Saturday, December 31, 2011

Signature campaign dates extended

Signature campaign for one more pension-option was scheduled for 20th December to 31st December 2011. The collected signatures were to be submitted to respective authorities on 2nd of January 2012.

There were requests from almost all Zones to extend the closing and submission dates in view of the volume of works which are left to be done.

As such, it has been decided to extend the campaign period till 10th of January. The signatures will be collected till 10.01.2012 and these will be submitted to the respective authorities (as per our earlier circulars in this regard) on 11.01.2012.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Consumer Price Index

As per latest Consumer Price Index (199) increase in DA (Provisional) will be by 23 slabs. Final figure will be known on 31-01-2012 for DA increase w.e.f. 1st February 2012.


             A NOINO delegation met Managing Director Shri A K Dasgupta on 30.12.2011 to discuss the issues concerning Class I Officers as also other pending issues. The delegation consisted of Shri Ganesh Kamath, GS, NOINO; Shri Manish Patankar, President, NOINO, Mumbai & Shri Dattaraj Prabhukhanolkar, GS, NOINO, Mumbai. The following issues were discussed:-           

  1.   One more pension option: - We once again raised this demand & enquired about the status. MD replied that currently no steps were being taken to raise this issue with the Government though the issue was already with the Government. He did not sound positive about this issue being solved soon. However, NOINO assures all concerned that this issue will be pursued with all sincerity & seriousness at the appropriate forums.  
  2. Batches for promotion: - We pointed out that in the likely batches to be considered for promotion; the 2005 batch of AO’s was not being considered for promotion to ADM. We also pointed out that there were lots of retirements in the coming three years. MD replied that there was a backlog in this cadre & to avoid frustration of the senior AO’s the management has taken this decision. He also replied that the numbers of retirements were also taken into consideration while taking this decision. We have insisted on inclusion of the 2005 batch. We will follow up this issue with the ED (P) shortly.
  3. Issues of Leave: - We reminded MD that we had submitted a letter on 26.11.2010 regarding 4 issues: - a) Intervening holidays between CL not to be taken into account as leave. B) Provision of availing PL to be reduced to minimum of 6 days instead of 7 days. C) Minimum 15 days of availing leave while seeking encashment of PL in a block of two years not to be compulsory. D) HRA to be a part of ‘Salary’ while calculating amount for encashment of PL during service. MD was positive about the PL encashment issue where the condition of availing 15 days is compulsory as of now & said that a decision was expected shortly.
  4. Anomaly after computer increment: - We reminded MD that we had raised this issue several times including during the recently concluded wage settlement. Recently, we had submitted a letter on 20.8.2011 in this respect. The issue is regarding the officers promoted under Clause 1(B) who are fitted to the minimum of the scale at the time of promotion. Though they have been granted computer increment earlier, the effect gets nullified as they are fitted to the minimum of the scale of AAO. Due to this, an officer who has joined after November 1993 is drawing one more increment than those who have joined earlier. This amounts to discrimination. Even in the case of direct recruit officers, the effect of this increment gets nullified when they are fitted to minimum of the scale in the cadre of AO. The management had assured to look into the matter after & outside wage-revision. However, even after 1 year since the wage-settlement, this issue has not been resolved. We pointed out that in an exactly similar situation, the State Bank of India had in the year 1996 itself (i.e a good 15 years back) rectified this anomaly by granting one more increment to all such affected officers including in the cadre of AO’s. We reiterated our demand that the employees who were getting the computer increment earlier and were fitted to the minimum of the scale on promotion should be granted one more increment either from 1st November 1993 or from their date of promotion whichever is later OR One more option for re-fixation should be given for all the affected employees. MD admitted that the issue was genuine. However, he said that since his tenure in LIC was coming to an end shortly, it would have to be followed up with his successor.
  5. Revision in Tea-coffee re-imbursement expenses:-  MD was not positive on this issue.
  6. Sanction of new cars: - We pointed out that the new car approvals for many of the Marketing officers who have already completed five years in marketing are pending for more than 2 to 3 months in many Zones though on an average these cars have run for more than 60,000 kms. These officers are unnecessarily forced to wait for a new car and are running the old cars.  In many cases, the officers have already paid the difference of one time road tax and income tax on perquisite value as informed by the divisional office and new cars are not sanctioned yet. However, MD was not positive on this issue & said that the Zonal Managers are the competent authority in this matter to take a decision.
  7. Meal coupons: We reminded MD about our letter dated 19.12.2011 regarding the problems of encashment of Sodexo coupons regarding: - A) Refusal to accept coupons by many affiliates B) Overcharging C) Compelling to buy products for a minimum amount D) Restricting the type of purchase to a few goods. The management had taken cognizance of this & had a dialogue with the Sodexo management immediately. However, we demanded that instead of meal coupon, the management can explore the possibility of meal cards issued by certain banks with much more merchant outlets or ideally LIC should issue such cards on the lines of credit cards. We had raised this demand vide our letter dated 20.12.2011. MD was positive on this issue & said the suggestion for meal card was worth considering though there were some taxation issues with it.
  8. Problems associated with EFEAP : - We pointed out that the employees particularly in branches were bearing the brunt of the policyholders due to the problems emanating after the implementation of EFEAP. We also pointed out that even where the implementation was done long back, the problems showed no signs of subsiding.  We pointed out that the SSO’s were also affected badly due to this. We suggested that if a direct link of 2 MBPS between SO’s & Divisional Data Centre & PC’s with increased ram of 1 GB was provided the problems would be reduced. MD replied that though IT was not under his purview, the suggestions would be forwarded to the appropriate authorities.
  9. Hike in lease accommodation rent: - We demanded immediate & substantial increase in the lease accommodation rent as there was a steep rise in real estate prices. MD was positive on this issue & said that this issue would be considered shortly.
  10.  Allowance to CA’s & to officers acquiring other professional qualifications: - We submitted that in other institutions like SBI where the CA’s were recruited in Scale II & scale III, they were getting paid substantially more. We also pointed out that the CA’s recruited in the AAO cadre were becoming frustrated due to this & were resigning from LIC. We demanded that a substantial allowance on the lines of Actuarial/IT should be paid. We also pointed out that the officers are not paid anything if they acquire the professional qualifications like FIII after they become officers. We strongly demanded that this injustice should be removed forthwith. MD, however, was not positive on allowances. However, he indicated that some alternate way of rewarding the professional qualifications would be found soon.
  11. Class III recruitment: - We demanded that Class III recruitment should be started forthwith to reduce the burden on the Class I Officers. MD replied that after the recruitment of Class IV, steps would be taken in this direction.
  12. 5 days week: - We reiterated our demand of 5 days week. MD was not positive on this issue.

