Saturday, April 7, 2012


            On 2nd April 2012 NOINO, WZ delegation met Zonal Manager,WZ Shri R.R.Dash. NOINO delegation consisted of Shri Anil Bhagdikar, Zonal President, WZ; Shri Vishwas Shastri, Zonal Secretary, WZ; Smt Anagha Sant, WZ Organizing Secretary; Shri Amit Vaidya, Vice-President, WZ  and Shri Dattaraj Prabhukhanolkar, GS, NOINO Mumbai Unit.  Smt Mini Ipe, RM(P&IR) was also present. We discussed the following issues:-
 1. Posting policy on promotion: -- We submitted that during the round of promotion from Class III to Class I, we had demanded minimum displacement in posting which was accepted & implemented. We demanded that the same criteria should continue in this round of promotions. Further, in the above referred round of promotion, employees who had already served in Audit/Inspection were not posted again in the same department & were posted locally. We demanded that not only the same criteria should be continued in this round but by the same logic, those officers who were posted outside their home division in their earlier promotion should be retained locally if they are promoted now.

            Zonal Manager assured to look into the matter during the ensuing round of Promotion/Transfer.

 2. Transfers of ABM(S)’s:  On this issue in our last meeting management had assured us to effect transfers of ABM(S)’s after March closing. We reminded Zonal Manager about the same and demanded immediate transfers of ABM(S)’s who have applied for transfers to their desired places after March closing.

            Zonal Manager was positive on this issue and assured to effect transfers of ABM(S)’s after March Closing.

3. Delay in Operating AAO Contingency:  We again protested the inordinate delay in operating the AAO contingency list. NOINO had submitted a detailed letter on this issue on 3rd March 2012. We demanded that the AAO contingency list should be operated forthwith.

            Zonal Manager assured to operate the contingency immediately after March closing.

4. Transfers of AO/ADM/SBM/CM: In the ensuing round of Promotions/Transfers of AO/BM/ADM/SBM/CM we demanded that the request transfers of officers to their desired places after completion of 2 years in case of Male officers and 1 year in case of female officers should be considered. We also submitted a list of all such officers who have applied for request transfers to their desired places.

            Zonal Manager assured to consider request transfers of AO/ADM within two years but he was not positive about the transfers within two years in case of BM/SBM.

            We also pointed out that in last year’s Promotion round many of the promoted officers in the cadre of DM/ADM/SBM were posted outside Zone, as a result of which, most of them were unable to accept their promotions. We demanded that as the Head of the Zone, the ZM should use his good offices with the CO to take care of such   officers in the current round of promotions. We also requested ZM to consider the names of officers who were promoted last year but could not accept the promotions due to their personal problems, as denying promotion would mean double punishment to them.
            Zonal Manager assured to take follow up with CO of such cases.

5. Transfers of Physically Challenged officers: - At present we are getting promotee Lady Officers transferred to their desired places after one year. On the same line we demanded considering the transfer application of Physically Handicapped promotee officers after one year while operating the AAO contingency. Zonal Manager assured to look into this matter.

6. Sanction of Car on completion of 5 years: -   In the recent past many Marketing officials who had completed their 5 years of job rotations were not being sanctioned new cars. We demanded that the cars for 2nd stint should be sanctioned immediately.

Zonal Manager assured to look into the matter after March closing.

7. Biased Attitude of Manager (P&IR) DM, Nagpur DO: -   We again pointed out that Manager(P&IR) of Nagpur Division who is also the Mentor of Class-I federation has been acting in a totally biased manner against members & office-bearers of NOINO. We protested the fact that basically a person who holds a post in the Union should not have been given charge of P&IR deptt. We, therefore, demanded to immediately relieve him of his portfolio.
            Zonal Manager assured us to look into the matter.

8. Targeting of NOINO Activists in some Divisions: We informed Zonal Manager that in some divisions our NOINO activists were being targeted for performing union activities.

    E.g. The SDM Ahmedabad was acting in a biased manner against our office-bearers. After the intervention of Zonal Office, SDM Ahmedabad invited our office bearers but continued to behave in an arrogant manner. We demanded Zonal Manager his immediate intervention & rein in the SDM’s arrogant attitude.

            Zonal Manager assured us to intervene in this matter.

9. Information sharing Meeting:-  We demanded that Information sharing meeting should be conducted at ZO/DO level in order to have a proper liaison between the management and the unions.

            Zonal Manager was not much positive on this issue.
            NOINO, WZ assures the Class I Officers to take up their important issues as and when it is required and will fight to get it solved.

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