Wednesday, March 20, 2013


    A NOINO delegation consisting of  Shri Dattaraj Prabhukhanolkar, Resident Secretary, NOINO, Shri Suryakant Gawde, EC member, NOINO, WZ; met Chief(Personnel), Shri T. Mendiratta on 20th March, 2013 to discuss & follow-up pending issues. After taking up certain individual issues, we raised the following general issues:-

  1. Discussions on Charter of demands: - We asked about the current status of the issue and what initiatives management has taken in this regard to settle the wage revision at the earliest. We demanded immediate discussions. Chief replied that the management was waiting for a go-ahead from the Finance Ministry.
  2. One more pension option:- We once again took up this issue. Chief replied that management has taken up the issue several times with the Government. In the light of the continuous representations from NOINO, as also the fact that very few of the employees did not opt for the pension, the management would again take up this issue with the government soon.
  3. Information sharing meeting: - We pointed out that there was no information sharing meeting for more than two years & demanded that such meeting should be convened immediately. Chief said that such meeting would be convened in the near future.
  4. Anomaly after computer increment: - We once again raised this demand & reminded that SBI has settled this issue in 1996(i.e. 16 years back) by granting one more increment to all the affected employees. We strongly insisted that this matter be sorted out before the settlement of Charter. We pointed out that the anomaly was crystal clear & it was a clear case of injustice to the affected employees. Chief assured to look into the matter.
  5. Recruitment in Class III: - We once again raised this demand. We reiterated that the Class I Officers were under tremendous pressure due to lack of staff as they have to perform non-supervisory duties. We also demanded that the recruitment process should not be entrusted to outside agencies. Chief said that such recruitment was under active consideration.
  6. Sabbatical leave for women employees: - We reminded Chief about our demand for sabbatical leave for women employees & said that the banks had already introduced this leave from 1st April 2012. We demanded that this leave should be introduced at the earliest in LIC. Chief assured to look into the demand sympathetically.
  7. Revision in LTC rules and Encashment of LTC: - We repeated our demand to simplify LTC rules & allow LTC encashment. Chief replied that no such proposal for LTC encashment was under consideration.
  8. Petrol expenses re-imbursement: - We demanded once again for re-imbursement of petrol expenses. Chief said that no such proposal was under consideration as of now
  9. Technical allowances for Class I Officers having professional qualifications: - We once again raised this issue. Chief was positive on this issue & agreed to consider this demand.
Later we also again raised the issue of grant of Metro status to Pune city. Though till now there was no development in this matter, Chief (P) assured to look into the matter.

NOINO will continue to follow-up all the pending issues.

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  1. Matter related to stagnation increment not taken up in right is always associated with running scale.which is far from reality in near least duration can be reduced from from 3 to 2 year and cap on number can be removed