    NOINO will continue to follow-up the pending issues.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Batches for promotions - 2012

As per information available with us, the following are the likely batches that would be taken up for promotions:-

Promotion to the cadre       Likely batches

ZM (S)                              2007 & earlier ZM(O)'s

ZM(O)                               2003 & earlier DZM/SDM's

DZM/SDM                         2007 & earlier DM's

DM                                   2007 & earlier ADM/SBM's

ADM/SBM                         2004 & earlier AO/BM's

AO/BM                              July 2006 & earlier AAO's/ABM's(S)

Further, those officers who have been promoted to the cadre of AAO/ABM's(S) on or before 31/7/2006 but joined later will also be considered for promotion.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Refund of Housing Loan Subsidy – obtaining Annexure-I

NOINO submitted a letter to Chief (Legal) today i.e. on 28.12.2011 regarding the probable difficulties in obtaining Annexure-I from LICHFL for re-imbursement of subsidy on housing loan interest. The letter is reproduced below:

The Chief (Legal),
LIC of India,
CO, Mumbai
Dear Sir,

Re: Refund of Housing Loan Subsidy – obtaining certificate in Annexure-I

We thank you for taking steps to refund the subsidy amount to employees for the period from April 2010 to December 2010.

As per your circular ref: CO/HPF/738 dated 19.12.2011 employees have to provide certificate from LICHFL or any other Financial Institutions, as the case may be, in the prescribed Annexure-I provided with your said circular for claiming the reimbursement.

While getting the loans migrated to LICHFL under Employees’ Housing Loan Scheme, the employees in general had very bad experiences with the personnel of HFL by & large. HFL officials not only did not cooperate, they also harassed the employees by asking unnecessary requirements.

With these experiences fresh in mind, employees fear, they will again be exposed to mental torture by HFL officials when they will go to them for obtaining Annexure-I.

We, therefore, request you to take up the matter at Corporate level with HFL and get them instructed to cooperate with LIC employees when they go to them for obtaining Annexure-I.

Hoping that you will act at the earliest in this regard,

Yours faithfully,
Ganesh Kamath

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Information sharing meeting of NOINO Pune- 1 & 2

Pune-1 and Pune-2 Divisional Units jointly called a short notice meeting of all members in Pune City to have information sharing with them. The meeting was held on 24.12.2011 at Pune DO-1 office-building after office hours. In all total 40 members were present during the meeting.

The meeting started with welcome address by Shri. H.G. Kulkarni, President of Pune DO-1. He informed the purpose of the meeting and shared his happiness for good number of officers gathered despite a very short notice. He stressed the need of such small gatherings and unity of all officers for forthcoming challenges.

Smt. Anagha Sant then informed the house about the Extended EC meeting held at Delhi. She informed about various resolutions passed in the meeting and importance of each resolution. She also informed the house that the members from nooks and corners of the country were present in the EC meeting, and that was a pleasant experience to see the members from Silchar, Jammu and Kashmir, Kolkata and a good number of members from Western Zone.  She gave briefings of all the proceedings of 2 days and also of the rally held by BMS in Delhi. A need to provide backings to the unorganized Sector by an organized one was also stressed by her.

Shri Sanjay Ramdasi then gave the information about current affairs and issues and NOINO’s efforts to sort out problems of Housing Loan, Sodexo Coupons, its practical solution given etc. He also reviewed the position of “signature campaign” for one more pension option. He informed the mechanism of “subsidy-EMI” through salary in case of housing loan. He appealed to all to give valuable suggestions to charter committee.

Shri D.P.Joshi, President from Pune DO-2 gave new year’s wishes to all and also shared his happiness over the good presence of members. “Whenever possible, we should come together and share even the problems faced by members”, he said.

Meeting ended with snacks and cups of tea.
Members present also expressed their happiness over such information sharing meeting, and expressed a need of the same even branch-wise.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Sodexo Meal Coupon problems - Management takes cognizance

Taking cognizance of our protest letter dated 19.12.2011 enumerating the problems being faced by LIC employees in using Sodexo Meal Coupons, LIC management talked with M/s Sodexo SVC India Pvt Ltd. to sort-out the problems. The ED(E&OS:SBU-Estates) issued a circular Ref: CO/OS/B/MV/PSP/2011-12/10 dated 23rd December 2011 in this regard. It is worth mention that as envisaged by us in our letter dt. 19th December, they are making efforts to include favourite neighbourhood outlets as affiliates.

We thank the management for taking quick action.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


              On 14th Dec 2011 NOINO, WZ delegation met Zonal Manager,WZ Shri R.R.Dash. NOINO delegation was led by Shri V.V.Shastri, Zonal Secretary,WZ, Smt Anagha Sant, WZ Organising Secretary, Shri Manish Patankar, WZ Jt.Secretary and Shri Anil Bhagdikar, NOINO, Divisional President, Nagpur DO. Smt Mini Ipe, RM (P & IR) was also present. The meeting continued for nearly 2 hours. Most part of the discussion was occupied by the issue of transfers & postings of AAO/PG-I. We discussed the following issues of Class-I officers in this meeting:-

1. Transfers of ABMS: We again pointed out that in the recent round of Job rotations to the cadre of ABMS only 6 ABMS were given transfers to their desired places. A few requests transfers of ABMS have not been considered. We demanded that these transfers should be considered forthwith. We have also submitted a list of such officers.  

                        Zonal Manager stuck to his earlier stand and said that since there are no vacancies where these officers need transfer and there are excess numbers of marketing officials posted in almost all divisions in Maharashtra he could not transfer these officers but assured that after March-2012 he would review the situation and accordingly transfer these officers after March-2012 closing. We strongly protested this and said that whatever may be the situation these officers should be transferred to their desired places as they are out of their parent division for more than 3 years.

