Friday, July 12, 2013


    A NOINO delegation led by General Secretary Smt Anagha Sant  & consisting of Shri Rajesh Dubey, Organizing Secretary; Shri Dattaraj Prabhukhanolkar, Resident Secretary; Smt Trupti Bramhe, EC member & Shri Ganesh Kamath, Chief Advisor, NOINO met ED(P) Shri M R Kumar on 12th July 2013 to discuss the pending issues of Class I Officers. Shri Tirthraj Mendiratta, Chief (P) was also present during this meeting. The following issues were discussed/raised:-

  1. One more option for pension:- We once again demanded that one more option should be given to the remaining employees. We also reiterated that this issue should be settled outside wage-revision. ED was positive on this issue & said that the management would be taking up this matter shortly with the government & all efforts would be made to clinch this issue.
2.    Discussions on wage-revision---ED said that it was the endeavour of the management to try & settle the matter of one more option for pension first. The wage-revision issue would follow shortly.
3.    One more option for GTIS---- We pointed out that some of the employees who have opted for pension, have been left out from exercising the option to participate in the GTIS scheme. We demanded that one more option should be given to all such employees.
4.    LTC/Transfer incidentals/Transportation charges/Packing charges:--a) LTC-We reiterated our earlier demands such as Simplification of rules; Air travel to all; Foreign LTC to be allowed; Cash re-imbursement if journey not undertaken etc. B)Transfer incidentals—We pointed out that these have not been revised in 27 years; C) Transportation charges/Packing charges/loading-unloading charges---have not been revised for 16 years. ED assured to look into all these matters & said that the management was working on all these issues
5.     Anomaly after computer increment—We pointed out that this issue was pending for 17 years & we were continuously raising this issue since long. ED said that the management would definitely look into the matter. He also said that if possible, this matter would be settled along with wage-revision.
6.    Restoration of NGI after strike on 18.2.2010 & 2 days’ strike Feb 2013—As you are aware, we have been taking up the issue of restoration of NGI after a group gave a call for strike on 18.2.2010(though NOINO was not a party to this strike). ED was not positive on this issue as strike notice was not given by the organizers of the strike. However, he was positive on the issue of restoration of NGI for the 2 days’ strike in February 2013.
7.    Revision in GSLI—We raised this issue once again & pointed out that the revision was pending for 6 years. ED was positive on this issue & said that the management was working on it.
8.    Recruitment in Class III—We raised this issue once again & said that there was no recruitment in Class III since 4 years. ED was positive on this issue & said that the process would start shortly.
9.    Sabbatical leave—We raised this issue once again & pointed out that the leave was implemented in banks last year from 1.4.12. ED assured to look into the matter.
10. Mini offices: We said that since the duties in the Mini Offices were non-supervisory, Class I Officers should not be deployed in these offices. We also demanded that in case, an officer is posted on deputation it should be with his consent (say due to proximity to his residence) & conveyance/deputation allowance should also be paid to him. We demanded that CO should instruct all Zones to ask the divisions to issue notification inviting applications for posting to Mini Offices. ED was positive on this issue & assured to look into the matter.
11. Officers performing duties of cashiers in satellite branches :- We once again raised this issue & reiterated our opposition to Class I Officers performing non-supervisory duties resulting in a loss to the officer as well as the Corporation. ED assured to look into the matter.
12. Restriction on mail recipients---We raised this issue once again. ED was positive & assured to talk to IT department in this matter.
13.  5 days week—We once again raised this issue. ED sounded positive on this issue, but said that in case, this was to be implemented; various aspects would have to be looked into. He said that management would definitely give a thought.
14.  Login not to be compulsory for Marketing officials—ED was not positive on this issue.
15.  Election duty—We pointed out that in spite of the fact that the Mumbai High court having twice delivered judgement on this issue—Once on 25th September 2009 with respect to LIC & on 20th June 2013 with respect to Oriental Insurance Company (where the court ruled that Insurance companies are not “local authority” & hence its employees cannot be requisitioned for election duty) lists of employees are still being called in Mumbai by EC. We demanded that the CO should write to all Zones giving reference of this judgement & giving suitable instructions to tackle this issue. ED agreed to talk to the Legal department in this matter.
16. Scheme of ex-gratia re-imbursement in High cost/protracted treatment of major diseases :--We pointed out the following:-
a.    Revision in limits of re-imbursement: --- Looking into the spiraling medical costs over the years, the limits should be revised immediately. We demanded that the limit should be revised to at least 10 lakhs each time, i.e. total at least 20 lakhs. Another point is that those who have opted for a higher sum assured in the mediclaim scheme are sort of put to loss as the limit of ex-gratia re-imbursement is the same for all irrespective of the sum assured in the mediclaim scheme.
b.    Removal of condition of a fixed percentage of re-imbursement instead of full re-imbursement:--- At present, 90% of the claim is payable after deduction of mediclaim re-imbursement(for expenses up to 3,33,333) & 70 % of the claim for expenses in excess of Rs. 3,33,333. We demanded that full re-imbursement to the extent of the ex-gratia amount should be allowed. ED was positive on this issue.
17. Granting of Metro status to Pune & considering Panvel as an agglomeration of Mumbai & treating it as an “A” class city: - ED said that the management was waiting for the gazette notification in this matter.
18. Subsidy on housing loan:- We pointed out that many employees have not got the subsidy payment since long & urged ED to resolve this issue at the earliest. ED said that the management was seized of the matter & it would be resolved very shortly.
19. Mobile handset re-imbursement:- While welcoming the benefit introduced by the management, we also demanded A) the starting limit should be increased to 10000/-. B) It should be paid to officers on deputation to other organizations. C) It should also be paid to all officers on probation. ED agreed to look into the matter.
20. PLLI:- We demanded that Corporation should pay 6% ex-gratia as PLLI. ED was not positive on this matter. We also demanded that the statement of intent should be known before the financial year & the parameters should be reduced & simplified. ED agreed to both the suggestions & said that whatever best is possible would be done.

NOINO will continue to follow-up the pending issues.

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  1. sir, it is nice that u r demanding for one more pension option, but how come it is taking the top position of the demands list where it covers only 13% of lic employees interest? earlier 2 options were already given and these licians opted to be out of it. now we must focus on wage revision - only wage revision. ofcourse other demands do have their own importance but what matters most to all (100%) of employees is wage revision.