Friday, December 7, 2012

NOINO’s efforts pay – High cost treatment revised

     The Corporation has effected certain modifications in the scheme of Reimbursement of expenses in case of High Cost/Protracted Treatment vide circular CO/PER/ER-A/012/2012 dated 4.12. 2012. The modifications are as follows:-

A.   Addition of 5 more major diseases to the list of 30 major diseases hitherto covered under the said scheme. The diseases are:-
1.    Messeric Venous Thrombosis—Protein Deficiency.
2.    Christmas disease.
3.    Cerebral Palsy.
4.    Myasthenia Gravis.
5.     Pancreatitis.
B.   Removal of restriction of time limit of 180 days for re-imbursement of post-hospitalisation expenses for 4 more diseases in addition to cancer & kidney transplant (for which the restriction was not applicable already). The diseases are:-
1.    Thalassemia Major.
2.    Coronary Artery Disease.
3.    Chronic renal failure where transplant is not done & require dialysis.
4.    Brain surgery.

   You may recall that NOINO has been continuously striving to bring about changes / modifications in the said scheme. We would like to reproduce the relevant part of the letter submitted by us on 27.3.2012 to ED(P), Shri B Manivannan as well as MD Shri Thomas Matthew T:-
Removal of condition of time restriction of 180 days :- At present, there is a time restriction of 180 days for claiming post-hospitalization expenses except for Cancer & kidney transplant. We demand that this limit of 180 days should be removed for all diseases/illnesses& the re-imbursement should be made till the full amount of ex-gratia is exhausted”.

      After submitting this letter, we have been continuously raising this issue in our later meetings with the management. We have followed up this issue as follows:-

          1. With ED(P) Shri B Manivannan on 2.4.2012.
          2. With MD Shri Sushobhan Sarker on 13.4.2012.
          3. With ED(P) Shri M R Kumar on 2.7.2012 & 24.7.2012.

We are aware that some more modifications are required. NOINO will strive to bring about those modifications.

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