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The 16th Extended EC meeting of NOINO was held as scheduled at Dehradun on 05th & 06th November 2012. More than 150 delegates from all over the country attended the meeting. Representatives from far-flung areas like Silchar were present. 10 female officers attended the meeting. Following is the report of the meeting:-

05th  November 2012

 The meeting commenced with deep prajwalan, Vishwakarma poojan, flag hoisting & Shramik geet.

After the welcome address by Shri Rishi Malhotra of Deharadun unit, Shri Rajesh Dubey, Organising Secretary, NOINO introduced the dignitaries on the dais .All dignitaries were welcomed there-after with bouquets

Address by Shri Udayrao Patwardhan
 Shri Udayrao Patwardhan, Financial institutions-in-charge, BMS was at his usual inspiring best. His speech was an informative, eye-opening & invigorating experience. He quoted the example of economic crisis in America due to real estate hike and non repayment of housing loan and it’s after effects. He blamed the Govt of for the downward slide in the Indian economy. He said that the Chairman of all PSU’s should be appointed in consultation with Trade Unions in such PSU’s. This is because the decisions taken in these PSU’s have a direct bearing on the Indian economy.
 He also further stated that the IRDA is not fulfilling the purpose which it was constituted. He said that NOINO is the only organization from which the LIC employees have expectations. Since NOINO is a nationalist organization, it is its sacred duty to think about the betterment of LIC.
Address by Shri Pawan Kumar
Shri Pawan Kumarji BMS Organising Secretary, North Central India spoke on the unorganized & contract labour. As per the Contract Labour Abolition Act 1970, the jobs of a permanent nature should not be taken on contract. However, this was being openly flouted. He said that the hike in prices of diesel and FDI are not in the interest of Nation. Speaking on LIC, he said that it was the largest in the Financial Sector. He lamented the fact that there is a vast difference in salary of Chairman, MD and other  officers of LIC & that the same should be removed.
Address by Dr. S.B. Sharan
On behalf of Central Committee Dr. S B Sharan, Working President of NOINO gave the key-note address. The key-note address while noting that NOINO is the fastest growing union in LIC, also took note of the grim economic situation at the International & National level. It also dwelt upon the set-back in business as well as renewal premium in LIC. The key-note address also pressed the need to keep the internal customer’s viz. the employees happy & lamented the slow pace of decision making of the management.

The effort made by NOINO during last two wage settlement were also briefed apart from the other historic achievements i.e. GI scheme, posting of direct recruit AAO’s to Zones instead of divisions as per our demand ,ex-gratia in lieu of PLLI, compensation of ULIP conversion programmes etc.

Address by Shri Tribhuvan Adhikari, SDM Dehradun
The Chief Guest Shri Tribhuvan Adhikari, SDM, Dehradun stated that current average age of LIC employees is approximate 44 Years. There is acute shortage of employees in hill / remote offices of corporation.
He said that we should take pride in the fact that though we were facing acute shortage of staff, we were still in a leading position even after the introduction of private players in Insurance.
 He also took stock of the changing situation in LIC where over the years the focus and dependability has steadily shifted from the Assistant’s cadre to AAO/AO/ADM cadres.
The vote of thanks for inaugural session was proposed by Shri A.K. Singh the founder member of NOINO Dehradun Unit and currently President DO Varanasi Unit.



Shri Ganesh Kamath, GS, NOINO took stock of the situation & the activities of NOINO during the period November 2011 to October 2012. The highlights of the GS report are as under:-
                I.      Formation of SZ unit as also Gorakhpur Unit in NCZ; Satna unit in CZ; Coimbatore unit in SZ & Burdwan unit in EZ.
               II.      In these 12 months, we met the management in CO 12 times(4 times each with ED(P); MD & C-in-C/Chairman) & raised several issues.
         III.      In this period we wrote 11 letters to the management on various issues(4 letters to ED(OS/SBU/Estates); 4 letters to ED(P); 2 letters to MD & 1 letter to Chief(Legal))
                IV.   The charter of Demand was submitted to Management on 23.07.2012.
        V.  Various activities were carried out in this period. Some of these were:- a) Signature campaign to demand one more option for pension. b) International Women’s day celebrated at Mumbai. c) Meeting of female officers at Pune. d) Meetings conducted throughout the country after submission of Charter of demands to brief about the demands made in our Charter as well as the justification of the same. e) All India Study Class at Nagpur for our activists. f) Meeting & rally by BMS affiliated Federations against FDI in retail; Pension & against raise in FDI in Insurance.
            VI.      Various achievements secured due to efforts of NOINO:- A) EFEAP rollout compensation announced B) 50 officers join NOINO in Gorakhpur (NCZ) C) Standing committee on Finance rejects proposal to hike the cap on FDI in Insurance from 26% to 49% D) Circular on refund of subsidy on Housing loan issued E) Management initiates talks with Sodexo officials & takes steps to add outlets. 663 additional outlets were re-activated by Sodexo for accepting meal coupons. F) The proposed Statutory Audit on holidays (14th/15th April) in Thane division branches was postponed to the next working day, i.e. 16th April. G) Mediclaim premium was substantially reduced & 2 more diagnostic tests without hospitalization were included. H) Ministry of Finance issues instructions allowing payment of TA/DA to polling officers & presiding officers in addition to micro-observers on Election duty. I) Monetary limits for re-imbursement of tea-coffee expenses of Class I officers were increased. J) Limits of lease accommodation rent were revised. K) Amount of meal coupons was revised L) For the first time in 26th batch of direct recruit AAOs’ recruitment, management allotted them to Zones instead of directly posting to divisions accepting our demand. M) Board approved 4% ex-gratia in lieu of PLLI for the year 2011-12. Our demand for uniform PLLI to all was also accepted.