2. Transfers/Postings of AAO’s:- Since long, NOINO has been taking a considered view on the posting policy on promotion. It has been our stand that on promotion, AAO/AO should be posted in the same division; ADM/DM in the same Zone & SDM & above may be posted in the neighboring Zone. Over the years, a gradual shift in the WZ management’s policy has been seen due to NOINO’s efforts if one studies the office orders of the previous years. This issue was also raised in our meeting dated 29th August 2011 with the ZM. In today’s meeting we merely reiterated our earlier stand. We had brought to the notice of the management that:-
a) The number of applicants for Class I promotion is dwindling year after year. This is as much due to the lack of recruitment in Class III cadre as it is due to the posting policy which insists un-necessary displacement.
b) Shortage of staff quarters is also a factor.
c) As the average age is higher in LIC now, promote employees would like minimum disturbance.
   We reiterated our stand of minimum displacement to encourage promotion & demanded that the promote officers should be posted either in the same division or at the most neighboring division. The Zonal Manager appreciated our suggestions and assured that due care will be taken while postings the officers on promotions, the new promote officers will be posted with minimum displacement.

                        Similarly we demanded transfers of AAO/PG-I who have applied for transfers to their desired places. We also demanded that request transfers of officers who have joined late or were selected in contingency list, as now they have also completed either 1 year in case of ladies and 2 years in case of male officers.

                        On this issue Zonal Manager was convinced but assured to take care of these applications after getting the entire data from the department. He indicated that the management will try to consider applications of those officers who have joined before 31st Dec 2010.

                        We have also requested Zonal Manager to consider transfers of PG-I within one year as last year many programmers were posted in the same division without considering the request transfers of earlier programmers simply for the reason that they have not completed 2 years. Zonal Manager assured us to look into the matter.
3. Transfers of Physically Challenged officers:-  On this issue we informed Zonal Manager that some of the officers who were physically handicapped were posted to remote places n the last round of AAO promotions as a result they are facing lot of problems in not only commuting to their home town but also facing problems at the place where they are posted. We requested Zonal Manager to consider the transfers of such physically challenged officers in this current round so as to rectify the mistake they have committed in posting them last year. We also informed Zonal Manager that at present we are transferring promote Lady Officers to their desired places after one year. On the same lines we have requested to consider transfer applications of those officers who are either facing severe health problems of their own or their family members.
                        On this issue Zonal Manager was positive and assured to take care after getting the data of such candidates from Zonal P&IR deptt.

4. Ill-treatment of Marketing Officials: - We informed Zonal Manager that every body concerned is aware that the entire Corporation is not doing well this year. This is a natural corollary of the prevailing situation in the entire Insurance industry as well as the economy of the nation. We are equally concerned about the situation. However, there is a disturbing trend on part of the senior officials to talk rudely to junior marketing officials particularly the ABM(S) & BM(S). We also informed him that we have been reported with extreme cases of insulting of these junior officials that too in the presence of all by SDM’s of some divisions. This type of attitude is primitive & not going to help. Though we don’t expect the management to treat the habitual non-performers with kid gloves, we also expect the management to behave in a more mature manner. The need of the hour is to encourage the marketing officials, not to demoralize them by chiding them rudely. An overwhelming majority of the junior marketing officials are very sincere in their work. If the whole Corporation is not doing well, then the strategists should also equally share the blame for it.
                               We demanded, that the age-old method of talking tough should be done away with immediately & more humane approach should be adopted. We also demanded strict action against such SDM’s. Zonal Manager patiently heard our say on this issue and assured to look into the matter.

5. Sanction of Car on completion of 5 years: - On this issue we informed Zonal Manager that in the recent past many of the Marketing officials have completed their 5 years of job rotation from the date of purchase of their car by virtue of which they are eligible for purchase of new car. On earlier occasions SDM’s were sanctioning the vehicles of marketing officials at divisional level, but since last few months their applications for purchase of new car are sent to Zonal office for sanction and Zonal office is not sanctioning the car to them.

                        While reacting on this issue Zonal Manager said that they have taken this decision to avoid further complications which were arising due to de-rotation in regular round of promotions/job-rotations and they will give sanction for purchase of new car after March-2011.

                        We protested this and submitted that if the vehicles are not sanctioned by the management immediately, there will be lot of unrest among all the Marketing Officials which will affect the performance of the Zone. We requested Zonal Manager that though the decision to grant 2nd stint of rotation in case of job rotations from Administrative side lies with him and it is his prerogative, but if SDM is fully convinced and is strongly recommending the names of deserving high performers for 2nd stint than they should be given 2nd stint immediately instead of waiting till March. Secondly, by not getting 2nd stint immediately their morale is going down and is ultimately affecting their performance.

                        We have also informed Zonal Manager that in case of officers from Development side, de-rotations are not there in their cases, only once in 2008 Corporation has done some experiment to give administrative exposure to some of the Marketing officials from Development side they were de-rotated, but after that this circular was scrapped and this procedure was not at all followed.

                        Hence we demanded that applications for purchase of new cars of marketing officials from development side should be sanctioned immediately as it is affecting the morale of these officers which in turn is affecting the New Business of WZ.

                        On this issue Zonal Manager was positive and assured us that depending upon the merits of the case vehicles can be sanctioned before March-2012 and also gave instructions to RM(P&IR) immediately to talk with all SDM’s in this regard.

6. Biased Attitude of Manager (P&IR) DM Nagpur DO :  We reiterated our demand  to relieve Mr.M.K.Joshi, Manager(P&IR), Nagpur DO from his present assignment as being the Mentor of Class-I federation he is acting in a totally biased manner thereby creating lot of problems in the Nagpur Division. We protested this and expressed surprise that a person who is an office-bearer (or a pseudo-office-bearer) in the Union has been continuing merrily with the portfolio of P & IR. We reminded the ZM that in the past we had pointed out to the Zonal Management that the Nagpur management is posting some officers in the division or city on promotion while posting officers who have spent 3 years or more away from Nagpur to remote areas. No action has been taken so far in this matter. We therefore demanded immediate action in this matter.
                        On this issue Zonal Manager assured to look into the matter

7. Other important issues:   Apart from the above major issues we discussed some other important issues, such as Job-rotations to Programmers/Auditors, less no. of officers posted in Satellite offices, Problems faced by officers particularly from Marketing side, who are forced to work on Sundays and holidays by declaring some event marketing on the next working day, considering promotions of candidates who have not accepted promotion last year etc.
                                    On all these issues Zonal Manager assured to look into the matter.

