Tuesday, March 20, 2012

International Women's Day by NOINO Mumbai

       NOINO, Mumbai Unit celebrated the International Women’s Day on 7th March 2012 (8th March being holiday) A lecture-cum-question answer session for female colleagues, on the subject “Problems of Working Women & the Legal Aids available for their redressal” was organized. The event was held in the Sports Hall on 4th floor of Yogakshem Bldg. Dr. Poornima Advani, Ex-Chairperson -National Commission for Women was the Chief Speaker.
               The programme started at 1.30 pm. Shri Ganesh Kamath, All India General Secretary, NOINO was also present. In her welcome speech, Smt Vibha Pai narrated the idea behind the programme as a sincere effort to empower the working women from within by creating awareness amongst them about the legal aids available at their redressal & in a way strengthen them. Since a woman plays multiple roles to make a good family & in turn contributes to build a progressive nation, on the eve of the International Women’s day, it was a simple endeavour to salute this women power.
             Smt Pai welcomed the Chief Speaker Smt Advani, Shri Kamath & other members on the dais and the Audience. Smt Trupti Bramhe and Smt Leena Ghatpande greeted Dr.Advani and Shri Kamath with bouquets.
Dr Poornima Advani
            The programme was furthered by Smt Yogita Moharir, who detailed the audience about the Speakers. Dr Poornima Advani has to her credit high legal and medical qualifications which include a Doctorate of Philosophy in Laws and Post Graduation in Physiotherapy from U.K. She has a vast professional experience in India and abroad with several publications in both the medical as well as legal fields such as Gender Equity, Gender sensitization, Law and Woman etc. She has also arranged number of workshops on gender related issues and enforcement of Law. She has also contributed in Review of various Laws as Ex-Officio Chairperson of Expert Committee on Laws. She is a recipient of several awards.

           The meeting started with Dr.Advani mentioning that she has been associated with LIC for the past 15 years as a panel advocate. This added more cheer amongst the crowd. She emphasized that on the eve of Woman’s Day function; there should have been at least 50 % men in the crowd to relate and to share such matters. She emphasized the fact that women are strong in all respects, and there is need to understand this by both, Men and Women. She added that if every woman understands her true power, no one can make her do anything without her consent thereto. She dealt with various woman related issues such as gender bias treatment, sexual harassment, lack of flexi working hours, security problem due to late sitting and so on. Dr. Advani also informed about the various women cells available for redressal of issues, and provided Help Line nos. in case one comes across instances, where injustice is being inflicted upon any woman. She also stressed that women should not come under any duress as far as her self respect is concerned.
Thereafter the Question-Answer session started wherein many of the female colleagues put forth their queries to Dr.Advani for advice and guidance.

The questions that came across and the replies are as follows:

1. What do we mean by a Super woman?
Dr. Advani-----A woman who performs all the chores and fulfills all the duties as a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a colleague at work place. She proudly stated that the women of today are really "super women” in all respects.

2. How to manage stress?
Dr.Advani--Stress is a new age universal problem faced by one and all irrespective of men and women. There are different ways, such as yoga or planning things or work in advance, that lead to reduction in stress.

3. Whether an office is required to provide with residential facilities immediately on transfer of a lady employee?
Dr. Advani--It depends on the Establishment and Office service rules of an organization, which differs from Company to company.

4. Whether maternity leave is available if a child is still born in the 9th month?
Dr.Advani--Maternity leave is completely related to child birth only.

5. Up to what time can an office make any women sit late in office, are there any rules governing the same as nowadays there are jobs which requires late sitting by women officers/ staff ?.
Dr.Advani--This is a problem faced by all, but the rules differ from Company to company. In 2005, there was a possibility of passing a resolution, but since women’s organization raised a query that why there should be discrimination in women working late, where overtime is paid or where working hours start late or where it is required to sit late to prove their mettle and  career growth. In view of the above, the same was not passed. She also emphasized that women should decide their priorities whether to sit late or not. The cases vary at different levels.

      There was an overwhelming response from more than 300 female employees from CO, ZO, DO & Branches of Mumbai. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Ms. Renuka Rao to all, including our male counter parts of NOINO, Mumbai Unit who rendered their valuable help to make the event a big success.  Smt. Leena Ghatpande, Smt. Neeta Prabhavalkar, Smt. Vibha Pai, Smt. Trupti Bramhe, Smt. Saroj Kurdukar, Smt. Neeta Phuria, Smt. Ankita Rane, Smt. Yogita Moharir, Ms. Renuka Rao, Smt. Varsha Shelar, Smt. Vedanti Gadkar, Shri Suryakant Gawde, Shri Ketan Purandare, Shri Surendra Chitnavis, Shri Manish Patankar, Shri Mahendra Vaze, strived hard to make this event a grand success.

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