Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Report on 15th EC meeting of NOINO at Indore

15th EC meeting of NOINO was held at Indore on 4th & 5th June 2012. Total 36 delegates (including office-bearers) from all-over-India participated in the meeting. The proceedings of the meeting are given below:


1.      The meeting started at 10 a.m with Shramik Geet by Shri Vilas Purkar, Vice President, NOINO. There were Vishwakarma Poojan and Deep Prajwalan by the dignitaries on the dais.
2.      Shri Rajiv Kalra, Vice President, NOINO CZ delivered the welcome address. He also introduced the guests at dais. Then, office-bearers of NOINO Indore Unit welcomed the guests with bouquet. Thereafter, there was self introduction by the delegates.
3.      The General Secretary’s key-note address followed thereafter which was delivered by Shri Ganesh Kamath, GS. He deliberated & put forth the views of the organization regarding International matters, National issues and the matters related to LIC Industry. Vote of thanks for the inaugural session was cast by Shri Sudhir Nema, Secretary, NOINO.
4.      The proceedings of EC meeting continued. Shri Ganesh Kamath, GS presented the General Secretary’s report for the period from last EC meeting (21st & 22nd November 2011) at New Delhi to this EC meeting i.e. 4th June. In an elaborate manner he described different activities of NOINO on national level as also by different units all over India. He also stated that during last 6 months NOINO met different authorities of LIC management 6 times, out of which, 3 times with C-in-C, 2 times with MD, and 1 time with ED (P). “Besides these meetings NOINO wrote several letters to the authorities on different issues during this period”, he informed.
5.      Then All India Treasurer Shri Dattatray Aloni presented the accounts for the Calendar year 2011. He also briefed the house regarding various financial aspects. During his session elaborate discussions were held on financial matters. The importance of having the Divisional and Zonal Accounts audited was stressed. It was advised to open Bank A/cs in the name of the Organization at all Zonal & Divisional Headquarters where our Units stand. All the Zonal Secretaries were advised to deposit the affiliation fees for the year 2011-2012 by 30.06.2012 and for the year 2012-2013 by 30.09.2012 with the Central Committee.
6.      Then there was lunch break. After the lunch, Zonal Secretaries reporting started. All Zonal Secretaries present reported on different activities of their respective Zones including (a) total no. of whole-life & ordinary membership, (b) status of affiliation-fee payment, (c) total no. of existing Divl Units and future possibilities, (d) tours undertaken & proposed, etc.
7.      After tea-break, Presentation of Final Charter and Discussion over it started. Shri C.T.Joshi, Chairman, Charter Committee initiated the Charter Presentation and Discussion. Shri Y.N.Murthy, Vice Chairman, Charter Committee presented the final charter prepared. A lively discussion ensued. All the points for modifications were noted and it was decided that the gist of the charter, which would be submitted to the management on 23rd July 2012, would be circulated to all shortly after submission of Charter.

The day’s proceedings ended with this.

There was a meeting of All India office-bearers from 6 p.m. onwards which discussed the matters related to next Extended EC meeting in NCZ and subsequent EC meeting, succession of office-bearers on retirement, Study-class on 13th & 14th August 2012 etc. Following decisions were taken on above matters:
(a)   It was decided in Delhi EC meeting that 16th (Extended) EC meeting would be held at Dehradun in North Central Zone. Since it would be an extended EC meeting, more delegates (around 160 nos.) would be attending this meeting. As such, the expenditure would also be more. To meet the expenditures of this (16th) EC meeting, it has been decided that we shall collect funds through coupons of Rs.100/- denomination each. Our Nagpur Divisional Unit has taken the responsibility of getting the coupons printed and dispatching these to all Zonal Units. A separate communication in this regard is being sent to all the Zonal Secretaries.
(b)   It has been decided that 17th EC meeting will be held at Hyderabad in South Central Zone.
(c)   3 of our All India office-bearers and 1 EC member retired in between our EC meetings at Delhi & Indore. They are Shri Vilas Purkar, Vice President; Shri Navin Choudhary, Vice President; Shri Suresh Sardeshpande, Secretary; and Shri Shyamrao Jawalkar, EC member.
As per decisions taken in last EC meeting at Delhi, successors to these office-bearers were elected. A new post of Organizing Secretary was also created. The structure of Vice Presidents, Secretaries and Organizing Secretary; which came, are being given below:
Vice Presidents: Shri A.K.Lahiri (EZ),
                              Shri S.G.Khapre (WZ),
                              Shri S.G.Elangadi (SCZ), and
                              Shri S.K.Saini (NZ).
    Secretaries:   Smt. Anagha Sant (WZ),
                            Shri S.R.Nema (CZ),
                            Shri Y.N.Murthy (SCZ), and
                            Shri Sibabrata Saha (EZ).
    Organizing Secretary:           Shri Rajesh Dubey (NCZ)
(d)   It has been decided to hold a study-class of activists from all-over-India at Nagpur on 13th & 14th August 2012. Details of the study-class are being sent to all the Zonal Secretaries separately.