Information Sharing Meeting: We informed Zonal Manager that all the Divisional Offices are holding information sharing meeting for Development Officers & Agents on regular basis. However, all the divisional offices are not conducting Information sharing meeting for all classes. We demanded that information sharing meeting should be conducted for class-I officers at Zonal level & and also at Divisional level.

                        On this issue he was positive and assured that he would take positive steps in this regard.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Prakash Javadekar in RS on LIC (Amendment) Bill

The House reassembled at twenty-one minutes past two of the clock, THE VICE-CHAIRMAN (PROF.P.J. KURIEN) in the Chair.
THE VICE-CHAIRMAN: Now, we will take up the Life Insurance Corporation (Amendment) Bill, 2011.
Shri Namo Narain Meena

THE MINISTER OF STATE IN THE MINISTRY OF FINANCE (SHRI NAMO NARAIN MEENA): Mr. Vice-Chairman, Sir, on behalf of my senior colleague, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, I move:
That the Bill further to amend the Life Insurance Corporation Act, 1956, as passed by Lok Sabha, be taken into consideration.
The basic objective of the LIC (amendment) Bill, 2011 is to bring the LIC Act, 1956 in consonance with the Insurance Act, 1938.
The Bill proposes to provide for raising minimum capital of the LIC from Rs.5 crores to Rs.100 crores to make it in consonance with the provisions under the Insurance Act, 1938, to enable LIC to create a Reserve Fund to be utilised for expansion of LIC's business and empower LIC to make regulations in respect of terms and conditions of the Agents.
The LIC (Amendment) Bill, 2009 was introduced in the 15th Lok Sabha on 31st July, 2009 and it was referred to the Standing Committee on Finance.
The Standing Committee presented its report to the Parliament on 12.3.2010. The Government have accepted almost all the major recommendations of the Committee including raising of capital beyond Rs.100 crores by further amendment of the Act rather than by Government Notification, enable LIC to raise other forms of capital for meeting their working capital requirements, maintaining the sovereign guarantee to the LIC policies and allow LIC to retain the powers of opening new branches while following the guidelines of IRDA.
However, the recommendations of the Standing Committee under Clause 5 pertaining to the distribution of valuation surplus could not be accepted because the provision should be kept in accordance with provisions of the Section 49 of the Insurance Act, 1938 and which is applicable to all other life insurance companies in the country. Presently, LIC is dependent on the financial support from the Government of India for expanding its operations. The funds so reserved will be used only for meeting the expenses towards expansion of insurance business, strengthen solvency margin and also help in fulfilling social sector objectives. Here, I would like to emphasise that the operation of this amendment will be with prospective effect and the existing policyholders will not be affected.
(Continued by 2G/MKS)
SHRI NAMO NARAIN MEENA (CONTD.): Further, vide clauses 8 and 9(i), it is proposed to shift framing of rules with respect to the terms and conditions of the agents by the Central Government and empower the LIC to frame regulations, with previous approval of the Central Government. These amendments would give flexibility to LIC to take care of the professional training needs of the agents and of their welfare, which is in line with the spirit of the recommendations of the Standing Committee. Based on the Report of the Standing Committee, the Government introduced official amendments to the LIC (Amendment) Bill, 2009 in the Lok Sabha on 12th December, 2011.
The Lok Sabha considered and passed the LIC (Amendment) Bill, 2009 with official amendments. With these words, Sir, I commend the Bill to the august House for consideration and passing.

The question was proposed.

