Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mobile handset allowed to officers on deputation

One more demand of NOINO has been accepted by LIC management. After the introduction of the mobile handset cost re-imbursement scheme on 1st July 2013, NOINO first raised some issues regarding this scheme during the discussions with ED(P) on 12th July 2013. The relevant part of our circular is reproduced below:-

Mobile handset re-imbursement:- While welcoming the benefit introduced by the management, we also demanded A) the starting limit should be increased to 10000/. B) It should be paid to officers on deputation to other organizations. C) It should also be paid to all officers on probation. ED agreed to look into the matter.”

 Thereafter NOINO wrote a letter to the ED(OS/SBU/ESTATE) on 5th August 2013 regarding various pending issues. One of the issue was regarding mobile handset re-imbursement, demanding certain improvements in the scheme. The relevant part of the letter is reproduced as under:-

Mobile handset re-imbursement: - A) the benefit should be available to officers on deputation to other organizations. B) It should be available to officers on probation. An undertaking of proportionate recovery in case, the officer opts for reversion to Class III can be obtained. C) The gaps between the amounts of re-imbursement in the three categories seem to be large. The limit for re-imbursement can start from Rs 10000/-. D) There is no clarification as to who is the competent authority to sanction the handset re-imbursement at various levels. We are raising this query because, in some branches, the officers are being told that only Divisional Office is the competent authority. A clarification on this issue is required.”

The management has accepted our demand(refer circular CO/OS/Mobile 2013-14/03(b)) & now the benefit would be available to our officers posted/deputed in LIC HFL/LIC Card Services/Insurance Institute of India/ GBIC/HINS/IRDA/LIC HFL Care Homes/LIC Nomura Mutual Fund/ LIC Pension Fund/NIA etc. We thank the management for accepting one of our demands.

NOINO will continue to follow-up the pending issues.

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