Saturday, January 12, 2013

NOINO meets Chairman

Yesterday, i.e. on 11th January 2013, NOINO President Prakash Javadekar, MP, Rajyasabha led a NOINO delegation to Chairman Shri Dinesh Mehrotra to discuss some pending issues of LIC employees in general & Class I Officers in particular. Shri M R Kumar, ED(Personnel) was present during these discussions. The delegation consisted of Smt Anagha Sant, GS, NOINO; Shri Ganesh Kamath, Chief Advisor, NOINO; Shri Dattaraj Prabhukhanolkar, Resident Secretary, NOINO & Shri Manish Patankar, President, NOINO, Mumbai unit. Following issues were discussed:-

  1. Batches for promotion:- The delegation expressed its unhappiness over the non-inclusion of certain batches for promotion to the cadres of ADM & DM. The delegation also reminded the management about the various short-term(splitting of portfolios; promotion by application, ADM to be posted where SBM is posted; consideration of ADM & DM cadres as interchangeable etc); & long-term solutions suggested by NOINO in this matter. Shri Mehrotra replied that due to the shortage of vacancies, it was difficult to consider the said batches. He said that all efforts were taken to try & accommodate the said batches, but was not found possible right now. He, however, said that the long-term suggestions by NOINO like granting of scales to eligible officers; running scales to avoid stagnation; Grade pay; Increment as a percentage of Basic pay & Grade pay would be definitely taken into consideration during the wage-revision. We have again insisted on considering the batches that have not been included this year for promotion. Chairman has assured to look into the matter.

  2. Discussions on Charter: - The delegation demanded immediate discussions on the wage-revision due since 1st August 2012. Chairman said that the management was awaiting the nod of the Government over this issue. On the management’s part, it has already collected the relevant data & sent to the Government for consideration.

  3. One more option for pension: NOINO has again raised this issue & urged the management to solve the issue outside wage-revision. Chairman said that the issue was being followed up with utmost seriousness with the Government & the management too, wanted that this issue be resolved at the earliest.

  4. Recruitment of Class III & Cashiers: - We said that a massive recruitment in Class III & cashiers was the need of the hour to infuse fresh blood as well as to reduce the work-load on the officers. Shri Kumar said that recruitment of ‘Assistant-cum-Cashiers’ was under consideration in the near future.

  5. Autocratic behavior of Surat/Ahmedabad SDM’s (WZ):-- Shri Javadekar said that reports of these SDM’s treating officers with contempt were being received & these would not be tolerated. He demanded that the management restrain these SDM’s. Chairman assured to look into the matter.

NOINO will continue to follow-up these issues.

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