Friday, October 16, 2015

LIC Wage Revision - Individual discussion with NOINO

After the joint session in the morning, NOINO had separate discussions with the management on wage-revision & other allied issues. The Management was represented by Shri Niraj Aggarwal, ED(P); Shri Prakash Chand, Chief(P); Shri Judhajit Sen, Secretary(ER) & other officials of the Personnel department.
In addition to the three representatives in the Joint session, NOINO was represented by Shri Pulak Dey, All India Working President; Shri Vishwas Shastri, All India Organising Secretary; Shri Ganesh Kamath, Chief Advisor; Shri Sanjay Ramdasi, All India Treasurer, Shri Ketan Purandare, All India EC member; Smt Neeta Prabhavalkar, All India EC member; Smt Saroj Kurdukar, WZ EC member; Shri Brahmesh Hardikar, WZ EC member.
The following points were discussed/raised:-
1. We submitted that apparently the offer was good considering the circumstances & would give our considered opinion after studying the proposal in detail. 
2. Running scales/Increase in time scale/Grade Pay:- We submitted that due to stagnation & limited opportunities in promotion, running scales were the need of the hour. The management said that it was not feasible. We also insisted that at least there should be increase in Time scale. On this, the management responded positively & said that they would consider doing it in the cadre where there were maximum stagnations. It was not positive on Grade Pay.
3. No ceiling on HRA/CCA limit:- Management said that it was not feasible since from the total outlay, maximum amount has been adjusted towards increase in Basic Pay.
4. Allowance for professional/Technical qualifications:- Management was positive on the same & said that this issue was under active consideration.
5. Increase in Transport allowance:- We demanded Petrol Re-imbursement. Management was not positive. Thereafter, we demanded increase in Transport Allowance to at least 2000. Management said they would examine the issue. 
6. Cash Medical benefit:- We demanded that the benefit should be equal to all to the tune of Rs 25000. Management said they would examine the issue.
7. Protection of Salary on promotion on posting from CCA centre to non CCA centres:- Management seemed to be positive on this issue & noted the point.
8. In-charge allowance:- We once again demanded In-charge allowance. Management seemed positive on this issue & noted this point.
9. One more option for pension:- We expressed our bitter disappointment over the failure to achieve success on this issue. Management assured that this issue was not closed from their side & they would continue to pursue it.
10. PLLI:- We inquired about the status. Management replied that it was pending for sanction with the government & also said that it would be granted on the current pay-scales instead of old pre-revised scales. This would result in substantial increase in the PLLI. We stressfully reiterated our earlier demands of uniform PLLI for all & simplification of parameters. After our insistence, Management agreed to examine the issue of uniform PLLI.
11. Anamoly after computer increment:- This demand has been raised by NOINO since long. The management replied that the demand was genuine; however, the concerned authorities in the Finance department were not positive on this.
12. 5 days week:- We enquired about the implementation part. The management replied that increase in working hours & curtailment in leave may possibly be in the mind of the government if we demand parity with GIC. We strongly resisted any curtailment of leave & only proportionate increase in working office hours. Management said that they would discuss the modalities with the Government & then discuss with the unions.
13. Increase in PL to 300 days:- Management said that it was considering to increase it to 270 days.
14. Encashment of PL:- We demanded increase in encashment of PL to 30 days in a block of two years. Management said that it would examine the issue.
15. Acceptance of cash not beyond cash hours;- We gave the example of a bank which recently issued a circular prohibiting the acceptance of cash beyond working hours. We stated that the cash hours & working hours were the same in Banks, hence this principle should be applied in LIC too to avoid Late sitting to some extent. Management said that it will examine the issue.
16. Restriction of timings of enquiry:- Management has noted this point.
17. Group Insurance Scheme for all outstanding loans & advances:- Management was positive on this issue & noted this point.
18. Child care leave/Sabbatical leave :- Management said that this issue was under active consideration.
19. Increase in Housing Loan:- Management was positive on this issue & said that Housing Loan would increase manifold.
20. Technical allowance to be considered for fixation on promotion from development officer to ABM(S) :- Management has noted this point.
21. LTC:- We demanded simplification of rules; encashment & airfare for Class I officers; Benefit to both Husband & Wife working in LIC. Management said that they were examining all these issues with a positive frame of mind.
22. Timely Settlement of wage-revision:- We submitted that every time wage-revision is settled with a considerable delay. We demanded that the talks on wage-revision should commence before it is due & should be settled in time.

NOINO will continue to pursue the pending issues.


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  2. It would be great if another option for pension is given. Otherwise it would be difficult survival for 3000+ employees and their families. We all should get united to ensure that another pension option is given now. We should strive for faster resolution in this regard.

  3. We desparetely want 5 days week along with increase in CMB and transport allowance. 5 days week implementation approximate date should be published.and if 5 days week is sure then at least it should be conveyed.

  4. Kindly convey the 5 day surety and its implantation approximately.because we desperately want 5 days week.apart from 5 days we also want raise in CMB tr allowance