Wednesday, December 19, 2012

NOINO calls for protest demonstration on 28th December

The frustration of Class I Officers is increasing day by day. The Class I Officers, particularly in the branches are over-burdened by the work-load. They are selectively being targeted. Many issues remain un-resolved. Consider this:-

  • AO Batches of 2005 & 2006 and ADM Batch of 2008 not considered for promotion.
  • Wage-revision has become due on 1st August 2012. Management has not invited for discussions.
  • No progress on the issue of One more option for pension.
  • No recruitment in Class III & Cashiers. The burden of the same has to be borne by Class I Officers.
  • In some divisions, Class I Officers are being selectively targeted on the issue of Excess & Wrong payments & are being pressurized to pay the amount.
  • Compulsion of Property returns/DOPA/P-form.
  • Subsidy in Mediclaim for Class I Officers is 2/3rd of the premium. For all others (including retired employees) the subsidy is 3/4th of the premium.
  • In many places, Class I Officers don’t have adequate space to sit.
      NOINO has decided to stand up & protest this injustice being meted out to Class I Officers. We would be conducting protest demonstrations on the above issues at Yogakshem as well as at all other Zonal offices on 28th December 2012 during lunch-hours. We appeal you to join the demonstrations in large numbers.

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