Wednesday, August 29, 2012


  NOINO delegation had a brief meeting with ED(P) Shri M R Kumar today, i.e. 29th August 2012, basically to follow-up on certain issues. The meeting was brief owing to the fact that the ED was to embark on a tour. The following issues were raised:-

1. PLLI:- On this issue, ED said that though it seemed difficult within the present parameters, he indicated that the management would try to find a way out to sanction some amount. He said that in case of such possibility, the management would place it in the next Board meeting(probably in the next month).

2. Meal coupons :- a) We reminded the ED about our earlier demand that Meal coupons should be revised every year & that it should be DA-linked. We had recently again submitted a detailed letter on this issue on 9.8.2012. The ED was positive on this issue & indicated that the amount would be revised shortly(probably in the Insurance week) though he did not specify the amount of increase.
    b) We also pointed out (as done several times earlier), that the employees were facing problems in encashment of the coupons with many outlets refusing to accept it, while many were over-charging. This point was also brought out in our letter dated 9.8.2012. ED said that the management was aware of the problems & serious thought was being given on the entire issue of meal coupons & some solution would be worked out in the future.

3. Attendance Grace period:- ED laid to rest the rumours in some quarters about the so-called with-drawal of grace period of 10 minutes while joining office every day saying that there was no such issue.

4. Notification of promotion(Class III to Class I):- We pointed out the inordinate delay in issuing the notification. ED replied that the notification including separate channel for promotion of CA's under to be introduced new clause 1(C) was with the Government. It has already been approved & now it is with the legal department of the Government. It was expected shortly, after which the notification of promotion would be issued.

5. Injustice to Class I Officers:- We pointed out some examples as to how injustice was meted out to Class I Officers in general.
    a) The property returns have to be compulsorily filed only by the Class I Officers which defies logic.
    b) The subsidy on Mediclaim for Class I Officers in service is 2/3rd of the premium whereas for others it is 3/4th of the premium(even retired employees including officers get 3/4th subsidy). ED was positive on this issue & said that this would be set right.
    c) For all mistakes/errors/irregularities, only the Class I Officers are held responsible. We pointed out that in some Zones, warning letters & letters calling for explanation were being issued at the drop of the hat, demoralising the Class I officers. Class I officers are being asked not to depend on the system support & instead manually calculate/check everything. This is next to impossible. On one hand the management expects the Class I Officers to meet all deadlines, come what may & on the other hand for every single mistake, they are held responsible.  We urged ED to intervene & stop this harassment. ED was positive in this matter. This issue would be discussed with the ED in detail later.

NOINO will continue to follow-up all the pending issues.

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