Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Joint Forum of Unions in LIC met at Mumbai today the 28thJuly, 2015 and decided to observe the following programme of action to realise Wage Revision and one more option to join 1995 Pension Scheme.

1. 01.08.2015 : Letter to the Chairman signed by unions to commence wage negotiations and settle the same to the satisfaction of employees.

2. 05.08.2015 : Lunch hour demonstrations before all offices.

3. 12.08.2015 : Lunch hour gate demonstrations and NO WORKING AFTER OFFICE HOURS from this date.

4. 19.08.2015 : Lunch hour demonstrations.

On 19th August the Joint Forum of Unions will meet at Mumbai again to decide further programme of agitation with a perspective of 1 day strike and intensification of agitational programme thereafter.


  1. Kindly update what was decided on 19th August at the meeting in Mumbai. Thank you