Monday, July 6, 2015

NOINO completes 13 yrs of existence – memories invited

NOINO was formed on 29th June 2002. As such, with the close of 28th June 2015, NOINO completed 13 years of a very purposeful existence.

Dear office bearers, activists and members of NOINO; many of you might have been with NOINO since inception. Some of you may have joined later.

On this occasion, we invite articles from you. We intend to compile & publish these depending on the response. You may write something about NOINO. You may also share your experience.

While sending the article, please take care of following points:

1. The article should be preferably in ENGLISH & not exceeding 20 sentences.

2. The article should be sent ONLY by email in a Microsoft Office Word document as an attachment. The articles should contain the details of the sender {name, designation, posting, post in NOINO(if any)}.

3. The articles should be sent LATEST by 7th July to:

We expect a positive response from you.

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