Friday, October 26, 2012

Zonal Presidents / Secretaries to please note

Some requirements for Dehradun EEC meeting

Our Dehradun Unit has requested us:
1.      To advise all delegates to come to Dehradun with sufficient warm / woollen garments as winter has arrived in Dehradun and temperature may go further down by 4th November.
2.      To inform them (Dehradun Unit) the exact no. of delegates who will be reaching by evening / night (dinner time) of 4th November and also the exact no. of delegates who will be staying in the night of 6th November. This information is required by the Hotel (Venue) Management so that they can utilize the remaining resources and there is no wastage of space & food. We will be required to pay for the entire space if we do not provide them this information. We will also be required to pay for the food which goes to waste.

As such, all Zonal Secretaries / Presidents are requested to:
1.      Advise all delegates of their respective Zones to keep sufficient woollen garments with them.
2.      Get above 2 information (no. of delegates staying in the nights of 4th & 6th November) through phone and intimate the figures to:
    (a)         and
The information may be given through phone also at:
     09456538799 – Rishi Malhotra   or
     09358146040 / 09461192238 – Sanjeev Singhal .

We request Zonal office-bearers to please provide the information, as required in sl no.2, to the above office-bearers as early as possible but not later than the evening of tomorrow i.e. 27th October.

PS: Our Pension-option signature-campaign coordinator Shri Ashok Sharma has requested all office-bearers to bring the signature-sheets, which could not be sent earlier to him, to Dehradun. We wish to take up the 2nd step in this regard; as such, his request is required to be taken with full seriousness.

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