Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NOINO EZ meets ZM & RM(P&IR), EZ

A delegation of NOINO EZ consisting of Shri P.K.Dey, GS; Shri P.P.Mazumdar, VP; Shri R.C.Saha, VP and Shri Avijit Chakraborty, EC member met the Zonal Manager, EZ Shri S.K.Roy and RM(P&IR), EZ Shri S.K.Das separately on 16th February 2012.

The following matters were discussed with them:

1.      It was pointed-out that postings of AAO’s in recent round of promotion (from HGA) were not done properly; as a result, around 50% candidates did not join. The contingency list was not moved yet; it was requested to move the list at the earliest. It was also requested that all AAO’s who had completed 2 years at a particular place (including contingency of 2009) be transferred to their desired places at the earliest. It was further requested that in the 2012 round of promotions AO’s who had completed 2 years at their present places of postings be transferred to their desired places.
2.      It was brought to the knowledge of Zonal Management that Shri P.P.Mazumdar was required to go to Silchar Court frequently at his own cost for a case which was to be fought officially. Shri Mazumdar was Manager(P&IR) then when he was assaulted in his chamber by one RC. The FIR was to be lodged officially but the then Sr DM, Silchar misguided him and the FIR was lodged individually. As a result, the leave and cost of the case was being borne by Shri Mazumdar himself.
Both ZM and RM suggested to submit the relevant papers to them for their consideration.
3.      Release of AAO(Programmer), Andaman Branch was held-up for a long period because his substitute was not joining at that place. It was requested to get him relieved at the earliest.
The Zonal Manager told that the matter was within his knowledge and hinted that something positive was expected soon.

Both the meetings were held in congenial atmosphere.

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