 ��काश जावडेकर (महारा��टर्) : उपसभाध्यक्ष महोदय, म�� इस ����ताव को एक नए तरीके से ��प��ट करना चाहता हूं। इशू क्या है? ऊपर से तो मंतर्ी महोदय ने बताया िक केवल पांच करोड़ का कैिपटल है, उसको सौ करोड़ करने के िलए िबल लाया गया है, लेिकन क्या वा��तिवकता यही थी? एक छोटे से िबल के सब-सैक्शन को जब हमने देखा तो पांच-छ: बात�� उसम�� थीं।
अब वे बदल गईं लेिकन एल.आई.सी. के बीमाधारक�� को भारत सरकार की जो एक sovereign guarantee िमलती है, वह sovereign guarantee खत्म करने का ��ावधान उन्ह��ने िकया था। ��ट��िंडग कमेटी की िरकमंडेशन unanimous थी, इसिलए सरकार को ��वीकार करना पड़ा, तो सरकार का इरादा बहुत नेक नहीं था। यह मेरी पहली आपि�� है। दूसरा, उन्ह��ने जो िकया था िक अब एल.आई.सी. के branches कहां खुल��गे, Division Offices कहां खुल��गे, यह एल.आई.सी. तय नहीं करेगा, यह आई.आर.डी.ए. तय करेगा। तो यह िकसको रोज़गार दे रहे ह�� आप? LIC is a professional body, और financial parameters को आप ठीक कर��गे तो यह तो नवरत्न कंपनी है। आप जान-बूझकर इस नवरत्न कंपनी की professional autonomy को िनकालने की बात कर रहे थे, इसिलए उसका भी Finance की ��ट��िंडग कमेटी ने िवरोध िकया और वह आपको मानना पड़ा। सर, तीसरी बात, एल.आई.सी. के सोलह लाख agents ह��, यह आपको पता होगा। आपने जब पहली पॉिलसी ली होगी, तब वह आपने जान-बूझकर नहीं ली होगी। कोई agent आता है, चार बार घर म�� िमलता है, िफर हम एल.आई.सी. की पहली पॉिलसी लेते ह��। एल.आई.सी. की पहली पॉिलसी जब लेते ह��, तो ऐसा काम करके insurance business को देहात�� म��
पहुंचाने वाला यह एल.आई.सी. का agent होता है। उसके िरकर्ूटम��ट, उसके सिर्वस रू��स, उसकी चीज़�� को भी आई.आर.डी.ए. तय करेगा, यह कौन सा regulatory mechanism है? Regulatory mechanism िकसिलए होता है?
अगर वहां कोई ��लेयसर् ह�� और उनम�� कोई झगड़ा होता है तो झगड़े का िनराकरण करने के िलए वह होता है। एक तरह से arbitration का रोल है, लेिकन वे एक तरह से ऐसा कर रहे ह�� िक ��ाइवेट सैक्टर�� को कैसे लाभ होगा और एल.आई.सी. डूब कैसे जाएगी, अगर ऐसा provision आप कर��गे, तो हम यह सहन नहीं कर��गे। इसिलए Finance Committee ने यह भी कहा और इसको सरकार ने भी माना है, लेिकन सर, आज दो बात�� म�� आपके सामने रख रहा हूं। आपको पता होगा, एल.आई.सी. को िजतना भी नेट ��ॉिफट िमलता है, वह जो इनका distributable surplus है, उसम�� से 95 परस��ट बीमाधारक�� का होता है। आज आपने यह बदलकर 90 परस��ट िकया, तो क्या आसमान टूट गया था क्या बुरा हो रहा था? लेिकन अब जब 95 का 90 िकया है, तो क्या बुरा होने वाला है, यह म�� बताने जा रहा हूं। लगता है िक ये 5 फीसदी कम कर��गे, लेिकन 5 फीसदी कम करके क्या कर��गे? वह जो खतरनाक provision है, उसको देिखए। What the law says or now, what the Amendment Bill says is, ninety per cent, instead of 95 per cent, or more of such surplus, as the Central Government may approve, shall be allocated or reserved for the life insurance policyholders of the Corporation.” “Such percentage of remaining surplus as the Central Government may approve shall be credited to a separate account maintained by the Corporation.“ So, the LIC will create one new account and we will put the money into it; five per cent is thus saved.
(Contd. by TMV/2H)
SHRI PRAKASH JAVADEKAR (CONTD.): Then, what will it do? “The funds available in the account maintained by the Corporation under clause (b) of sub-section (1) shall be utilised -- not by the Corporation -- for such purpose and in such manner as the Central Government may determine”.
You are taking away the financial freedom and autonomy of the LIC by adding this provision. This is an insult to our original scheme of arrangement, as far as LIC is concerned. हम�� समझना चािहए िक आज के िहसाब से 5 परस��ट का मतलब हर साल एक हजार करोड़ रुपए होता है और पांच साल म�� वह दो-चार हजार करोड़ रुपए बनते ह��। आप एक हजार करोड़ रुपए का एक फंड अलग बनाएंगे और यह खचर् कैसे होगा, इस बात को एलआईसी तय नहीं करेगी, यह केन्दर् सरकार तय करेगी। इस तरह से जो पॉिलसी हो��डसर् का हक है, उसका क्या होगा? केवल इतना ही नहीं है, उससे competitiveness of LIC is impacted adversely. This is the more serious point. Why are you interested in reducing the existing system? You have  not given, Mr. Minister, any rationale for it. You must say why you want to reduce it. हां, अगर ऐसा कुछ
