Monday, March 18, 2013

Subsidy in Group Mediclaim Scheme – NOINO’s one more demand accepted

      You all are well aware of the continuous efforts made by NOINO for the fulfilment of the just aspirations of the Class I Officers in particular. The diligent efforts & the rigorous follow-up which has been the USP of NOINO have started to give results & the last 5 to 6 years have seen a steady trickle of benefits & achievements for the Class I Officers which was a neglected Class before the formation of NOINO in 2002.

      The latest achievement is regarding the subsidy in Group Mediclaim premium. You may be aware that for all these years, the subsidy given to the Class I Officers in Group Mediclaim premium was 2/3rd of the premium whereas for all other classes it is 3/4th of the premium. Even retired employees (including retired Class I Officers) are given 3/4th subsidy. This was devoid of any logic. In terms of the amount, it may seem insignificant. However, it amounted to discrimination & hence NOINO was continuously taking up this matter with the management. The management saw reason in our argument & accepted our demand. The circular enhancing the subsidy is available at Jeevan Sanchar site ref:- CO/OS/Mediclaim/2012-13 dated 15th March 2013. We thank the management for accepting our demand.

Following is the date-wise list of efforts in recent times:-

1. 29.8.2012--- raised this issue in the meeting with ED(P) Shri M R Kumar.
2. 11.10.2012---raised this issue in the meeting with Managing Director, Shri Sushobhan Sarker.
3. 14.12.2012---raised this issue in the meeting with ED(P) Shri M R Kumar.
4. 28.12.2012---raised this issue in the massive rally at Yogakshema.

NOINO will continue to fight for the just demands of the Class I officers.

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  1. Great news, Please tell when Petrol Allowance is expected.