Monday, September 3, 2012

Revision demanded in TE (Tour/Transfer) rules

We have submitted a letter today, i.e. 3rd September 2012 to ED(P) demanding revision in Daily allowance, lodging charges, transfer incidentals etc. The letter is reproduced below:


The Executive Director (Personnel),
L.I.C. of India.

Dear Sir,

Re: Revision in Daily allowance, lodging charges, transfer incidentals etc

       We thank the management for revising the amount of meal coupon from 1st September 2012. We would also like to bring to your kind notice regarding the following issues, where we feel that a substantial revision is overdue:-

  1. Revision in limit of re-imbursement of lodging charges at hotels to employees on official tour: - This limit was last revised on 1st December 2008. Thus, a period of almost 4 years has elapsed.
  2. Revision in Daily allowance for employees while on tour in India: - This limit was last revised on 7th December 2010.  Thus, a period of almost 2 years has elapsed.
  3. Incidentals allowed on transfers are meagre 400/- & 500/- Rupees only and have not been revised since 1986, these require substantial increase.
  4. Packing charges also need revision which has not been revised since considerable years. Further, we also demand that unpacking charges are also required to be paid to Class-I officers.
  5. We welcome the recent revision (on 21.08.2012) in mode of travel (Air travel allowed) on transfers for SDM & above, and also on promotion from DM to SDM. Feedbacks reaching us, suggest that officers desire that ‘20 days’ clause be removed from the circular. It may please be considered favourably.

We hereby demand that the above limits be revised and suggestions be accepted immediately.

Dr. S B Sharan

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