley today i.e. 13th April 2015. Shri Javadekar was accompanied by NOINO’s General Secretary Shri Dattaraj Prabhukhanolkar and senior leader Dr S.B.Sharan.

The delegation submitted a memorandum pointing out the inordinate delay in settlement of wage revision and requested for early settlement. The delegation insisted that the wage revision in LIC should be according to the paying capacity of the Corporation.

The delegation also submitted a separate memorandum demanding one more option for pension. NOINO strongly insisted that this option be given separate from wage revision.

Shri Jaitley was positive in his responses on both issues and assured to look into these.

The NOINO President also discussed with the Finance Minister other miscellaneous issues related to the industry.

NOINO will continue its efforts till the legitimate demands of employees are met.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

NOINO writes to ED(P) on working on holidays etc.

NOINO today wrote to ED(P) demanding compensation for late sitting and working on Sundays & holidays. The letter is reproduced below:

7th April, 2015

The Executive Director (Personnel)
Central Office,

Respected Sir,
                        Sub: Late sitting & working on Sundays & holidays

            You are aware that for the last several years, late sitting as well as working on Sundays & Holidays have become a regular feature in our Corporation. NOINO has been demanding for regulated hours of working since long. We have suggested some measures to curb this menace on one hand & have also suggested certain measures to compensate for such late sitting & working on Sundays & Holidays. We have also drawn your attention to the security issue while working late in the office as well as travelling back home at unearthly hours. We regret to say that precious little has been done to recognize & address this problem which affects the family life & the mental/physical health of the officer/employee.

To some extent, one can understand the need for such late-sitting as well as working on Sundays & Holidays at the time of year-end closing. However, it should not be the case for almost all the year. There is no compensation whatsoever to the overburdened officers. Adding fuel to the fire is the browbeating & arm-twisting tactics adopted in many divisions to compel the officers to attend even on Festivals of religious importance.

Two recent instances can be quoted. A large part of the country celebrated Hindu New year (known by several names according to the region) on 21st March 2015. However, the officers were threatened in some divisions saying that if they don’t attend the office on this day, they should give it in writing and/or talk to the SDM of the division. The petrified officers had to fall in line against their wishes. We strongly protest such tactics which are also an affront to our religious beliefs as we are not allowed to celebrate.

The officers were also called on Sunday, 5th April 2015 for DCB closing (for submission). Then again they were asked to report on time on the next day, i.e. Monday to complete further regular jobs. Such type of work without respite or relief is dangerous. However, our officers have endured it for the cause of the Corporation. They should be compensated & rewarded for it.

We, therefore, demand that compensation worth overtime should be paid to all the officers who have worked late & on Sundays & Holidays. We request you to issue immediate instructions in this regard.

Yours faithfully

Dattaraj Prabhukhanolkar