होता िक सरकार को पैसा चािहए, इसी वजह से हम लोग�� को नहीं द��गे - चूंिक सरकार को बहुत सारा िफ��कल डेफेिसट है, सरकार के बहुत ज्यादा खच�� हुए ह��, इसिलए सरकार को पैसा चािहए, ऐसा कोई कहे और मांगे तो करो, लेिकन आज आप एलआईसी पॉिलसी हो��डसर् के पांच परस��ट िनकाल��गे और उसे अपनी मजीर् से खचर् कर��गे, यह कतई नागवार है, इसे हम कभी सहन नहीं कर��गे। महोदय, आज ��ाइवेट ��लेयसर् से ज्यादा कैपेिसटी एलआईसी की क्य�� है? आज लोग एलआईसी की पॉिलसी म�� क्य�� िव��वास करते ह��? लोग एलआईसी म�� इसिलए ज्यादा िव��वास करते ह�� क्य��िक एलआईसी का िरटनर् उनसे ज्यादा है। ��ाइवेट इं��योर��स क��पनीज़ की ऐडविर्टज़म��ट बहुत अच्छी होती है, लेिकन उनकी ऐडविर्टज़म��ट से एलआईसी का िरटनर् ज्यादा है, क्लेम सेटलम��ट का रे��यो ज्यादा है, इसीिलए लोग एलआईसी की पॉिलसी खरीदते ह��। आप उसकी कंपीिटिटवनेस को ही खत्म करना चाहते ह�� - आज आपने उसे 90 परस��ट िकया, कल 85 कर��गे और िफर 80 कर द��गे! आप ऐसा क्य�� कर रहे ह��? इसका कोई तुक नहीं बनता है। महोदय, म��ने इस संबंध म�� अम��डम��ट भी िदया है। यह एक अम��डम��ट होना रहता है। हम चाहते ह�� िक सरकार इसको भी ��वीकार करे। अगर लोक सभा म�� ��ट��िंडग कमेटी की िरपोटर् के बाद एक तरह से आपने चार अम��डम��ट्स ��वीकार िकए, चार िसफािरश�� ��वीकार कीं तो राज्य सभा की भी एक िसफािरश है िक 95 परस��ट का जो 90 परस��ट िकया है, उसको आप उ��टा करो और पहले जैसे 95 परस��ट हो��डर का रखो। यह हमारी मांग है, इसे आपको समझना चािहए। एक और चीज़ है, वह मेरा ला��ट मु��ा है जो बहुत महत्वपूणर् है। महोदय, अच्छा है िक िचद��बरम जी यहां पर ह��। I am reading clause 6. It says:
“6. In section 37 of the principal Act, the following proviso shall be inserted, namely: ”.
What are you inserting? पहले अलग था, अब उसे थोड़ा बदल िदया है, लेिकन अभी भी क्या है?
“ Provided that the Corporation shall endeavour that its funds are invested in the attractive schemes formulated by it to ensure increased bonus to policyholders while having least investment risk so as to enable the Corporation to play a greater role in economic enrichment of the masses while maintaining its position as a leading player in the market”. चार रोल ह�� -- leading player in the market, economic enrichment of masses, least investment risk and increased bonus to policyholders. इसके िलए ऐसा इन्वे��टम��ट करो, िजससे वह बहुत खुश हो। आज एलआईसी की क्या अव��था है? एलआईसी म�� मई महीने से लेकर आज तक चेयरमैन तक नहीं ह��। जो पहले चेयरमैन चले गए, वे आज एमडी बन गए ह�� क्य��िक उनका कायर्काल पूरा हो गया, लेिकन नए चेयरमैन की िनयुि�� आज तक नहीं हुई। पहले जो चेयरमैन थे, जो अब एमडी बन गए ह��, वे घर म�� बैठे ह��, मई महीने से एक िदन भी वे काम पर नहीं आए ह��
इसका मतलब क्या है? No chairman and no managing director. अगर एलआईसी की यह ि��थित है तो क्या होगा? इसिलए हम�� इस बात को समझना चािहए। आपका इरादा एफडीआई लाने का है, आपका इरादा ��ाइवेट क��पिनय�� को फायदा पहुंचाने का है, आपका इरादा नेक नहीं है, आपका इरादा एलआईसी को उ��टा करने का है, इसिलए हम यह बात कह रहे ह��। सर, इन्वे��टम��ट कैसे करते ह��? आपको याद होगा िक 2जी ��पेक्टर्म म�� यूनीटेक का नाम है। अब यूनीटेक ने वहां पैसा पहुंचाया, सीबीआई कह रही है, यूनीटेक ने जो पैसा वहां पहुंचाया, वह एलआईसी ने कैसे वापस िदया, यह कहानी है, यह ��कैम है।
(2जे-एमसीएम पर कर्मश:)
��ी ��काश जावडेकर (कर्मागत) : यूिनटेक के दो करोड़ शेयर 314 रुपए के दाम से 682 करोड़ देकर एल0आई0सी0 को खरीदने को बाध्य िकया गया। 682 करोड़ रुपए खचर् करके यूिनटेक के शेयर खरीदे। कब खरीदे? सर, जब 2008 म�� घोटाला हो रहा था, जब यूिनटेक से पैसा 2जी के लाभािर्थय�� को जा रहा था, तब यूिनटेक के शेयर 314 रुपए म�� खरीदे और आज उसकी कीमत क्या है? आज उसके दाम िसफर् 44 रुपए है। इस तरह से 640 करोड़ का नुकसान है। केवल एक ��यवहार म�� एल0आई0सी0 को, पॉिलसी धारक�� को, तु��ह��, हम��, सबको यह जो लॉस हुआ है, वह हम�� समझना चािहए। सर, दूसरी भी 2जी की क��पिनयां ह��। डी0बी0 िरअ◌े��टी है। इसके 14 लाख शेयर एल0आई0सी0 ने िलए और ये शेयर 468 रुपए के दाम से िलए। इसका आज दाम केवल 64 रुपया है। लॉस है 60 करोड़ रुपए। अब ओमेक्स तीसरा िब��डर है। उसका भी नाम इसम�� आया। उनके 29 लाख शेयर 456 रुपए के दाम से िलए। आज इसका 145 रुपए दाम है। इसम�� 91 करोड़ का लॉस है।
सर, अंसल िब��डर भी है, इसके 22 लाख शेयर 266 रुपए के भाव से िलए, िजसका आज 26 रुपए दाम है। एल0आई0सी0 का घाटा 55 करोड़ रुपए है।
सर, उस समय िचद��बरम जी िव�� मंतर्ी थे। आर0बी0आई0 सक्यर्ूलर िनकालती है िक िरअ��टी सैक्टर म�� दिरयािदली िदखाओ, िदलदार होकर पैसा बांटो, िरअ��टी सैक्टर म�� इंवे��ट करो। तो एल0आई0सी0 ने बांट िदया, िजसम�� 5 हजार करोड़ इंवे��ट िकया। आज 5 हजार करोड़ की कीमत एक हजार करोड़ भी नहीं रही है। यह 4 हजार करोड़ का ��केम है। अगर इस तरह के इंवे��टम��ट म�� गवनर्म��ट दखल करेगी तो यह िब��कुल देश के साथ धोखा होगा। इसिलए म�� मांग करता हूं ऐसी िखलवाड़ एल0आई0सी0 के साथ मत करो। सर, म�� वहां ऑिफससर् यूिनयन का ��ेजीड��ट हूं। म�� यह कहना चाहता हूं िक आप एल0आई0सी0 के साथ िखलवाड़ मत करो, उसको तुरन्त नवरत्न का दजार् दे दो। उसकी जो एिफिसएंसी ��ोफेशनल है उसको बढ़ाने के िलए काम करो और सरकार उसम�� बाधा न बने। यह जो 95 परस��ट का 90 परस��ट कर रहे ह��, उस पर राज्य सभा म�� सब लोग बोल��गे, जो भी आपको स��स िमलेगा, आप उसको वािपस ल��। इसम�� आप िंजदािदली िदखाओ और वह िदखाओगे तो हम इस िबल का जरूर समथर्न कर��गे, क्य��िक आपने बाकी चीज�� मान ली ह��, एक ही रही है। वह काम करो और गवनर्म��ट का इंटरव��शन खत्म करो। बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद।