There-after Shri D V Aloni, All India Treasurer presented the Treasurer’s report.


How to Organise People -  by Shri Pawan Kumar
Shri Pawan Kumarji stressed the fact that BMS is a non-political organization. He talked about the growing acceptance of BMS ideals in all the fields. He also explained how BMS came into existence. The philosophy of BMS is based on dharm, arth, kaam & moksh to all. He said that the members should meet frequently. New activists should be encouraged & team spirit should be nourished. The accounting system of an organization should be transparent and economic discipline should be maintained.

The session consisted of the Zonal Secretaries’ report which took stock of the membership, tour planning for opening of new units, activities in the Zone etc. The assembly noted with satisfaction that NOINO was growing everywhere & the officers were happy with our activities.


Shri Rajesh Dubey, All India Organising Secretary, initiated the discussion. 43 representatives participated in this session. The session was very lively & many useful suggestions as also examples from one’s own experiences were quoted. The session showed the loyalty, affection & involvement of the activists with the organization.


The house unanimously passed the following resolutions after elaborate deliberation:-
  1. Speedy settlement of Charter as per the aspirations of the Class I officers
2.  PLLI
3. Leave Travel Concession
4. Scrapping of DOPA
5. Advance for purchase of mobile phone handsets
6. Advance for purchase of Personal Computer
7. Preventive Health Check-up
8. Sabbatical Leave for Women Officers/Employees
9. Removal of anomalies in fixation especially for the officers promoted under 1(B)
10. Modification in scheme of ex-gratia reimbursement in medical expenses in    case of High Cost / protracted treatment
11. Recruitment of Class III employees
06th  Nov 2012
Address by Shri Udayrao Patwardhan
Shri Udayrao Patwardhan, Financial institutions-in-charge, BMS conducted an inter-active session in a novel way. The session was conducted early in the morning. It was an informative, eye-opening & invigorating experience. He dwelt on the development of organizational setup and relation building by encashing social occasions. Regular interaction and meeting will also strengthen the relations and would be useful for faster growth of organization. He expressed happiness that NOINO is the fastest growing organisation in LIC. The activities of organization should be routine and regular basis as per requirements of organization. He also appreciated the activities of NOINO.
He said that the organization should grow like a tree so that its members can get shelter and fruits both from this. Each member should have a target of enrolling 5 members. Everybody present was inspired by this session.
The Divisional Secretaries of various Divisions placed their reports. The house noted with satisfaction about the growing membership as also the collection of funds.
Report on various Activities(workshops) - by Smt Anagha Sant
Smt Anagha Sant, All India Secretary presented a report of various meetings in the last 6 months:-
          I.      Celebration of International Women’s day at Mumbai.
         II.      All India study class for female activists conducted by BMS at Delhi.
        III.      Study class for NOINO activists held at Nagpur.
       IV.      Meeting of female officers at Pune Division.
Address by General Secretary Shri Ganesh Kamath
 Shri Ganesh Kamath talked on the practical aspects of organization. He stressed the need for consolidation of NOINO & laid stress on self assessment instead of waiting for sermons & instructions. In a novel way, he placed before all the delegates 25 probing questions & asked the delegates to answer yes/no by raising their hands. After these questions, he once again laid emphasis on self-evaluation & work honestly for the organization to take NOINO to new altitudes.
In his inimitable style, Javadekarji not only kept the audience in good humour, but also displayed great understanding of the smallest issues of the Class-I Officers in LIC. He expressed active support to all Class-I officers on all issues including the FDI, & Charter of Demands. It is pertinent to note that Javadekarji has been in the forefront in opposing the proposed regressive amendments. He said that a strong emphasis has been laid on the following points:-
1.      FDI in insurance sector should not be increased.
2.      The discussions on charter of demands should start immediately.
3.      Recruitment of new officers as well as Class III employees in LIC.

It is pertinent to note that the Standing committee has rejected most of the regressive amendments & most of the credit should go to the support given by Javadekarji to the struggle by NOINO against these amendments.
He also announced some changes in the organizational set-up as follows:-
1. Smt Anagha Sant to take over as General Secretary of NOINO following a request from Shri Ganesh Kamath owing to his failing health.
2.  Shri Ganesh Kamath would work in the capacity of Chief Advisor of NOINO.
3. Shri Dattaraj Prabhukhanolkar would be Resident Secretary (at Mumbai) of NOINO.
4.  Shri Sanjay Patil of Kolhapur & Shri Rajendra Kr Dubey of Gorakhpur to be inducted as EC members.
Above changes took immediate effect.

In the Central office-bearers’ meeting last evening, it was also decided that 17th EC meeting will be held at Chennai on 6th & 7th May 2013.
The vote of thanks was given by Shri Sudhakar Mishra, Zonal Secretary, NOINO, NCZ unit.

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