Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NAI’s Best Political Leader – Prakash Javadekar

by Ganesh Kamath

     We are happy to inform you that NOINO President Shri Prakash Javadekar has been adjudged ‘Best political leader’ by Newspapers Association of India (NAI) for its NAI Achievement Awards 2013. The award was conferred upon him on 30th October 2013.

  NAI was established in 1993. It is a not-for-profit association representing owners/publishers/editors of local & national newspapers. It has about 6000 members, making it the largest National newspaper association in India.

    Our President, Shri Prakash Javadekar is one of his kind. He is a law graduate. Contrary to the popular perception of an average politician, he is unbelievably gentleman in his behavior. Easily accessible, he has neither any hang-ups nor any hangover of the heady power potion of politics. He travels without security & is exceptionally free of any blot on his character. He has been quietly propelling a water revolution in 11 vilages of Kolvan Valley (Mulshi Taluka/Pune district).  Through contour bunding & trenches, the water has been prevented from flown away & its percolation has been enabled. Due to these efforts, the water table has gone up so significantly that now the farmers in these 11 villages are raising 3 crops(including sugarcane) instead of 1 crop earlier.

    Beneath his humble demeanour, lies a steely resolve. He raised his voice against the draconian Emergency in 1975 & had to languish in jail for 19 months. He had to undergo heart surgery(which was not very common those days) during this period in jail. He survived it due to the grace of God, his will power & due to his noble deeds.

      As far as his involvement in NOINO is concerned, it is simply incredible how the gentleman finds time to devote for the LICians. It is simply because of him that the previous charter got the necessary boost & push, a fact which we cannot forget. Even today he is moving heaven & earth to see to it that the charter talks in LIC commence soon. He has lent all his might to our struggle against increase in FDI in Insurance sector as well as the proposed amendments in the Insurance Act.

     He has never lobbied for any political or other benefits or awards & as a disciplined soldier of the party carries on undeterred. This award has been earned by him on the basis of some truly outstanding work & he is the most deserving person to receive this award.

     The NOINO family is proud to have such a person at its helm!!!

(Shri Ganesh Kamath is Chief Advisor, NOINO)

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