Friday, September 6, 2013


On 31st January 2013, NOINO had appealed for a joint front on Wage-revision & allied issues to all the other unions in LIC having the negotiating table. Today, i.e. 6th September 2013, NOINO has once again renewed its appeal for joint front. The format of the letter sent to the unions are reproduced below. The appeal has been once again made to NOIW / AIIEA / Class III Federation / Class I Federation / BVKS / All India Life / NFIFWI (development officers) / ABJBNCSKS (Class IV) / INTUC (Class III).


The General Secretary,
(All unions in LIC)

Dear Brother,

Re: Formation of Joint Front for Charter and allied issues

     Please refer to our earlier letter dated 31.01.2013 on the above subject sent to you on the same date. We are still awaiting your response.

    Banks’ talks are in progress and gradually taking final shape though, we would like to make it clear that our earlier stand of settling our Charter according to our financial status - separate from banks - remains as it is.

      At our end, talks have not been initiated yet, though more than 1 year already elapsed since our wage revision was due. Information Sharing between management and unions did not take place during last 3 years.

      In view of all above, we feel, time has come when we need to form a joint front and move united. Banks have even gone to the extent of presenting joint Charter. We can at least put pressure on the management to initiate the process – united we can do it better. This is also the feeling of majority of the employees, according to us.

       I, on behalf of National Organization of Insurance Officers (NOINO), once again put proposal for formation of Joint Front for the purpose of Wage Revision and other common allied issues. We request you to please take a decision in this regard at your end at the earliest and communicate to us. We may also decide to meet at a place convenient to all of us.

Hoping to hear shortly from you and with regards,

Yours sisterly,

Anagha Sant
General Secretary,

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