Saturday, March 2, 2013

NOINO President raises wage-revision in Parliament

NOINO President Shri Prakash Javadekar, MP raised the issue of (LIC) wage-revision in Parliament yesterday i.e. on 1st March 2013. He was speaking on the need to create conducive atmosphere for the working classes who generate wealth for the nation. Salient points are reproduced below:

1.       He urged the Government to ensure implementation in letter and spirit the five aspects relating to workers spelt out by International Labour Organisation (ILO) – Dignity of Labour; Job and Wage Security; Equal Opportunity; Decent work; and Social Security.
2.       Wage revision is another major issue that is impacting the inflation-battered working class severely. Wage revision in Insurance and Banking Sector is pending. Being the President of LIC employees Union I can tell you that the timeframe of the last wage revision implementation ended in July 2012, however, the Management is not calling meeting for the new wage revision talks. In fact, the negotiation should have been held before the timeframe of last wage revision ended. Same is the case with the Banking Sector employees too, he said.
3.       Highlighting the predicament of the working class, whether in the organized or unorganised sector, he pointed out that the condition of the working class even in the organized sector is not conducive. Now most of the workers hired in the organized sector are on Contract and on wages that are much less than regular employees. Even Government and Public Sector organizations have started hiring workers on contract in the name of “outsourcing”.

‘There is an urgent need to implement the five principles spelt out by the ILO with regard to workers at the earliest…,’ he said.

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