Thursday, April 4, 2013

Transfer-Promotion lists on Internet

The L.I.C. Management has taken a welcome step. It has decided to display the transfer / promotion lists on the Internet in addition to Intranet. This is a good move because usually the lists are released / issued in un-earthly hours & the officers in the Zone of promotion are on the tenterhooks as most of them are unable to view the lists till they join office in the morning the next day. Now they can view it on their home PC’s, laptops, smart phones, iPads etc. The details can be found in the circular ref: Per.admn/ZD/260 dated 3rd April 2013 on Jeevan Sanchar.

You may be also aware that NOINO has already demanded vide its note on Transfer / Posting policy submitted to the management on 25th August 2012 that 1) the lists should be issued during office hours 2) there should be a fixed deadline for issuing these lists( 30th April for AO & above & 31st August for AAO’s) 3) There should be a roster for transfers of Class I Officers at all levels(DO/ZO/CO) & that such roster should be displayed on the respective Personnel sites.

We welcome the step of displaying Promotion and Transfer Orders on the internet through which the officers would be able to view it immediately if the lists are published after office hours. It serves the purpose of our demand no. 1.

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