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Information Sharing Meeting of Mumbai DO-III

            The information sharing meeting for the year 2011-2012 was held at Mumbai Division-III office at New India Bldg. on 27th March 2012. The Manager (P&IR) Smt. Smita Premkumar welcomed all the representatives of the various Trade Unions and Welfare Associations. Along with Sr D.M., the Marketing Manager and Manager (Claims) were also present in the meeting. Manager (OS) joined the meeting later on.

            The Manager (P&IR) informed that the HRD/OD sessions had been conducted for the employees by Division during the year. Also pre-interview coaching programs for the employees who were pursuing promotion to the cadre of HGA & Assistant were conducted by the Division.

            The Sr. Divisional Manager, Shri Muktesh Chaturvedi welcomed all the Union representatives and put the minutes of the last Information Sharing Meeting held on 29th March 2011. The same were approved by all. The minutes in Marathi were issued for the 1st time and the same was welcomed and appreciated by all the Union representatives. The Sr.DM informed that the Customer Zone of the Division was inaugurated by Zonal Manager on 26.03.2012. He said that the e-feap has now stabilised in the Division III and the other places where the e-feap is now implemented are getting much improved version than what we got earlier. However, since our Division being pioneer and the e-feap being stabilized in our Division, we are in a better position than other Divisions all over India where the e-feap has been implemented now. He also thanked all the employees and Union representatives for the active support given during the hard / teething time of conversion from feap to e-feap. He then requested Marketing Manager to brief about the Mumbai Division III performance in current year.

            Marketing Manager, Shri Purnendu Shekhar informed that “the insurance sector as a whole was going through very tough period. Due to current economic scenario the insurance sector was facing lots of problems in marketing the insurance products. The fact that IRDA had proposed some important changes would make our task further difficult. He informed the house that as on 15.03.2012 our Division had completed 2,38,927 policies with the negative growth of 8% and completed 323.55 Crores of FPI with negative growth of 25%. He also said that our Division was ranked 2nd in the lowest negative growth in WZ. Our target for the current year was 3.5 Lakh policies and 600 Cr. of FPI.”

“To face the tough task the slogan “BACK TO BASICS” has been given. This slogan has 4 activities – i) Increase Resources, ii) Activate Resources, iii) Double the Income, iv) NON Single NON ULIP.  Under 1st activity of increasing the resource, our Division has shown a positive variation of 2% in growth of agents. In Western Zone only two Divisions have shown the positive variation in this area, the other one is Surat. Under the 2nd activity of Active resourse, our Division has activated 90% of the agents during current year. This is a 7% growth over last year. Further our Division is 2nd in All India ranking in producing the MDRT agents. Under 3rd activity of Double Income, the agents are focused on increasing their income. Under the 4th activity, the more focus is now shifted on the selling of conventional plans with non-single premium & non-ULIPs”, he said.

He summed up saying that the above 4 activities were showing good results & was hopeful that our Division would reach near to the target figure if not surpassed.
            Shri Ramesh Tinaikar, Manager (Claims) informed the house that till 29.02.2012 claims for Rs.880 Crores had been settled and till March end the total claims of Rs.1100 crores were expected to be settled. Last year the total claims of Rs.868 crores were settled. He further informed that some initiatives like NEFT & MASH had been taken for quick settlement of the claims. MASH had taken over about 65 to 70% of the SB claims settlement from the branches. He also stressed that our Bench Marks for settlement of claims were higher than the IRDA bench mark and as such the Division always achieved the claim benchmark. He also said that this had been well appreciated by the news papers and media.

NOINO was represented by Shri Ketan Purandare, Smt. Saroj Kurdukar and Shri Prasad Joshi in the meeting. The following points were put forward by NOINO in the meeting.

  1. Opening of new Customer Zone – NOINO congratulated and gave greetings on the opening of the Customer Zone at Borivli. However it was also pointed out that the location of the CCZ was not proper as there were already 3 branches in the vicinity and the purpose of the customer zone was getting defeated due to this.
    The Sr.DM replied that due to some practical difficulties it was decided to open the CCZ at Borivli premises and in due course of time he believed that it would live up to its expectations.

  1. Security in Branch Offices – NOINO again raised the point which was raised in last information sharing meeting also that there was no security provided to the branch offices. In view of the huge volume of cash collected especially during the month of March and that our branch cash counters remained open till late hours; the need of the security was felt. The Sr.DM took note of it.
  1. Problems of Branches 89E & 89H – On enquiry of the position of shifting of branch 89H, Sr. DM informed that the premises had been finalised and the process of approval was on. The Central Office’s approval was required in the matter and when approved the branch 89H would be shifted to the new premises in modernised setup near the Goregaon (West) railway station.
NOINO also informed that the lift of the building was not working since 15th December and PS Deptt. of both the branches being on 4th floor, the policyholders were getting very annoyed.

  1. Problems of Branch 9051 – The problem of heat and dust faced by staff of branch 9051 and the demand to modernise the branch was pointed out by us & also pointed out that the Air Conditioners exhaust fans were creating a lot of noise and were disturbing the mental peace of the staff.
The Sr.DM informed that the modernization of Branch 9051 was under consideration.

    NOINO also submitted a few points which were, though, not within the jurisdiction of DO III management, but demanded that the feelings of the officers be conveyed to the higher office for their due consideration.

  1. Non Acceptance of Promotions especially in the Cadre of ADM – We drew the attention of management towards the fact that 42 officers did not accept the promotion from AO to ADM from 1st round and 8 officers did not accept the promotion from AO to ADM from supplementary round. i.e. total 50 officers from Western Zone had refused their promotions. Of them from Mumbai DO-III were 4 officers and 1 officer from SSS. This was mainly due to their postings to Central Zone.
Due consideration of the same should be given during the current round of promotions, it was demanded.

  1. Delay in operation of contingency List of AAO – We raised that the promotion round of AAO was delayed due to certain reasons and now the operation of the contingency list had also been delayed. We registered our protest on the same.
  1. NEFT – We pointed out that the circular in the matter of payments through NEFT were issued by the higher office without giving due consideration to the facts like feasibility, preparation of ground work. Lots of inconvenience and ire of the policyholders were being faced by the officers at Branch offices due to this. The programs for NEFT were still not ready.
We demanded that the due consideration to the facts related to it and the effect of the same at Branch level should be thought of before issuing such instructions.

After all the points of discussion were put by other representatives, Sr.DM informed the house that during current year stabilizers had been provided to all the branches for printers. This improved the performance of printers. “Our Division has also requested the Zonal Office for switching over from Reliance Energy to Tata. The purchase of new premises for Branch 888 is being initialized. Modernisation of Branch 91C would be done after March closing only”, he added. Being in-charge of RTI complaints, he informed that there were mainly 2 types of queries raised by policyholders – i) To enforce the bench marks that were set, like settling the Claims within particular period etc. ii) Lots of information about employees internal activities was being asked like how many employees went on strike, which Unions have called for strike etc.

The meeting concluded after votes of thanks by Marketing Manager and Sr. Divisional Manager.

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