The meeting ended at 9 p.m.


1.      The meeting started at 9 a.m. As per agenda, discussion on amendments in NOINO’s constitution was initiated by Shri Suresh Sardeshpande, Secretary. Consensus was drawn and mainly following amendments were adopted:
(a)    NOINO will extend its membership to International Offices of LIC also.
(b)    We shall also have our units in Public Sector General Insurance and Private Sector Life & General Insurance.
(c)     Main office-bearers (WP, GS, Treasurer & Org. Secr.) will not continue for more than 2 terms in a row henceforth.
(d)    Participation in EC meetings will be based on affiliation-fees paid.
(e)    Besides Ordinary and Whole Life members, Honorary Members may be admitted.
More details will be circulated separately.
2.      As per succession-plan, approval of the house was taken for the office-bearers elected in the office-bearers’ meeting conducted in the earlier evening.
3.      Other Organizational matters were discussed by Smt. Anagha Sant, Secretary. She expressed her seriousness over financial discipline within the Organization. She stressed the importance of timely submission of affiliation fees by the divisions to Central Treasury and urged the office-bearers present to be serious on this count as our audited a/cs were being submitted to Govt. authorities and IT returns in the name of Organization were being filed regularly and timely. She also said that there were needs to reach all the members and discuss the relevance of our Charter. “The Divisional Units have to play important role in this” she said. She also motivated the delegates for fund-raising.
4.      Due to paucity of time “formation of media-cell” could not occur. However, the publisher of NOINO news-bulletin, Shri Y.N.Murthy discussed at large his difficulties in publishing the bulletin and suggested several steps to the office-bearers so that the bulletin could be published timely.
5.      Shri Prakash Javadekar, President, NOINO & MP, Rajyasabha reached the venue at exactly 1 p.m. and lunch-break was announced. Delegates took lunch with Shri Javadekar.
6.      After-lunch session started at 2 p.m. There were felicitations of the retired office-bearers, 3 of whom were present. People remembered the contributions & dedication of Shri Vilas Purkar, Shri Suresh Sardeshpande and Shri Shyamrao Jawalkar and requested them to continue their support to NOINO. All 3 expressed their gratitude towards the Organization and shared their experiences as NOINO activists.
7.      After felicitation ceremony, there was concluding speech by Shri Ganesh Kamath, General Secretary. He appealed the office-bearers and activists to be more active and more serious in Organization’s works and requested to concentrate on the basic job of the Organization i.e. fulfilling the aspirations of common members.
8.      The session was handed over to Shri Prakash Javadekar at 3 p.m. for his Presidential address and replying to the queries of the delegates and local activists on various Organizational and Social & Political issues. The hall was full to the capacity to hear Shri Javadekar. A large no. of local activists and members gathered at the venue to hear him.
9.      In his Presidential speech, Shri Javadekar expressed his happiness and satisfaction over spread of NOINO to almost all the areas of the country – to the remotest places like Srinagar & Leh in North and Silchar & Siliguri in North East. However, he expressed that still there was need to work more and enhance the membership. He also fixed target for different Zones. He said that he was always available for NOINO and ready to fight for the cause of Class-I officers of LIC.
10. After the Presidential address, question-answer session ensued. The large gathering bombarded Shri Javadekar with a bundle of questions on different issues related to common people of India as also the working class. Shri Javadekar, as is his wont, answered all the questions patiently & in detail.
11. Earlier, on 4th & 5th June, both days, our meeting was graced with presence of Shri Sudhakar Ektare, former VP, NOIW and Shri Sahasrabuddheji, state-level BMS leader. Both leaders expressed their happiness over decision of NOINO to hold EC meeting at Indore, extended their support to NOINO and also requested the leaderships of NOINO to play vital role in organizing unorganized sectors.
12. In the end, NOINO President Shri Prakash Javadekar expressed personal thanks to the activists of NOINO CZ & NOINO Indore Unit by name – Sarvashri R.O.Kalra, Vivek Verma, H.K.Singh, Shailesh Lele, R.K.Sohane, Dileep Pande, A.K.Jharia, S.M.Munje, S.R.Nema, Naushad Ali Sheikh and all others – for making the meeting a grand success.
The vote of thanks was cast by Shri Shailesh Lele.