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Solutions suggested to Sodexo meal-coupon problems

Further to our letter dated 19.12.2011 enumerating the problems being faced by LIC employees in using Sodexo meal-coupons, NOINO today wrote to ED(OS/SBU/Estates) suggesting solutions to the problems. The letter is reproduced below:


The Executive Director (OS/SBU/Estates),
L.I.C. of India.

Dear Sir,
Re: Practical solution to problems in encashment of Sodexo coupons

          Please refer our earlier letter dated 19.12.2011 on the issue of problems in encashment of sodexo coupons. We had requested you to find a solution to the problems listed in the letter. Based on the feedbacks of our members, we would like to offer 3 practical solutions to this whole issue:-

  1. Actually cash equivalent to the coupon amount can be given to the employees every month. However, this may lead to proportionate income-tax deduction.
  2. Hence, instead of meal voucher, a meal card can be given to all the employees which can be recharged every month based on the file sent by our offices. Such meal-cards are presently offered by many private banks like Axis bank, HDFC bank (Food Plus card), ICICI bank. Following would be the advantages over the meal coupons if such cards are issued:-
  1. The reach is many times more. E.g. the meal card of Axis bank is accepted at more than 40000 merchant outlets in India as compared to only about 4000 outlets in just 70 cities for Meal Vouchers. The ICICI Bank meal card has access to more than 50000 merchant establishments across India.
  2. One time distribution of Cards & monthly reload through an upload as compared to Physical distribution & reconciliation every month which is a cumbersome job. A lot of time & energy would be saved.
  1. We would like to add further that because we are never in favour of having any alliance with or getting services from any Private Institution; we suggest that our own “LIC Credit Card Services Limited” should evolve such meal-cards for our employees.
   There are many more advantages of switching over to meal cards besides those quoted in the 2nd option above. However, according to us, the above two advantages as quoted in the 2nd option above are enough to switch over to these meal cards issued either by LIC or these institutions instead of the Sodexo coupons. These will solve all problems of non-acceptability & it will reduce the operational difficulties to a great extent. Of course, our emphasis is on the 1st & 3rd option.
We expect you to take a positive decision in this regard at the earliest.

Yours faithfully,

Ganesh Kamath
      GS, NOINO

Monday, December 19, 2011

Problems with Sodexo meal-coupons

Sodexo-meal-coupon-outlets have started creating new problems. NOINO wrote to ED(OS/SBU/Estates) in this regard. The letter is reproduced below:


The Executive Director (OS/SBU/Estates),
L.I.C. of India.

Dear Sir,

Re: Problems in encashment of sodexo meal coupons

               This is to draw your attention to the fact that a number of problems are encountered during the encashment of the Sodexo meal coupons. These are:-

  1. The number of affiliates is dwindling by the day. E.g. ‘Magnet’, ‘Big Bazaar’, ‘More’ are some of the affiliates which have either stopped accepting the sodexo coupons or have notified that they would not be accepting such coupons from a later date.
  2. Some affiliates like ‘Apna Bazaar’ & some retail outlets are charging some tax/service charges etc. over & above the M.R.P.
  3. Some retail outlets are asking the employees to ensure a minimum amount of purchase while some are insisting that the whole coupon book must be utilized in a single visit.
  4. Some affiliates are restricting the goods to be purchased on the coupons. E.g. they refuse the sale of sugar on coupons.

        This leaves the employees with limited options. It also creates acute embarrassment and in many cases, they are forced to make unwanted purchases. In some places, now only restaurants (& bars) accept sodexo coupons. We envisage the purpose of sodexo coupons as a buffer against inflation. The employees should mostly be able to fulfill their requirements on household commodities & groceries through these coupons. The above problems will give rise to a situation where the employees will be caught in a web of unwanted consumerism.

       We expect you to take corrective measures immediately.

Yours faithfully,
Ganesh Kamath
            GS, NOINO

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Leased accommodation at Noida & Ghaziabad

NOINO wrote a letter to ED (OS/SBU-Estates) on leased-accommodation at Noida & Ghaziabad. The letter is reproduced below:


The Executive Director (OS/SBU-Estates),
L.I.C. of India.

Dear Sir,

Re: Leased accommodation at NOIDA & GHAZIABAD

             This is to draw your attention to a long pending issue. The officers working in Meerut division & residing in NOIDA & Ghaziabad areas on lease rent are being denied the rent applicable to Delhi Metro. The successive wage revision instructions since 1997 have been very clear in this regard. We also enclose a communication by CO/SBU/estates dated 28.2.2009 which is also quite clear.
             Our representatives in NCZ have met the RM (E & OS) of NCZ & submitted a memorandum in this regard (copy enclosed). The undersigned had also a discussion on this subject with the Chief (SBU/Estates) Shri H S Shashikumar some time back & thereafter with Shri B D Burud, Deputy Secretary. Some of the officers in NOIDA & GHAZIABAD are continuously following up at the local level. However, till date, nothing positive has happened. We have enclosed copies of two such cases.
            We request you to intervene immediately in this matter & ensure payment of the difference to all such officers with retrospective effect.

Yours faithfully,

Ganesh Kamath

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The LIC (Amendment) Bill, 2011 – our efforts & our views



        The LIC (Amendment) Bill, 2009 was passed in Loksabha on 12.12.11 with modifications as (mostly) desired by us. The modified bill, now called “The Life Insurance Corporation (Amendment) Bill, 2011”, also stands passed by Rajya Sabha on 14.12.2011. You are aware that the BMS affiliated unions in LIC viz., NOINO (Class I), NOIW (Class III/IV), NOIP (Pensioners) & BLIAS (Agents) carried out a sustained campaign against the proposed amendments in the Insurance Act, 1938 & the LIC Act, 1956.

 Following is the current position of the amendments as passed in Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha:--

  1. PROPOSED: To raise the minimum capital of LIC from 5 crores to 100 crores that can be further enhanced by notification.

CURRENT STATUS: - The minimum capital has been raised to 100 crores but the further provision of enhancing it by mere notification has been removed & it would require Parliamentary approval.

  1. PROPOSED: To vest powers of opening of branch offices/divisional offices with IRDA instead of the prevalent regulation of vesting this power with the respective Zonal Manager.

CURRENT STATUS: -Instead of ‘Zonal Manager’ the clause has been substituted by ‘decided by the Corporation in accordance to the guidelines by IRDA

  1. PROPOSED: - To distribute 90% of the valuation surplus to the policyholders instead of the existing 95% of the valuation surplus. 5% of the valuation surplus to be credited to a separate account which the Central Government may utilize for any purpose or in any manner that it thinks fit. The remaining 5% will be paid as dividend to the Government.

