Monday, April 2, 2012


       A NOINO delegation met Shri B Manivannan, ED (Personnel) on 2nd April 2012 & discussed various issues concerning the officers in particular & the employees in general. The delegation consisted of Shri Ganesh Kamath, GS; Shri Vishwas Shastri, ZS, NOINO, WZ; Shri Anil Bhagdikar, ZP, NOINO, WZ; Smt. Anagha Sant, Secretary, NOINO; Shri Amitkumar Vaidya, VP, NOINO,WZ; & Shri Dattaraj Prabhukhanolkar, GS, NOINO, Mumbai. The following issues were discussed:-

  1. Transfers/promotions/postings: - We once again raised the issue of the 2005 batch of AO’s not being considered for promotion to ADM. We also pointed out that there were lots of retirements in the coming three years. ED replied that there was a backlog in this cadre & to avoid frustration of the senior AO’s the management has taken this decision. He also replied that the numbers of retirements were also taken into consideration while taking this decision. We also demanded that posting should be within zone in the cases of promotion to the cadre of ADM/DM as there are refusals as well as paucity of staff quarters. We said that the last years’ experience showed that majority of the ADM’s posted outside Zone were unable to accept the promotion & the office did not benefit from this policy. The ED replied that utmost care will be taken while posting the promoted officers. We also demanded that those who were unable to accept promotion last year should also be considered. The ED was non-committal on this issue
  2. One more pension option:- The ED replied that the government has not given the nod for the same. He also said that the cost factor should also be taken into account as due to the new pension scheme, no new contribution was being added to the existing pensioners’ account. NOINO assures all the employees who have not opted earlier & desire one more option that it will pursue this demand to its logical end.
  3. Housing loan--- We reiterated our demand to bring back the staff housing loan portfolio to LIC. ED was not positive on this issue. We also demanded that the Housing loan should be covered by a Group Insurance scheme. ED was positive on this issue & said that it could be examined. We have also pointed out that LICHFL is asking the employees to pay back entire outstanding loan in case the flat goes for redevelopment. ED assured to sort out this matter with appropriate authorities.
  4. Meal coupons---- We reminded the ED about the 3 solutions offered by us on this issue. ED agreed to examine the options. We also pointed out that some affiliates continue to charge 3 to 5% extra, while some affiliates refuse to accept coupons. ED agreed to talk to the appropriate authorities. We also raised an important issue regarding DA on tour & demanded that if journey period expires before office hours or commences after office hours meal coupon should be given for that irrespective of whether DA has been paid for that day or not. ED seemed positive on this issue & said that he would discuss this issue with appropriate authorities.
  5. EFEAP---- We yet again raised this issue & said that the employees everywhere were under immense pressure due to the slowing of system. We also submitted that a direct link of 2 MBPS between SO’s & divisional data centres & PC’s with I GB ram will solve the problems to a large extent. ED assured to take up the matter with IT.
  6. Sabbatical leave for women employees----- We reminded ED about our demand for sabbatical leave for women employees vide our letter dated 17.3.2012 & demanded that this leave should be introduced at the earliest in LIC. ED replied that the management will study various aspects of the matter before taking any decision.
  7. Revision in Ex-gratia re-imbursement for High cost/protracted treatment---We reminded ED about our letter dated 27.3.2012 regarding this issue. We have raised three demands---1) Limits to be revised to 10 lakhs at one time 2)--Full re-imbursement to be allowed---3) Limit of 180 days to be removed for all diseases. ED assured to examine the issue.
  8. Anomaly after computer increment---- We yet again raised this demand & reminded ED that SBI has settled this issue in 1996(i.e. 16 years back) by granting one more increment to all the affected employees. ED assured that the matter will be sorted out.
  9. Revision in lease accommodation rent: - We once again raised this issue & demanded immediate revision in lease accommodation rent. We also pointed out that this factor was also a deterrent for officers accepting posting outside their division. ED assured to look into the matter.
  10. Leave issues---- We reminded the ED about our letter dated 26.11.2010 regarding 4 issues: - A) Intervening holidays between CL not to be taken into account as leave. B) Provision of availing PL to be reduced to minimum of 6 days instead of 7 days. C) Minimum 15 days of availing leave while seeking encashment of PL in a block of two years not to be compulsory. D) HRA to be a part of ‘Salary’ while calculating amount for encashment of PL during service. ED was positive about the PL encashment issue where the condition of availing 15 days is compulsory as of now & said that a decision was expected shortly.
  11. Revision in tea coffee expenses’ re-imbursement :- We reminded the ED that the revision was over-due & demanded substantial increase immediately. ED assured to look into the matter
  12.  Recruitment in Class III :- We once again pointed out that the lack of recruitment in Class III was adding to the pressure on Class I officers & demanded that substantial recruitment in Class III should be done immediately. We also suggested some measures to stop the new recruits from leaving the organization. ED said that a plan has been drawn out for the recruitment & that the process would begin in the recent future.
  13.  5 days week: - ED hinted that if at all the demand was to be accepted then it can be without Saturday-Sunday being holiday but some other (two) days, so that the policyholders would not be at a disadvantage.
  14.  Allowances to CA’s & other officers having professional qualifications :- We yet again raised this issue & demanded allowance or incentive to such officers. ED said that a separate fast track channel for promotion was being mooted to encourage such employees/officers.
  15.  Problems of Cashiers: - We have suggested three solutions in the past----1) Recruit assistant-cum-cashier or 2) Recruit exclusive cashiers or 3) Introduce a cadre between Assistant to HGA. ED assured to examine the issue & said that efforts were being made to solve this problem.
  16. Arrogant & biased attitude of Srinagar SDM: - We once again raised this issue & demanded action against the SDM of Srinagar who was behaving in a most biased & arrogant manner. ED took a serious note of the same.
NOINO assures the Class I Officers to continue follow-up of these issues.

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