CURRENT STATUS: - The percentage has indeed changed from 95% to 90%. However, it would be with prospective effect instead of retrospective effect. It has also been clarified that the surplus over & above 90% would be given back to LIC for contingency reserve/solvency margins.
  1. PROPOSED:-  Instead of full sovereign guarantee by the Central Government to all LIC policies, the words ‘to the extent, the Central Government, may determine from time to time’ will be substituted

CURRENT STATUS: - This amendment was not accepted & the sovereign guarantee will remain as it is.

We have succeeded to a large extent due to the consistent efforts taken by us. Following is the reminder of our efforts:-

  1. As per the clarion call given by BMS to oppose the proposed amendments
  2. Met various dignitaries such as Shri Nitin Gadkari, President, BJP; Shri Chandan Mitra, Shri Prakash Javadekar (both Rajyasabha MP’s) & putting our view-point across them. All of them assured that they would help us in this matter.
  3. NOINO/NOIW/NOIP/BLIAS jointly conducted various branch-meetings to create awareness among employees.
  4. NOINO/NOIW/NOIP/BLIAS jointly conducted seminars on 18th & 23rd July in Mumbai, Nagpur & Kolkata on this issue.
  5. Conducted press conference in Delhi on 28th July 2011. Prakash Javadekar, President, NOINO addressed it.
  6. Joint Delegation of NOINO/NOIW/NOIP/BLIAS called on Dr. Murali Manohar Joshi, BJP MP & Chairman, Standing Committee on Finance, on 29.07.2011at Delhi and reiterated our opposition to the proposed amendments.  He informed us that the standing committee was also of the same view & would do everything to stall the bill. There-after Shri Yashwant Sinha was appointed as the Chairman of the committee. Shri Prakash Javadekar, President, NOINO talked to Shri Sinha at length on this issue & reiterated our opposition to these proposed amendments. The Standing committee later rejected all the proposed amendments.
  7. NOINO/NOIW/NOIP/BLIAS jointly met Sumitra Mahajan, Bhagatsingh Koshiary(BJP MP’s) ; Sharad Yadav (JD-U MP); Dr. Bharatkumar Raut(Shivsena MP) on 30.7.2011 to express our views on the subject. All assured active support.
  8. NOINO/NOIW/NOIP/BLIAS jointly conducted a massive Dharna at Jantar-Mantar in Delhi on 1st August 2011.
  9. NOINO/NOIW/NOIP/BLIAS jointly submitted a memorandum in this regard to the Prime Minister, Finance Minister & the Speaker of Loksabha on 1st August 2011.
  10.  On our request, Dr. Bharatkumar Raut (Shivsena MP), raised the issue in Rajyasabha through a special mention on 25.8.2011.
  11. Today also i.e. on 14.12.2011 NOINO President Shri Prakash Javadekar & other BJP MP’s and also Shiv Sena MP Shri Bharatkumar Raut debated fiercely against the unwanted amendments; which were ultimately accepted by the house.

The joint efforts have paid dividends. As expected, the race for taking credit has begun. However, no single organization can claim the credit for the success we have achieved. It is the result of the joint efforts of the organizations in LIC.
We appeal to the employees of LIC to be ready for a sterner struggle to fight the move to raise the FDI in Insurance from 26% to 49%.

(Video-clips of discussions on the issue in Rajya Sabha on 14.12.2011 are available at: )

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Annual GB meeting of Vadodara Divl Unit

REPORT on first Annual General Body meeting of NOINO Vadodara Unit
_ The first Annual General Body meeting of NOINO Vadodara Divisional Unit was held as scheduled on Saturday, the 10th of December, 2011, which was very efficiently anchored by Shri S.S. Kshire, EC Member, NOINO Vadodara Unit.
_ 66 members attended the meeting.
_ Report of the meeting is as under:
o Shri H.C. Shah, Sr DM of Vadodara DO and Shri M.N.Mir, our Zonal V.P. graced the occasion.
o The meeting commenced with ‘Sangathan Geet’ by Shri Ram Vadalkar.
o Thereafter, all the dignitaries were welcomed with bouquets.
o Shri Ram Vadalkar, GS, NOINO Vadodara Unit welcomed dignitaries and members and submitted his report for the years 2009–10 and 2010–11 and thanked all members of NOINO Vadodara for their whole hearted support. He also briefed the house about All India extended EC Meeting which was attended by him at Delhi on 21st & 22nd November 2011.
o Shri M.N. Mir, Zonal VP informed the house about NOINO’s achievements and its role particularly in ‘settlement of charter’.
o Shri H.C. Shah, Sr DM of Vadodara DO conveyed his best wishes to NOINO Vadodara and assured his due cooperation.
o Shri Amit Vaidya, President, NOINO Vadodara informed the house about the NOINO’s various activities; particularly in the interest of Class–I Officers and also in redressing their grievances.
o The Vote of Thanks for the inaugural session was proposed by Shri A.L. Parmar, Joint Secretary, Vadodara Unit.

o The dais was handed over to Election Officer Shri A.H. Vaghela for the biennial election proceedings (for office-bearers for the year 2011–12 and 2012–13). He declared following office-bearers elected unanimously:

  President: Shri Amit Vaidya
  Vice President (City): Shri N.G. Upasani
  Vice President (Mof.): Shri P.K. Soni
  General Secretary: Shri Ram Vadalkar
  Organizing Secretary: Shri N.A. Jambekar
  Joint Secretary (City): Shri A.L. Parmar
  Joint Secretary (Mof.): Shri R.M. Jadav
  Treasurer: Shri S.N. Shah
  Joint Treasurer: Shri B.J. Soni
  Internal Auditor: Shri K.B. Kanojia
  EC Members: Shri R.C. Patel
                           Shri R.K. Shah
                           Smt. C.S. Shejwalkar
                           Shri S.S. Kshire
                           Shri J.M. Parmar
                           Shri R.R. Shah
                           Shri V.J. Pandya
                           Shri Y.A. Padaria

o On behalf of all office-bearers, President Shri Amit Vaidya expressed his gratitude towards all NOINO members of Vadodara Unit for their trust in the office-bearers. He also assured the house that the new team would work with all sincerity and honesty for betterment of NOINO members.
o The Vote of Thanks was proposed by Shri N.G. Upasani, Vice President, NOINO Vadodara Unit.